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Hackers used unpatched server to breach Debian

A security alert issued by the Debian says that a known Linux kernel code vulnerability was used to break into the project's servers, bringing development builds to a halt.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Dec 2003

Diebold gives up e-vote clampdown

ATM giant and voting machine hopeful Diebold has dropped its attempts to stifle discussion of flaws in its computer systems.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Dec 2003

Training police to capture online child predators

A conference to help police capture online child predators is launched today.
John Leyden, 02 Dec 2003

First motorists collared by mobile ban

Police in Scotland have nabbed their first motorists caught using mobile phones while behind the wheel.
Tim Richardson, 02 Dec 2003

Rogue diallers now use satellite

The German site Dialerschutz (Dialler Protection) warns Internet users against new rogue diallers which connect through Emsat, Eutelsat's satellite system. Internet users have been faced with exceptionally high phone bills.
Jan Libbenga, 02 Dec 2003

The Wells Fargo example

OpinionCompanies should protect consumer data better than Wells Fargo did, but in cleaning up its laptop data spill the bank blazed a trail worth following, says SecurityFocus columnist Mark Rasch.
Mark Rasch, 02 Dec 2003

Sony ships blu-ray 23GB storage system

Sony has begun shipping its blue laser Professional Disc for Data (PDD) optical drives and media.
Tony Smith, 02 Dec 2003

Siebel preps architecture shift

Siebel is preparing to shift its architecture to its new Universal Application Network platform.
Datamonitor, 02 Dec 2003

Sage profits, customers jump

Sage pre-tax profits climbed 12 per cent (at constant exchange rates) to £151m on sales up 4 per cent to £560.3m for the year to 30 September 2003. The accountancy and business management software vendor squeezed out some extra margin points too, increasing operating margin by 1.6 per cent to 27.8 per cent. The declining dollar affected group profits, which were only partly offset by the appreciating euro. Taking this into account, adjusted (i.e real) turnover grew 2 per cent and operating profit increased 9 per cent.
Drew Cullen, 02 Dec 2003

Useless Longhorn build on sale for $1.58 – trade slow in pirate coves?

Over a month after its release at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference, Longhorn build 4051 has made it into the pirate coves of Malaysia, priced - Reuters tells us - at an eye-watering $1.58. For this you get, well, not a lot actually, but if you happened to be passing the Holiday Plaza centre in Johor Bahru, $1.58 probably beats identifying a warez FTP source and downloading it for free.
John Lettice, 02 Dec 2003

OFT cracks down on dodgy domain sellers

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is to continue to crack down on dodgy domain sellers who pressure companies into registering domains.
Tim Richardson, 02 Dec 2003

DVD Jon retrial begins today

The retrial of DVD Jon Johansen is set to begin in Oslo today.
John Leyden, 02 Dec 2003

Orange says sorry for charging for phone spam

Orange has admitted that it made an £84,000 cock-up after billing punters for receiving marketing picture messages from the mobilephoneco.
Tim Richardson, 02 Dec 2003

There's a noose in the hoose – iTunes shoppers discover DRM

If Jon Johansen - who goes on trial again later today in Norway - had the intention of raising public awareness of Locked Music when he posted his DRM crack for iTunes, he's certainly achieved it now, we reckon.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Dec 2003
WiFi propaganda for the workers

Delayed GNER Wi-Fi train trial steams out

UK train company GNER yesterday began a free, 19-day Wi-Fi trial on board rail services out of London's Kings Cross to Scotland and the North of England.
Tony Smith, 02 Dec 2003

ATI begins sampling HDTV chip

ATI has launched its latest picture processing chip aimed at the US HDTV market.
Tony Smith, 02 Dec 2003

PlayStation 3 ‘concept image’ hits web

A picture purporting to be concept art of Sony's next-generation console, the PlayStation 3, has been circulated on the Internet, showing a sleek silver console with a slot-loading DVD drive.
gamesindustry.biz, 02 Dec 2003

Mimail variant attacks anti-spam sites. Again

A new variant of the infamous Mimail worm attempts to knock anti-spam websites off the Net.
John Leyden, 02 Dec 2003

Ebay takes action over child porn complaints

Ebay has taken action following allegations that its online auction house was being used to trade in child pornography.
Tim Richardson, 02 Dec 2003

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