10th December 2003 Archive

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  • AOL axes 450 jobs

    On the bright side, sponsors Super Bowl

    Media 10 09:24

  • Sobig-F blamed for massive increase in spam

    ‘Spam engine’ goes into overdrive

    Security 10 09:33

  • Motorola touts chip tech to would-be licensees

    Everything must go, including SOI

    Channel 10 09:44

  • MS takes small.biz financing to Europe

    Lend a hand

    Small Biz 10 10:05

  • AMD dismisses Intel ‘high-k’ transistor tech

    But strained silicon and metal gates are OK

    Channel 10 10:11

  • EDS rallies troops over tax credits fiasco

    Down in the dumps

    Data Centre 10 10:35

  • Reg seeks poetic JenniCam memorial

    Lament site's passing and win t-shirt

    Bootnotes 10 10:37

  • Delayed tablet Mac to launch next month?

    Finally arrives to celebrate Mac's 20th birthday

    Mac Channel 10 10:43

  • Linux users play the waiting game

    Time is on your side

    Software 10 10:53

  • UK has 3 million broadband punters


    Broadband 10 10:55

  • Camera phone shipments jump 29%

    Q3 shipments almost as many as Q1 and Q2 combined

    Mobile 10 11:12

  • Sony Vaio PCG-Z1RMP notebook

    Nice looks, but what about the battery life?

    Reviews 10 12:01

  • 118 services getting better

    'Marked improvement'

    Broadband 10 12:25

  • UK govt pitches Sun as OSS challenger for 500k desktops

    MS UK could have a real war on its hands

    Software 10 12:26

  • Federal agencies flunk IT security audit. Again

    Outstandingly mediocre

    Security 10 12:30

  • DiY $5k cruise project shut down, missile goes into hiding

    An original, as harmless hobbyists go...

    Media 10 13:23

  • HP gets tough with grey market dealers

    Takes UK reseller to court

    Channel 10 15:05

  • UK anti-spam law goes live

    Will it work?

    Media 10 15:39

  • EMC ups Q4 target on acquisition optimism

    Documentum in hand

    Storage 10 16:39

  • RIAA hires guns, alcohol and smokes expert to fight piracy

    Getting at the seedy underbelly of the US

    Media 10 17:09

  • Rev. Al Sharpton did not invent the Internet

    Not sure he knows how to use it

    Bootnotes 10 19:55

  • Sun sets Solaris x86 free

    Back where we started

    Servers 10 23:01