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Intel's Otellini promises ‘Year of Itanium’

Peeved that AMD is taking the 64bit plaudits this week, Intel has promised that Itanium's twelfth year will be its finest yet. The project began in December 1991, and was formally unveiled in a joint announcement with Hewlett Packard in 1995. Some analysts were cautious: in 1997 IDC predicted that it would be 2002 before EPIC would be the dominant desktop chip.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Nov 2003

Intel stakes phone hopes on Manitoba

Intel President Paul Otellini touted a Manitoba Xscale phone as he outlined the company's cellular ambitions yesterday. Otellini told Intel's Fall analyst conference that the company expected to ship 10 million Xscale phones next year.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Nov 2003

BT gloats as Freeserve loses broadband pricing appeal

Oftel has, once again, rejected claims for Freeserve accusing BT of predatory pricing.
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2003

Germans deploy talking überbin

The good burghers of Berlin believe they have found the answer to litter-ravaged streets - talking rubbish bins which thank citizens for their deposits.
Lester Haines, 21 Nov 2003

Novell looks to Linux to pull it out of the red

Novell yesterday posted increased quarterly losses on lower revenues but promised its strong commitment to open source will bear fruit over the next year.
John Leyden, 21 Nov 2003

NTL waves goodbye to 2,000 jobs

NTL is to zap 2,000 jobs over the next couple of years. The cableco isn't planning a sweeping redundancy programme and it doesn't know yet which jobs are to go, according to the FT which got the scoop.
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2003

Low self esteem makes you thick - official

Think positively or you could end up with a brain the size of a pea - that's the stark warning from scientists at Montreal's McGill University.
Lester Haines, 21 Nov 2003

Broadcom bites back against Intel-Mobilian, Atheros

Broadcom was the star of the WLAN chip market in the early part of this year, stealing a march on all its rivals with its successful gamble on leaping into the 802.11g market even before the standard was finalized. This helped it to gain a significant lead over Intel, which is still to implement ‘g’ in Centrino, and to position itself to take a top two position – coming from almost nowhere in 2002 – in the sector.
Wireless Watch, 21 Nov 2003
WiFi propaganda for the workers

Mixed fortunes for enterprise WLANs

Mixed fortunes for enterprise WLANs, if the latest crop of research results are anything to go by. A survey by investment bank Goldman Sachs found that wireless Lans are now rated ‘low priority’ for IT spending, according to a panel of 100 CIOs. In the same survey last year, WLANs rated in the top category. The bank says this is mainly because most companies have already adopted Wi-Fi and see further investments, for instance in upgrades, as luxuries.
Wireless Watch, 21 Nov 2003

Don't say nothing to the SCO cops, Gartner advises Linux users

Is it just us, or could Gartner's latest advice for Linux-packing corporations have similar application in slightly different contexts? Is it, do you think, perhaps the kind of language Edward G Robinson might understand?
John Lettice, 21 Nov 2003

AMD admits 90nm production slippage

AMD's first 90nm processors will go into volume production during Q3 2004, the company said yesterday, narrowing the focus of its recently released public roadmap from any time in the second half of the year.
Tony Smith, 21 Nov 2003

DRM music goldrush is a race for losers – mp3.com founder

Apple is leading a race of lemmings into the zero-profit business of closed music downloads, says the founder of MP3.com, Michael Robertson.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Nov 2003

Business Serve buys Legend Internet

Lancaster-based business ISP Business Serve, has swallowed up Bradford-based ISP, Legend Internet. Financial details were not disclosed.
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2003

Intel commits to 4GHz Prescott P4 by Q4 '04

Intel promised to ship a 4GHz Pentium 4 by the end of 2004, company President Paul Otellini said yesterday during the company's regular autumn analysts conference.
Tony Smith, 21 Nov 2003

IBM puts new efforts behind PC division

IBM has responded to doubts over its commitment to its PC business and used the Comdex trade show to put new focus on the division.
News IS, 21 Nov 2003

Peoplesoft welcomes EC intervention

Two announcements this week affect the Oracle vs Peoplesoft hostile merger, a Peoplesoft endorsement of the decision by the European Commission to carry out a deeper review, and some adjustments to the terms of Peoplesoft’s new refund program.
News IS, 21 Nov 2003

Scandis rule global ICT waves

Most wired countries in the world? Sweden, Denmark and Iceland top the first International Telecommunication Union's Digital Access Index.
Jan Libbenga, 21 Nov 2003

Sentencing postponed in nuclear lab hack case

The sentencing of a UK teenager who admits breaking into the network of a US high-energy physics research lab has been postponed until December 18.
John Leyden, 21 Nov 2003

Nthellworld.com whinge site pulled

NTL - the cableco that is to lose 2,000 jobs over the next two or three years - closed down its nthellworld.com whinge site this afternoon.
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2003
EU flag photo via Shutterstock

European Cyber security agency is go

The European Union has voted to set up a pan-European agency to promote closer co-ordination on information security.
John Leyden, 21 Nov 2003

Thus pulls out of 118 to ‘protect reputation’

Scottish telco Thus - best known for its Demon Internet brand - is pulling out of the 118 directory enquiries (DQ) business to "protect its reputation".
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2003

Roadside PDA test targets drug-crazed UK drivers

There seems to be no end this week to the fascinating and socially-useful new applications for the humble PDA.
Lester Haines, 21 Nov 2003

UK ID theft gang jailed for £350K fraud

Six British men were sentenced today to a combined total of 15 and a half years imprisonment for involvement in a major ID theft and fraud conspiracy. The fraud, which netted the gangs £350,000 over two years, is reckoned to be the biggest case of its kind to date in the UK .
John Leyden, 21 Nov 2003

Bluejacking ain't hijacking

LetterLast week we reported on preliminary research from security firm A.L. Digital which suggested a number of security problems with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones from Nokia and Ericsson. The paper argued that digital pickpockets could swipe address books and data from mobile phones because of security shortcomings in the implementation of Bluetooth by the manufacturers.
John Leyden, 21 Nov 2003

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