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Oracle is still serious about acquiring PeopleSoft

How many Oracle executives does it take to assure the world at large that it still wants to acquire PeopleSoft?

HP revamps low-end storage line

HP has reworked the low-end of its storage line to give small and medium-sized companies a bit more selection and to save them some time with pre-packaged storage and server bundles.

Veritas: a smart switching move

Veritas Software has shipped a version of its server-based virtualization software that will run on Cisco's MDS 9000 smart switch, although it does not expect the software to achieve volume take-up for up to two years. The product has some limitations, but these are unlikely to deter Veritas' clients from trading up in the medium term.
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Nachi worm infected Diebold ATMs

The Nachi worm compromised Windows-based automated teller machines at two financial institutions last August, according to ATM-maker Diebold, in the first confirmed case of malicious code penetrating cash machines.
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Dixons raises £215m in Wanadoo share sale

High street electrical retailer, Dixons, has raised £215 million (€310 million) after flogging 48.4 million shares in French ISP Wanadoo.
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Busting the Worm Writers

Opinion Microsoft deserves praise for offering a cash reward to catch people who criminally exploit their bugs, argues SecurityFocus columnist Tim Mullen.

IT Failures In The Great US Blackout

A report issued by a panel of US Government and Power Industry officials has placed the blame for the largest power outage in North American history primarily on computer and human failures, writes Robin Bloor of Bloor Research. FirstEnergy of Ohio and the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, the regional agency with responsibility for overseeing FirstEnergy are roundly criticized.
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Sharp confirms next-gen Linux PDA specs

Sharp has formally announced the launch of the Zaurus SL-6000 - the latest generation of its Linux-based PDA.
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Patented numbers ‘a good idea’

Stob To get some background on the recent move by the US Patent office on the patentability of numbers, The Reg spoke to IP lawyer Lawrence P Po™a®© (pronounced ‘potmarc’) of the distinguished LA firm of Po™a®©, Po™a®© & Po™a®© (pronounced ‘potmarc, potmarc and potmarc’).
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E-commerce complaints on the up

The number of complaints about ecommerce and Net-related scams in on the up, according to a major consumer report published yesterday.

NetApp, Cisco push networked storage

Network Appliance and Cisco are teaming up to help businesses migrate more rapidly from direct attached to networked storage infrastructures.
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Thomson to ship portable digital video, audio player

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Mobile multimedia player French consumer electronics giant Thomson yesterday launched a mobile multimedia player under its Lyra brand. The device can hold up to 80 hours' of video. The 369g PDP 2860 sports a 3.5in TFT screen mounted in a 13.6 x 8 x 2.7cm unit. Inside is a 4200rpm 20GB hard drive. The device plays …
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Trojan poses as naked XXX pics

Windows users were warned today to be on their guard for a new Trojan that poses as a racy attachment to a saucy email.
DVD it in many colours

HP's supply chain king steps down

Yet another HP executive has decided to move on to greener pastures, as EVP Jeff Clarke resigned on Tuesday.

EDS: going to pieces down under

IT services giant EDS is reaping far more revenue from its contract with the Australian Tax Office than expected, according to government documents. However, the Australian government sector is increasingly breaking up its IT services contracts into smaller pieces, which will leave EDS in a less dominant position in just a few years time.
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Three books you cannot live without

With the holiday season fast approaching, we have taken the liberty of picking out three affordable books that the geek in your family - that probably means you - can't live without.

Oracle: spreading rumors

Oracle claims the way PeopleSoft accounted for some software revenue recorded in the third quarter may be questionable, due to the controversial Customer Assurance Program refund offer PeopleSoft had in place. Oracle could benefit from any uncertainty generated, but probably only if the SEC became involved.
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Dell routes support back to the USA

Dell has said it has no plans to scale back its outsourcing operation to India, after it acknowledged customer dissatisfaction at the support from its call centers. However as of this week, US corporate customers will receive their tech support from call centers in the United States, rather than Bangalore and Hyderabad. Dell told the Hindustan Times it remained committed to India, where it employs 2,000 staff.
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Scripting flaws pose severe risk for IE users

A set of five unpatched scripting vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer creates a mechanism for hackers to compromise targeted PCs.
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Lock Up DVD Jon – or we all lose our jobs

Letter From: Dominik Stepan To: andrew.orlowski@theregister.co.uk Subject: DVD Jon unlocks iTunes' locked music