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Dell keeps zooming in Q3

The profit machine that is Dell kept on rolling in the third quarter.
Ashlee Vance, 14 Nov 2003

Scottish tribunal hears mass wrongful dismissal claim

One of Scotland's biggest employment cases in being heard at a tribunal in Glasgow following a claim against billings system outfit TelesensKSCL.
Tim Richardson, 14 Nov 2003

Carriers invest in convergence

Many North American and European service providers are planning transitions from their current networks to next generation converged networks, according to an Infonetics Research study published today.
John Leyden, 14 Nov 2003

IBM cites SCO judge in latest SCO filings

IBM has dispensed with traditional legal circumlocution and gone for the jugular with its latest court filings against The SCO Group.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Nov 2003

NHS: improvements online

The UK government has recently relaunched the NHS website, an information portal designed to help the public find the health information and services they need. Health websites are already popular with UK consumers and the NHS' ongoing improvements should go some way to meeting remaining patient requirements.
Datamonitor, 14 Nov 2003

Five year's jail for camcorders in cinema

Holidaymakers - think again before bringing your camcorder into a US cinema. If your fumbling with the battery is misconstrued as an attempt to film what's on the screen, it could land you with a five jail term under a bill proposed by two US Senators yesterday.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Nov 2003

AMD to ship 1GHz FSB Athlon 64 FX Q1 '04 – SiS

SiS has begun shipping its latest Athlon 64 FX chipset, the SiS755FX - a part designed to support next year's 939-pin processors.
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2003

Unsafe Nokia batteries – or counterfeits?

Belgian consumer watchdog Test-Aankoop is to re-examine its claims that Nokia batteries are not safe. Nokia says that the batteries Test Aankoop tested must have been counterfeits.
Jan Libbenga, 14 Nov 2003
Type arms of an old typewriter

Media, people blamed for 1901 census site cock-up

The media - and anyone who tried to access the 1901 Census Web site in January 2002 - is to blame for the site going titsup for nine months.
Tim Richardson, 14 Nov 2003

Belgian watchdog reconsiders ‘unsafe’ Nokia battery claim

A Belgian consumer organisation which last week claimed that three Nokia batteries were unprotected against short-circuiting is to re-examine its findings.
Tim Richardson, 14 Nov 2003

Does AMD want out of the chip making game?

AnalysisSo where has AMD chosen to build its next-generation wafer fab? The company says it has a preferred location in mind, but won't - for obvious reasons - say exactly where it has chosen.
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2003

60m DSL lines by year end

The global take-up of DSL continues to grow, with experts forecasting the number of lines will exceed 60 million by the end of the year.
Tim Richardson, 14 Nov 2003

Phishing and viral tech combines in new menace

A new computer virus targets PayPal users in an attempt to dupe consumers into divulging sensitive credit card details. Mimail-I, the latest in a series of security-threatening worms, has spread widely since its first appearance yesterday.
John Leyden, 14 Nov 2003

One blogger is worth ten votes – Harvard man

Working in his secret laboratory at Harvard University, a Fellow of the prestigious institution has come up with a formula that rocks electoral maths to its core.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Nov 2003

Click here if you love sheds

If you know what a sheddie is, what creosote is for and can tell your featherboard from your elbow, then you are advised to proceed directly to www.readersheds.co.uk - a cutting-edge online resource for shed lovers worldwide.
Lester Haines, 14 Nov 2003

Intel unveils 2.5GHz Mobile Celeron

Intel extended its Mobile Celeron line to 2.5GHz yesterday.
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2003

First dual-core Itanic to sport 24MB of cache

Intel's first dual-core Itanic, 'Montecito', will sport a whopping 24MB of L3 cache, the chip giant said yesterday, by way of Reuters.
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2003

The truth about mobile phones and driving

New legislation will be introduced into the UK on 1 December aimed at stamping out the potentially dangerous use of mobile devices while driving.
Dale Vile, 14 Nov 2003

Silicon on insulator key to AMD 90nm success – analyst

AMD's Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology is going to save the company's migration to a 90nm process from the delays that appear to have plagued Intel's shift to 90nm.
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2003

Al Jazeera hacker gets community service

A Californian web designer was fined and sentenced to community service this week after he admitted to hacking into the web site of Arabic satellite TV network Al Jazeera during the war in Iraq.
John Leyden, 14 Nov 2003

Tiscali swelled by broadband users

Pan-European ISP Tiscali reported that the take-up of broadband is accelerating and as a result it has upped its prediction for the number of high speed Net users it expects to have at year-end by 50,000.
Tim Richardson, 14 Nov 2003

Sony launches 0.4in thick notebook

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2003

Reversible computing is ‘the only way’ to survive Intel's heat

A researcher at the University of Florida has come up with a new set of chip designs called "reversible computers" that may steer chip makers away from creating incredibly hot processors and toward "green computing."
Ashlee Vance, 14 Nov 2003

Motorola nixes ‘walled garden’ phone patch

Motorola has clamped down on a phone patch which unlocked the full capabilities of one of its smartphones. But there are no hard feelings from the recipient of the copyright notice, Marius Vincent, who blames British 3G operator 3 for crippling the A920.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Nov 2003

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