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Intellect thumbs up for Browns R&D tax breaks

Intellect, the hi-tech industries’ trade association, has welcomed the Government’s proposals to improve the R&D tax credits system, in its response to Chancellor Gordon Brown's Pre-Budget report.

Microsoft running on Microsoft again

After spending a few months relying on Linux for protection, Microsoft appears to have made its way back to homegrown code.
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IE phishing scam exploit unearthed

Security researchers have discovered a way for scam artists to disguise more effectively the location of bogus Web sites.

Cisco beefs up high-end routers

Cisco Systems has refreshed its carrier-class 12000 series routers by doubling core network capacity to 40 Gbps and adding revamped supporting products, including line cards, software, and hardware modules.
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Perestroika by PowerPoint

Promoting Russia's technical expertise - rather then tax breaks - is needed to develop the country's IT sector.

Inland Revenue sacks EDS

The Inland Revenue confirmed today that it has sacked EDS.
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Axe falls on net pin-up's 36D assets

She may be about to lose her job at CH4's lamentable RI:SE, but sultry Latin beauty Zora Suleman can at least take comfort from the fact that she has become a bit of an Internet celebrity. The breakfast TV newsreader and her near-legendary assets will most likely return to radio after bosses decided to stick the big needle into …
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Berlin fences off domain hijacker

Europe in Brief Now that his cabinet approved the Information Society Germany 2006 action plan, which calls for 75 per cent of Germans over the age of 14 to become Internet users within the next three years, chancellor Gerhard Schröder won back the domain name kanzlerschroeder.de (chancellorshroeder.de).
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Spanish cyberkiosks claim second victim

A 45-year-old Spanish woman has become the second victim within a week of the murderous cyberkiosks which now threaten to reduce the leafy boulevards of Madrid to a smouldering post-apocalyptic wateland.
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Sacked-by-text staff win compensation

Workers at the Accident Group, the no win, no fee personal injury claims outfit that went titsup with debts of more than £30 million earlier this year, have won a compensation claim after they were sacked by text message.
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SanDisk blames PalmSource, PDA vendors for Wi-Fi card delays

SanDisk has revealed why it has failed to meet a number of release dates put in place for the Palm OS version of its Wi-Fi SD IO card. The cause of the delay, it claims, is not only PalmSource, owner of the operating system, but the various companies behind the PDA hardware.
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Yahoo! fixes Web mail vuln

Yahoo! has closed a potentially devastating security loophole in its popular Web-based email service.
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Intel folds Xscale business into comms group

Intel will merge its communications and wireless computing wings into a single business unit, the chip giant said yesterday.
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Microsoft takes Lindows fight to Sweden

Microsoft has opened another European front in its war to get Lindows.com to change its name.
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Wanna complain about spam? You must be joking

The Information Commissioner has blamed a "technical reason" for its failure to publish the necessary e-paperwork for people to complain about receiving unwanted spam.
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Elpida ships 1Gb DDR 2 chips

Elpida today began shipping 1Gb DDR 2 chips, just days after Micron said it too had begun offering 1Gb parts.
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Cyber Oscar honour for Cambodian data-entry charity

It may have attracted accusations of exploitation, but charitable Cambodian data-entry outfit Digital Divide Data will collect a "Cyber Oscar" tonight at the World Summit on the Information Society in Switzerland.

IBM wins €1bn Michelin gig

Michelin has awarded an eight year tech outsourcing deal worth €1bn to IBM.
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Phishmongers target Lloyds TSB customers

Another day, another email scam with fraudsters trying to extract sensitive information so they can thieve from people's bank accounts.
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Broadband minnow takes on BT over ‘unacceptable’ behaviour

BT has apologised for delays that led to a Berkshire village having its wireless broadband connection cut off for almost a week.
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CSR to expand from Bluetooth into Wi-Fi

Cambridge Silicon Radio, one of the pioneers of Bluetooth chip design and which once supported HiperLAN, the European alternative to 802.11a, plans to move into the Wi-Fi market.
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Nat Semi touts Bluetooth-beating low-power Wi-Fi chipset

National Semiconductor has developed a low-power Wi-Fi chipset that, it claims, brings the wireless networking technology into range of applications once considered suitable only for Bluetooth.
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Sony and Toshiba close to sampling Cell technology

Trial runs of the advanced semiconductor manufacturing process which will eventually create the much-vaunted Cell microprocessor are set to start at Toshiba's fabrication plant in March next year.
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Typosquatter pleads guilty to luring kids to porn sites

A pervert who tried to lure kids to pornographic Web sites by registering misspellings of Net sites likely to be popular to kids faces a lengthy prison sentence.
DVD it in many colours

HP taps the taxman to knock IBM and Dell

HP seems to be hung up on rivals IBM and Dell of late.
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My sysadmin is a special constable

Parliamentary lobby group EURIM is working with MPs and industry groups to draw a blueprint for the fight against cyber-crime.
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Penn State President loves Microsoft, Napster, the RIAA and Al Gore (true)

A note issued this week to Penn State University students about the school's music deal with Napster has raised a number of controversial new questions about the finer points of the two groups' relationship and exactly how it began.