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Sun won't be Eclipse'd

Sun won't be joining the IBM-led open source tools effort Eclipse, and today announced its roadmap for its own NetBeans framework.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Dec 2003

One third of US mobile phones to have Bluetooth in '04

Nearly a third of US cellphones will feature Bluetooth by the first half of next year, predicts analyst company ABI Research. In a slightly riskier prediction, ABI reckons that by 2008 a fifth of new cars sold will carry Bluetooth, citing commitments from Acura, Audi, Lexus, Lincoln, Maybach, and Toyota to install the wireless technology.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Dec 2003

Fifty more exchanges to get SDSL

BT is to upgrade a further 50 exchanges to provide SDSL services to London and the West Midlands.
Tim Richardson, 05 Dec 2003

BT to offer a week's free Wi-Fi access

BT Openzone will next month open up its network of Wi-Fi hotspots to businesspeople and consumers in a bid to improve the British public's awareness of wireless networking.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2003

Intel XScale biz to take $600m charge in Q4

Intel narrowed it Q4 sales forecast yesterday, tightening the focus from its earlier prediction of $8.1-8.7 billion to $8.5-8.7 billion, as anticipated.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2003

Brazil champions free Internet access

The Brazilian city of Sao Paulo is offering its poorest citizens a chance to get connected for nothing, the BBC the reports.
Lester Haines, 05 Dec 2003

Intel ship Banias-based Mobile Celeron

Intel has confirmed that it is already shipping Mobile Celeron processors based on the 'Banias' core already available in the Pentium M chip.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2003

Daily Mail finally launches website

Britain’s second-biggest selling daily newspaper, The Daily Mail, has finally shaken its dislike of the Internet and announced it will launch a Web version.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Dec 2003

IT firms use jargon ‘to deceive’

Shocking as it may seem, 74 per cent of Brits reckon that business jargon is nothing more than a tool of deception and confusion.
Lester Haines, 05 Dec 2003

PalmOne settles m500 synchro class action

PalmOne has agreed to settle a class action brought against it earlier this year by Palm m500-series owners who alleged that the PDA maker had knowingly sold them defective devices.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2003

Nokia Q3 sales leap, market share drops

Siemens proved to be a surprise winner in the Western European mobile phone arena this year, almost doubling its market share between Q3 2002 and Q3 2003, according to market watcher Strategy Analytics.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2003

Mobile phone ban – the risk to business

Well mobile phones in cars haven’t actually been banned but there is some important new law that affects the use of hand held mobile phones in cars and there are significant risks for businesses, writes technology lawyer Tim Cook.
Taylor Walton, 05 Dec 2003

More promiscuous data exchanges with strangers

Technology doesn't change society, Linus Torvalds once said - society changes technology.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Dec 2003

Vodafone UK to offer handheld wireless PC

Vodafone has begun to pitch Bsquare's Power Handheld ultra-mobile wireless Windows PC to enterprise customers who want full-screen web browsing and email.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2003

On Stob and patenting numbers

LettersNumbers to be patentable
Drew Cullen, 05 Dec 2003

Nokia N-Gage

Reg ReviewThe trouble with Nokia's N-Gage, say the gamers, is that it's a phone, not a console. Likewise, handset specialists bemoan what cramming mobile phone functionality into a handheld console has done to the telephony experience.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2003

On the Japanese ‘anon’ P2P bust

Letter'Anonymous' P2P users busted in Japan
Drew Cullen, 05 Dec 2003

BT promises an ‘office in an hour’

BT has rolled out a package that it says will enable UK firms to get an office network up and running in less than 60 minutes.
Robert Jaques, 05 Dec 2003

Europe ‘broadband revolution’ leads the world

The future iss burning bright for the ICT manufacturing and services across the European Union as the continent enjoys a "broadband revolution" and takes up global leadership in the mobile sector.
Robert Jaques, 05 Dec 2003

Time-out code ambushes MS Small Business Server 2003 install?

So there I was, happily installing this spanking new shinkwrap of Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 onto a spare computer. The code only came out a couple of weeks ago, so it is hot off the production line.
Jon Honeyball, 05 Dec 2003

Phone driving ban article ‘flippant and hostile’

LettersA single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. Joseph Stalin
Drew Cullen, 05 Dec 2003

How Nintendo almost beat Nokia to the gamephone

LetterReview: Nokia N-Gage
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2003

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