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Dutch blogsites fight cyberwar against spammer

Dutch blogsites Retecool.com, Volkomenkut.com and Bastard-inc.com got a taste of their own medicine last Friday after they declared cyberwar on US spam firm Customerblast.com.
Jan Libbenga, 24 Nov 2003

Racism makes you thick – official

Following our report last week that low self esteem can shrink your brain, we have been informed of another threat to IQ - racism.
Lester Haines, 24 Nov 2003

Numbers to be patentable

StobIn a move that has surprised naïve observers, the US Patent Office has announced that from now on it will consider ‘serious’ applications to patent specific integer numbers.
Verity Stob, 24 Nov 2003

US man threatens anthrax attack on spammers

A computer programmer from Sunnyvale, California faces up to five years in jail and a $250,000 fine after being arrested for threatening to torture and kill employees of a spam company, Yahoo! News reports.
Lester Haines, 24 Nov 2003

Exploit Code on Trial

Security pros gathering at a Stanford University Law School conference on responsible vulnerability disclosure Saturday harmonized on the principle that vendors should be privately notified of holes in their products, and given at least some time to produce a patch before any public disclosure is made. But there was pronounced disagreement on the question of whether or not researchers should publicly release proof-of-concept code to demonstrate a vulnerability.
Kevin Poulsen, 24 Nov 2003

Check your sums, Debian advises developers after breach

Servers hosting the GNU/Linux source code for the Debian project have been compromised, and project leads are advising developers to place close attention to their checksums. While it isn't certain that source code has been tampered with, the intrusion has caused the delay to a point release of the distro, release 3.0r2.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Nov 2003

O2 to honour returning England Rugby team

O2 - sponsors of the world-beating England rugby team that walloped the Wallabies on Saturday - is talking to the Rugby Football Union (RFU) about honouring the returning team.
Tim Richardson, 24 Nov 2003

Aussies triumph with online dunny map

Well, our Australian cousins may not have the Rugby World Cup, but they do have something which should be the envy of any civilised nation - a National Public Toilet Map.
Lester Haines, 24 Nov 2003

MS scorns Israeli OpenOffice defection

The Israeli Ministry of Commerce - essentially the treasury - has suspended all contracts with Microsoft.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Nov 2003

MS faces EU shackles on Media Player, Windows servers

A bruising antitrust hearing in Brussels two weeks ago has left Microsoft and its agents expressing even more interest in a settlement, but it's difficult to see how the company - notoriously and self-righteously intransigent in these and so many other situations - can bring itself to offer enough for the European Commission to call off its dogs. Significantly, this morning's Wall Street Journal carries an item attributing a desire to cut a deal to sources on both sides. One should however bear in mind that the Commission is by definition in favour of a settlement - it has told Microsoft what it wants, and it is Microsoft's role to either fight or agree. So it's not hard to find readiness to talk on the Commission side.
John Lettice, 24 Nov 2003

Grid Computing for real

For the first time supercomputers in the UK and the US have been linked to carry out a larger than life scientific experiment.
Jan Libbenga, 24 Nov 2003

Next-gen console unveilings in spring '04?

A number of Internet news sites have claimed that Microsoft and Sony will take the wraps off their next generation console offerings at events next spring - but what exactly might be shown is not discussed.
gamesindustry.biz, 24 Nov 2003

118 866 behind Thus' DQ flop

The company that provided directory enquiries (DQ) services for Thus said it is "regrettable" that the Scottish telco decided to pull out of the market.
Tim Richardson, 24 Nov 2003

Parlez vous Umlaut?

Good news for all Müllers, Jägers or Schröders in Germany. They will no longer have to write out their surnames as mueller.de, jaeger.de or schroeder.de if they want to use them for Internet domain names. Starting 1 March 2004, domains with Umlauts and other additional letters (so called IDNs) can be registered under the Top Level Domain .de.
Jan Libbenga, 24 Nov 2003

Princeton open-source hater a loose cannon

By now most of us are acquainted with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's recent PR rant at the Gartner Fall Symposium in Orlando, where he dismissed open-source developers as a lot of teenage hobbyists with questionable motives.
Thomas C Greene, 24 Nov 2003

Dell Axim x3i Wi-Fi Pocket PC

Reg ReviewDell's first foray into the PDA world, the Axim x5, was big, bulky and frankly no looker, but with a price tag of just a few hundred bucks, no one could complain. Indeed, there have been few grumbles: the x5's price and the Dell brand have pushed the PC maker's share of the global PDA market to 5.5 per cent and it has taken 7.6 per cent of the US PDA business in less than a year, according to market watcher Gartner.
Tony Smith, 24 Nov 2003

BT Mobile appoints chief exec

BT has appointed former One 2 One (UK) exec Steven Evans as chief exec of its new mobile service.
Tim Richardson, 24 Nov 2003

US anti-spam bill edges towards law

The US anti-spam bill moved closer to approval at the weekend after securing the overwhelming support of the House of Representatives.
John Leyden, 24 Nov 2003

What WAN technology is right for your business?

BriefingFor the majority of enterprise corporates Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructures will form one of their biggest operational expenses in terms of total cost of networking ownership. Given this fact, selecting the most appropriate wide area solution - or indeed combination of solutions - is a choice that firms cannot afford to undertake lightly.
Robert Jaques, 24 Nov 2003

DSL shipments soar

The sale of DSL gear is breaking all records as more and more people hook up to high-speed Net access.
Tim Richardson, 24 Nov 2003

Will December make or break the Internet?

There are always defining moments in anything’s lifetime and the Internet is no exception.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Nov 2003

Voodoo ships first DirectX 9 ‘Centrino’ notebook

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 24 Nov 2003
Broken CD with wrench

Former HP/Compaq server guru heads to Nokia

Nokia is the latest company to raid HP's executive ranks, signing up Mary McDowell to head its mobile enterprise business.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Nov 2003

Intel talks up 65nm process with SRAM cell demo

Intel is having a tough time convincing the world that it's 90nm chip manufacturing process hasn't run into difficulties, so it's already starting the public relations offensive intended to push its upcoming 65nm process, due to go live in 2005.
Tony Smith, 24 Nov 2003

Nigerian fraudsters ‘shop early for Xmas’

African fraudsters are attempting to fleece UK computer resellers in the run up to Christmas with scams involving counterfeit cheques and bogus credit card payments.
John Leyden, 24 Nov 2003

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