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Telework hasn't taken off (D'oh!)

Europe in BriefPolicy makers once envisaged that by the turn of the millennium most, if not all, clerical workers would be familiar with teleworking. That's hasn't happened, a University of Tampere (Finland) study concludes. Much like getting rid of paper in offices, escaping the constraints of time and space has proven difficult even with the most wired nations in Europe.
Jan Libbenga, 20 Nov 2003
Broken CD with wrench

HP's big iron back in the black

After swimming in an ocean of red ink since the merger with Compaq, Hewlett Packard's enterprise system group recorded a profit of $106 million.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Nov 2003

Domain owner seeks to revolutionise Scottish legal system

An aggrieved domain name owner has embarked on a campaign to revolutionise the Scottish legal system by ending the Law Society of Scotland’s “monopoly” on legal services.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Nov 2003

BT and Vodafone named and shamed by Oftel

BT and Vodafone has been named and shamed by telecoms regulator Oftel for having the most customer complaints in Internet access and mobile services respectively.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Nov 2003

Cryptophone locks out snoopers

A German firm has launched a GSM mobile phone that promises strong end-to-end encryption on calls, preventing the possibility of anybody listening in.
ElectricNews.net, 20 Nov 2003

China unveils ‘DVD killer’ video disk format

'If you can't join 'em, beat 'em' appears to be the maxim guiding the Chinese government's decision to fund the development of an alternative video disc standard to DVD.
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2003

‘Lost generation’ of bosses blamed for IT mediocrity

UK companies are wasting buckets of cash and throwing away the chance to compete in the world economy - and all because they're failing to make the most of their £50 billion a year investment in IT.
Tim Richardson, 20 Nov 2003

DTI builds SME data portal

The Department of Trade and Industry yesterday brought all the Government's information services for UK small and medium-sized businesses under the umbrella of a single website.
Robert Jaques, 20 Nov 2003

Martha Lane Fox leaves Lastminute

Dotcom darling Martha Lane Fox is stepping down from lastminute.com, the company she co-founded.
Tim Richardson, 20 Nov 2003

Court limits in-car FBI spying

An appeals court this week put the brakes on an FBI surveillance technique that turns an automobile driver's on-board vehicle navigation system into a covert eavesdropping device, after finding that the spying effectively disables the system's emergency and roadside assistance features.
Kevin Poulsen, 20 Nov 2003

US railroad uses Wi-Fi to run ‘driverless’ trains

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF) has found a novel use for Wi-Fi. It has started using the wireless networking technology to control trains remotely.
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2003

We reveal major UNIX™ IP violations

ExclusiveThis week The SCO Group hinted that BSD distributions would be next under the Utah microscope. SCO carefully safeguards the intellectual property rights to UNIX™ and has demonstrated its willingness to defend them by suing IBM for $3 billion damages for letting this IP seep into Linux. SCO this week said it was "examining" the AT&T settlement to see who might have leaked the ancient AT&T-derived UNIX™ code and put it into a BSD distribution. Allowing such hallowed innovations to be used under an open source license, would, we agreed thoroughly devalue SCO's IP assets.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Nov 2003

Symbian Q3 revenues dip

UpdateSmartphone operating system company Symbian today opened up its books to offer the world a glimpse of its financial performance during the three months to 30 September, the company's third quarter.
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2003

AMD selects Dresden for 300mm plant

It's official: AMD has chosen Dresden as the location for its first 300mm wafer fab, next door to its 200mm Fab 30 plant.
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2003

US cybercrime push ‘imperils personal security’ of Americans

White House plans to ratify a Council of Europe Cybercrime treaty will be a disaster for the privacy and security of Americans, Privacy International (PI), the human rights watchdog, claims.
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2003

SanDisk delays Wi-Fi SD card Palm support to Q1 '04

SanDisk's highly-anticipated Palm OS drivers for its Wi-Fi SD card will not now ship until Q1 2004, the company has confirmed.
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2003

IBM to add clock throttling tech to 90nm G5 chip

IBM is adding Intel SpeedStep-style clock frequency and core voltage scaling technology to the 90nm version of its PowerPC 970 processor, aka the G5.
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2003

Moratorium on RFID chips urged

A clutch of consumer, privacy, and civil liberties groups is calling for a voluntary moratorium on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging.
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2003

Check Point looks beyond the perimeter

Check Point Software is to place greater emphasis on internal and Web security technology in future product development. The company is best known to date for its perimeter security VPN and firewall products.
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2003

O2 launches digital music player

Reg Kit WatchForget about downloading songs to your PC, mobile phone network: O2 wants you to use your mobile phone. And just as you might transfer songs from your computer to a portable player, O2 has introduced the Digital Music Player (DMP) to beam your phone-found tracks too.
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2003

US agencies arrest 125 in Operation Cyber Sweep

A massive US crackdown on Net fraud has led to the arrest or conviction of 125 people, according to a statement by American law enforcement groups issued today.
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2003

Yahoo! shatters! world! yodelling! record!

It's clear that relations between Yahoo! and yodelling cowboy Wylie Gustafson are even better than we previously reported.
Lester Haines, 20 Nov 2003

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