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Sun and AOL form StarOffice pact for cheap desktops

Sneak PeekFresh off a major Linux desktop win in China, Sun Microsystems has found a PC friend closer to home with AOL now piloting a program to ship sub-$300 desktops running StarOffice.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Nov 2003

Belgian watchdog fumes over Nokia battery statement

Will Belgian consumer watch dog Test-Aankoop and Nokia ever be friends again? Probably not. On Monday (Nov 17), Test-Aankoop performed new tests on mobile phone battery safety, this time using original Nokia batteries. As reported earlier, Nokia believed Test-Aankoop inadvertently included counterfeit batteries in the test sample.
Jan Libbenga, 19 Nov 2003

Competitive broadband could add £22bn to UK economy

The widespread take-up of broadband could give the UK economy a £22 billion shot in the arm, according to research published today.
Tim Richardson, 19 Nov 2003

US loses 500k+ tech jobs in 2002

The US technology industry lost more than half a million jobs in 2002, taking sector employment levels to six million.
Drew Cullen, 19 Nov 2003

Hynix appeals against EU DRAM tax

Hynix has begun the process of appealing against the punitive import duty imposed by the European Union on its DRAM products earlier this year.
Tony Smith, 19 Nov 2003

Apple preps second Panther OS update

Apple is readying its next Mac OS X 10.3 Panther update, version 10.3.2. A new build, 7D12, was released to developers and testers this past Monday.
Tony Smith, 19 Nov 2003

Aussie students escape jail for online music piracy

Australia's first criminal trial for online music piracy has ended with two students each receiving suspended 18-month jail sentences.
Drew Cullen, 19 Nov 2003

Net Porn addict claims unfair dismissal

A German man fired for running up a €10,000 bill surfing porn at work claims he was treated unfairly because his employers failed into account his addiction to Net porn before giving him the boot.
John Leyden, 19 Nov 2003

Tarantella backs SuSE and Red Hat

Just when it appeared that the SCO-Novell-SuSE ménage a trois couldn't get any more messy, Tarantella- the company formerly known as SCO - has unveiled platform support for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server in its remote application access offering.
Robert Jaques, 19 Nov 2003

MS TCO study fails to dislodge OSS trials from Newham council

Despite a determined onslaught by Microsoft consultants Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Newham Borough Council's open source trials have emerged not merely unscathed but expanded from an MS versus Linux face-off this week. And a statement issued by Newham today says that the London borough "has concluded that, in the short term, significant cost savings are not achievable by switching to strategy based-upon Open Source software."
John Lettice, 19 Nov 2003

Freeserve strikes ad blow against AOL, Tiscali

Freeserve has struck a glancing blow on arch-rival AOL U, after the advertising watchdog ruled that AOL had used "unfair" comparisons to plug its Internet service.
Tim Richardson, 19 Nov 2003

Slim Devices ships Squeezebox networked MP3 player

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 19 Nov 2003

Epicor buys Scala

Last week Epicor Software Corporation and Scala Business Solutions announced they had reached a definitive agreement to merge, writes Fran Howarth of Bloor Research. This merger will take the form of Epicor buying all outstanding shares in the capital of Scala for a cash price of $41.7 million plus 4.1 million shares of Epicor's common stock. Should the merger go ahead, it is expected to be sealed in the first quarter of 2004.
IT-Analysis, 19 Nov 2003

MI5 takes charge of online terror tips

MI5, Britain's internal security and counter-espionage agency, is to play a greater role in informing the UK public about terror alerts.
John Leyden, 19 Nov 2003

Virgin and T-Mobile squabble over divorce terms

Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile are back in court over the terms of the dissolution of their mobile phone joint venture.
Drew Cullen, 19 Nov 2003

Stuff Bush with your mobile

If you're a disaffected yoof with a penchant for dogs on string, anti-capitalist bin chucking and generally opposing US presidential state visits, then you need to get yourself straight down to Phat Tonez.
Lester Haines, 19 Nov 2003

Freeserve dismisses rebranding reports

Freeserve has no plans to ditch its name and rebrand under the Wanadoo livery - yet.
Tim Richardson, 19 Nov 2003

'Don't shoot the MP3.com archive,' pleads founder Robertson

MP3.com founder Michael Robertson, now CEO of Lindows.com, has launched a last ditch appeal for the preservation of the site's archive. Last week Vivendi Universal sold MP3.com to CNET, but the million or so songs there were not part of the deal, "will not be transferred to CNET Networks, Inc. or any other third party [and]... will be destroyed."
John Lettice, 19 Nov 2003

ISS launches first hardware appliance

ISS, the intrusion detection software specialist, has begun selling its first hardware appliances.
John Leyden, 19 Nov 2003

Mobile phones could cripple – boffins

We're delighted to learn that not all scientific grants are squandered on the ultimately pointless race to confirm that the universe is composed entirely of string and that we live in just one of eleven dimensions in any one of which the trains could - just possibly - run on time.
Lester Haines, 19 Nov 2003

EU sets up Euro-security agency

The European Parliament will today vote on a proposal to establish a European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). If approved, the agency will promote closer European co-ordination on information security.
John Leyden, 19 Nov 2003

Complaints? About ISPs? Surely not!

The Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA) – the UK's ISP trade group - has hooked up with T-Mobile, Telewest, and Orange - to create a new independent complaints resolution service.
Tim Richardson, 19 Nov 2003

EDGE everywhere by mid-2004 – AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless has upgraded its GPRS phone network to support faster data, turning on the EDGE enhancements. The carrier says that the upgrade will be complete by the middle of next year, but AT&TW has launched a $79 a month, all you can eat data plan and made available a $249 SonyEricsson PC card, or $149 after rebate. That's a similar deal to Verizon's high speed data plan.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Nov 2003

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