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World chip sales up 6.8% in October

Global chip sales rose 6.8 per cent sequentially during October, hitting $15.43 billion, the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organisation (WSTS) has reported by way of the European Electronic Component Manufacturers Association (EECA).
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2003

Dell Ireland touts PCs for €28 (yes, it was a mistake)

A pricing blunder at Dell Ireland's online store led to it inadvertently selling PCs for €100 and less.
ElectricNews.net, 01 Dec 2003
WiFi propaganda for the workers

Intel to integrate Wi-Fi into next P4 chipset

Intel will integrate Wi-Fi base-station technology into its upcoming 'Grantsdale' desktop PC chipset, the chip giant has revealed.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2003

Customs swoop on £25m chips-to-gold VAT gang

Customs have arrested 12 people in an investigation into a multi-million missing VAT trader fraud.
Drew Cullen, 01 Dec 2003

Wanadoo unveils Euro ad network

Wanadoo in France, Spain, Netherlands and the UK (Freeserve) has teamed up with Web.de (Germany) and Libero (Italy) to give advertisers access to some 30 million users and a billion page views a month.
Tim Richardson, 01 Dec 2003

Mobile phone driving ban comes into force

A ban on using hand-held mobile phones while driving comes into force in Britain today.
John Leyden, 01 Dec 2003

ATI is waiting for PCI Express to launch Athlon 64 chipsets

ATI is indeed waiting for the arrival of PCI Express before launching chipsets for the AMD Athlon 64, if a recent Far Eastern AMD reseller presentation is anything to go by.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2003

AOL UK intros 1Mb service

AOL UK has cut the ribbon on its new 1Mb DSL broadband service.
Tim Richardson, 01 Dec 2003

Galileo satellite project under threat?

Galileo, the prestigious European satellite navigation system, is under threat by the US military, which wants to degrade its accuracy, according to the German TV news programme Tagesschau
Jan Libbenga, 01 Dec 2003

.name registry site hacked

The website of the .name registry was hacked over the weekend through an Apache exploit.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Dec 2003

NHS wants another £2bn for IT mega project

The NHS wants another £2bn to pay for projects designated for its IT procurement programme, the FT reports It needs the extra money in 2006 and 2007 to meet obligations to suppliers, whose firm tender prices are coming in higher than expected.
Drew Cullen, 01 Dec 2003

The new HP is ready for its next test

AnalysisAfter a wave of executive departures and a solid earnings report from HP, we're left wondering: "What has Carly done?"
Ashlee Vance, 01 Dec 2003
WiFi propaganda for the workers

T-Mobile buys world's fourth biggest Wi-Fi provider

T-Mobile's Austrian subsidiary has acquired Vienna-based Wi-Fi hotspot provider Metronet for an undisclosed sum.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2003

Gametrac mobile console to ship for under £60

ExclusiveOn the basis of its web site, Gametrac Europe's kids-oriented handheld Windows CE .NET-based gaming console appears as much like vapourware as does Infinium Labs' still unlaunched Phantom. A few hi-res Wavefront or Maya renders and a noisy Flash presentation do not a real product make.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2003

Platt back at the top – of Boeing

Former HP CEO Lew Platt has returned to the executive ranks, as part of a major shakeup at troubled Boeing Co.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Dec 2003
Swearing and ranting

Critics turn a deaf ear to Blair's ‘Big Conversation’

Labour Party plans to consult the country about issues and problems it would like the government to address have received a frosty initial reception.
John Leyden, 01 Dec 2003

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