26th November 2003 Archive

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  • MPAA, RIAA seek permanent antitrust exemption

    Get out of jail free

    Media 26 01:09

  • Small.biz neglects online presence

    Roaming the web wilderness

    Small Biz 26 09:46

  • Enterprises are hotspots for WLAN

    Growth path

    Broadband 26 09:46

  • First integer patented

    Only infinity minus one to go

    Bootnotes 26 09:53

  • Trading Standards seizes fake Nokia gear

    No dodgy batteries this time though

    Mobile 26 10:45

  • Bill Joy spurned job at ‘out of control’ Google

    Toys R'Us

    Media 26 10:52

  • Dixons, Capita in call centre talks

    Jobs safe, says retailer

    Channel 26 11:46

  • Wi-Fi hacker caught downloading child porn

    In his car, pants down

    Security 26 11:55

  • Ex-MS worker jailed for black market racket

    17 months for raiding internal store

    Channel 26 12:01

  • Epson trawls Blighty for new Osbournes

    Web stardom beckons for UK's 'Most Typical Family'

    Bootnotes 26 12:02

  • BOFH, the Boss and printing p0rn

    That's not my credit card. Er... is it?

    BOFH 26 12:13

  • Rockall Times supports UK anti-smoking lobby

    T-shirt warns of the real dangers of cancer sticks

    Site News 26 12:35

  • Damaged undersea cable blamed for UK Net problems

    BT, NTL, Telewest hit

    Media 26 12:37

  • Elonex eXentia Media Center PC

    The way multimedia PCs should be?

    Reviews 26 12:53

  • 10m Americans pay for music downloads in Q2

    Before launch of Windows services

    Media 26 13:32

  • HP heads up Unix server market

    Bigger fish in smaller pond

    Servers 26 13:49

  • Low-end kit drives server market recovery

    Don't get too excited

    Servers 26 13:50

  • PC maker puts P4 Extreme Edition into… notebooks

    Extreme cooling required, apparently

    Personal 26 14:19

  • Government IT: wasting money to win votes

    Indiana v. India

    Data Centre 26 14:29

  • AIT Group back from the brink

    CRM pureplay makes strong comeback

    Data Centre 26 14:35

  • Quantum trims workforce for the holidays

    Streamlined out

    Business 26 15:09

  • Draft ID card bill makes it to Queen's speech

    As expected

    Media 26 15:20

  • Public Wi-Fi still has look and feel of dead duck

    Grand Unification Theory

    Broadband 26 15:52

  • O2 ships Blackberry 7730 in the UK

    Big screen for big business

    Mobile 26 16:33

  • LA officials call for end to master/slave labels

    Offensive drive

    Bootnotes 26 18:37

  • Toddler wounded in Segway hit-and-run

    When scooters attack

    Bootnotes 26 19:37

  • Lock up the copyright cartel – not Johansen

    No sympathy for the RIAA

    Letters 26 23:54