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AOL axes 450 jobs

AOL is to cull 450 workers, according to reports from the US.
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Sobig-F blamed for massive increase in spam

Two thirds of spam originates from computers infected by viruses such as Sobig-F, according to MessageLabs.
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Motorola touts chip tech to would-be licensees

Motorola has slapped a 'for license' sign on its array of chip-making technologies - including its silicon-on-insualtor techniques - in a bid to boost its semiconductor subsidiary's bottom line ahead of its anticipated IPO.
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MS takes small.biz financing to Europe

Last week Microsoft announced the international availability of Total Solution Financing, a joint programme between Mirosoft Capital and Microsoft Business Solutions, designed to help SME organisations.
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AMD dismisses Intel ‘high-k’ transistor tech

AMD this week cocked a snoot at rival Intel's pursuit of high-k dielectric materials as the foundation for future, 45nm process technologies.
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EDS rallies troops over tax credits fiasco

MemoWatch EDS yesterday presented its version of what went wrong with last year's Inland Revenue tax credits fiasco, in a memo to UK staff.
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Reg seeks poetic JenniCam memorial

Competition Darkness will fall on legendary webcam site JenniCam at the end of 2003 after seven years of chronicling the everyday life of Jennifer Rigley.
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Delayed tablet Mac to launch next month?

The recent launch of an iMac with a 20in display may not have closed the door on the release of a third generation of the consumer-oriented desktop.
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Linux users play the waiting game

Businesses running Linux and worried about legal action could be forgiven for responding to the announcement by acquiring SCO's license for the code that it alleges has been illegally copied into Linux.
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UK has 3 million broadband punters

The UK has more than three million broadband punters, according to official figures released today.
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Camera phone shipments jump 29%

EMEA mobile phone punters want cameraphones - if third-quarter sales are anything to go by. According to market watcher Canalys, some 4.9 million of the devices shipped in Q3 2003 - almost as many as shipped in the first two quarter of the year combined.
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Sony Vaio PCG-Z1RMP notebook

Review The Vaio PCG-Z1RMP is another example of superb design from Sony. This notebook really does look great and the way that the chassis curves and falls away at the sides to reveal the ports and connectors makes it very individual as well, writes Riyad Emeran.
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118 services getting better

The UK's 118 directory enquiries (DQ) services aren't quite so rubbish as they used to be.
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UK govt pitches Sun as OSS challenger for 500k desktops

The UK's Office of Government Commerce has emerged from apparent open source slumber with the announcement of a series of OSS desktop trials, to be held in conjunction with Sun early next year. These trials are particularly significant because they deal with desktop systems, whereas the OGC has previously been unenthusiastic about OSS on the desktop, and the previously-announced set of trials with IBM have only included desktop as an afterthought - if that.
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Federal agencies flunk IT security audit. Again

Inadequate Internet security policies earned failed grades for most US Federal Agencies, according to Congress.
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DiY $5k cruise project shut down, missile goes into hiding

An amateur cruise missile designer claims the New Zealand Government, under pressure from the US, has forced him to pull the plugs on the project. Bruce Simpson's 'build a cruise for under $5,000' project has been fairly widely-known since at least March of this year, and he says the Government had previously admitted he wasn't breaking any New Zealand laws, and had even confirmed that he was perfectly free to export the technology to Iran.
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HP gets tough with grey market dealers

HP EMEA is turning detective in its attempts to stamp out the unauthorised sale of imports.
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UK anti-spam law goes live

Analysis New UK anti-spam laws coming into effect tomorrow will have limited effect in turning the tide in the fight against junk mail, according to lawyers and security experts.

EMC ups Q4 target on acquisition optimism

EMC has raised the bar for its fourth quarter revenue targets and set a date for its completion of the Documentum acquisition.
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RIAA hires guns, alcohol and smokes expert to fight piracy

Showing the positive light in which their customer base is viewed, the music labels have hired the former head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to lead their piracy fighting efforts.
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Rev. Al Sharpton did not invent the Internet

Last night's Democratic debate was a bit thin on technology matters, but one shining moment for the Internet did occur courtesy of Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sun sets Solaris x86 free

Almost two years after it went on hiatus, Sun Microsystems' Solaris x86 has come back in full form with free downloads of the operating system becoming available once again, The Register has discovered.