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IBM draws first blood in SCO Linux battle

SCO has lost the first round in its legal battle to assert intellectual rights over Linux. A federal court ruled Friday (December 5) that SCO must respond within 30 days to IBM's demands that SCO hand over "all source code and other material in Linux ... to which plaintiff has rights".
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Wicked Sun forces final death of Win98, Office 2000, etc

Microsoft will pull the plugs on MSDN downloads of a range of products, including Windows 98, Office 2000, SQL Server 7 and NT Workstation, next Monday. These contain the polluted Java which, according to the settlement with Sun, Microsoft has to stop supporting. So it's all Sun's fault, really.
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Cambodian data entry outfit provokes ‘sweatshop’ slur

If you set up an office in Phnom Penh and fill it with Cambodians doing data-entry chores for US organisations, is this a philanthropic application of globalisation or nothing more than the cynical exploitation of cheap sweatshop labour?
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Cyberkiosk assaults Spanish teenager

It only merited a brief report on Yahoo! yesterday, but the story of the teenager-eating Madrid telephone kiosk further confirms our suspicions that the eventual rise of the machines and the subjugation of humanity is only a matter of time.
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Man arrested in Cambs Police iPod email phone jam scam

A 21-year-old man from St Neots has been arrested after the main switchboard at Cambridgeshire police HQ was jammed by thousands of calls on Friday.
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A smaller CeBIT?

It won't be as dramatic as with Comdex in Las Vegas, where attendance this year was below even lowered expectations, but Europe's biggest ICT trade show CeBIT in Hanover is scaling down noticeably too.
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‘Dial 9’ scam snares Wilts Police

BT and premium rate phone watchdog ICSTIS have once again reassured punters that an alleged phone scam that could cost them £20 a minute is a hoax.
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Micron ships 1Gb DDR 2 chips

Micron has begun shipping 1Gb DDR 2 chips, and has designed DIMMs to take the parts, along with its 256Mb and 512Mb DDR 2 chips, the company will say today.
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Kazaa shuts down Kazaa Lite

This weekend users of Kazaa Lite K++ learned that almost every download site of the popular peer-to-peer file-sharing application had disappeared, including the links on its own home page.
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C&W flogs US ops by way of Chapter 11

Troubled UK telecoms firm Cable & Wireless has announced its imminent exit from the US market with the sale of its assets to Gores Technology Group.
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Internet showdown side-stepped in Geneva

The international showdown over who should run the Internet has been side-stepped at the very last minute following 12 hours of intensive talks in Geneva.
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UK NHS trials Sun Linux, threatens 800k user defection from MS

The UK National Health Service is to run a trial of Sun's Java Desktop System, with the prospect of rolling it out across 800,000 desktops. The trial was pointedly announced in a statement by Richard Granger, NHS director general of IT, who said that successful implementation of the system would save "many millions of pounds."
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Microsoft aiming IBM-scale patent program at Linux?

While attention has been focused on The SCO Group's IP suit against free software, Microsoft itself has prepared the ground for a full scale patent licensing program in which smaller vendors will be the most vulnerable.

Inland Revenue poised to ditch EDS

EDS stands to lose a 10-year deal worth £4bn-£5bn to manage the Inland Revenue’s computer systems in punishment for the fiasco surrounding the introduction of tax credits last year. Hundreds of thousands of people went without payments, resulting in short-term hardship for many families on low incomes.
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NatWest warns of dodgy email

NatWest has warned people to ignore an email calling for punters to disclose private information about their bank accounts.
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UK ‘not ready’ for e-voting

Proponents of e-voting were dealt a blow today after the Electoral Commission concluded that the UK is just "not ready" to vote electronically.
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Could Segways replace soldiers as hired killers?

Aided by backing from the U.S. Department of Defense, the Segway Human Transporter may well be the first scooter of mass destruction.
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Acer TravelMate 661LMi laptop

Reg Review It's dangerous when reviewing hardware to describe any particular attribute as 'too much', 'too big' or 'too high'. Inevitably, at least one reader will not unreasonably describe said excess as nonetheless perfect for the applications they like to run, or the their own preferred mode of operation. So we're loath to say the resolution of the Acer TravelMate 661LMi notebook's 15in screen is too high. But there comes a point where increasing trying to cram more into a display without increasing the physical size of the screen becomes a handicap as icons and text shrink to unreadability, and we think the 661LMi's 1400 x 1050 native resolution is that point.
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Microsoft CRM goes global

Microsoft Business Solutions today released to manufacturing final code for its latest customer relationship management (CRM) software.

HP would be better off without Compaq drain – Analyst

One of the premier hardware watchers around has challenged the rationale behind a merged HP/Compaq, saying the old HP may have provided better shareholder value than the new behemoth.
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Coke floats music download service

Sugared water seller Coca-Cola has decided to toss its brand into the online music selling ring, crowding what is already a bazaar-like marketplace.

Intel toasts Itanium's success by giving servers away

Intel has declared 2003 "The Year of Itanium" and then backed up this bold statement with a server give-away program.