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Subpoenas fly in SCO vs IBM

After IBM sent a blizzard of subpoenas to analysts and investment companies this week The SCO Group followed suit today. IBM, which is filing a countersuit against SCO, says it is frustrated by SCO not revealing its hand. Although SCO has attempted to collect a fee from Linux users, and claimed that IBM owes it $3 billion, the company has only shown fragments of code to support its case.
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Nokia unveils walkie talkie phone

Nokia has launched the first GSM phone that supports the inaptly-named 'Push To Talk' features natively. PTT is a half duplex feature, like a walkie talkie - only one person can speak at any one time - that allows conference calls to be set up very quickly with a dedicated button. It's a Voice over IP service that uses the phone's packet data, rather voice time slots. Nokia promises that all of its GSM/GPRS and 3G models will support PTT by 2005, beginning with the introduction of Symbian phones next year.
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Microsoft's New Security Mojo

Opinion Recently, Microsoft announced a program to offer rewards in exchange for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who exploit its flagship Windows product through viruses, worms, and other forms of malicious code. Yet, despite the software giant's own executives saying publicly over a year ago that their products "weren't designed for security" the company continues to point fingers at third parties, hackers, and crackers as the source of the many problems plaguing the Windows-based portions of the Internet. It also demonstrates the ineffective organized chaos that remains Microsoft's response to the marketplace demands for better-developed, better-tested products.
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Wireless hacking bust in Michigan

In a rare wireless hacking prosecution, federal officials this week accused two Michigan men of repeatedly cracking the Lowe's chain of home improvement stores' nationwide network from a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix parked outside a suburban Detroit store.
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Exeter dominates UK Wi-Fi scene – Intel

Exeter has been dubbed Britain's Wi-Fi Capital by Intel. The chip giant came to choose the county town of Devon because it has more hotspots than any other place in the country.
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Intel Centrino 2 to offer 533MHz FSB – report

'Sonoma', the second generation of Intel's Centrino platform, may now appear later than anticipated, according to the latest roadmap information to leak onto the web.
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Sharp to update Zaurus PDA line this month

Sharp will release a third member of its series of Linux-based, clamshell-cased Zaurus PDAs later this month.
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Yes, it's the BOFH quiz!

Episode 28 BOFH 2003: Episode 28
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ATI ships its first DX9 mobile workstation chip

ATI yesterday took the wraps off its first DirectX 9 mobile-oriented Workstation-class graphics accelerator package, the Mobility FireGL T2.
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BT faces ‘challenging’ times as revenues dip

BT is feeling the heat from increased competition and lower pricing, the UK's dominant telco admitted today.
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UK govt calls for 100% broadband coverage by 2005

Everyone in the UK should be able to access broadband by the end of 2005.
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Final iQue details emerge from China

Further information regarding Nintendo's latest console, the iQue, has emerged from China, including details of the software which will ship with the system and a revised price point.
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Intel vs Motorola

The authorities are positive: the ITU will, this week, plump for the Motorola-endorsed ultra-wide band (UWB) technology. Meanwhile, the IEEE, which is also examining this direct-sequence CDMA UWB proposal in the IEEE 802.15.3a study group, is said to favour the Intel-sponsored MultiBand OFDM Alliance (MBOA) with Texas Instruments. Is it Europe vs America, yet again?
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Asian first-timers prefer Linux to Windows

Microsoft recently broke its global pricing policy for the Thai market, offering steep discounts in the Royal Kingdom for its Windows and Office products. From a report at Linux Insider, we learn why.
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T-Online to buy AOL – report

T-Online - the ISP of German telecoms outfit Deutsche Telekom - is in talks to buy AOL Time Warner's Internet operation, according to a report in German rag Sueddeutsche Zeitung, by way of AFX.
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Don't put app protection on your firewall, Mr Jones

Networking security firm Top Layer this week announced plans to boost the speed of its intrusion prevention appliances in repelling both network and application-level cyber attacks.
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Europe in Brief

Germans Stressed Germans are known to be hard-nosed and hard-working people, but apparently they too are not immune to the much feared New Economy Depression Syndrome (NEDS), a form of work-related stress that is caused by information overload and continuous interruption. Many Germans complain about stress, caused by the use …
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Can't get a shag? Get nTAG!

Do you have trouble interacting with members of the opposite sex? Do you find it hard to start conversations in social gatherings? Well, help may be at hand in the form of the ice-breaking nTAG. The nTAG is something you hang round your neck like a conference badge. The devices talk to each other by infrared and are connected to …
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UK students – fancy a trip to Brazil?

If you're a UK university student and have a penchant for rum, football, samba and programming, although not necessarily in that order, then check out Microsoft's Imagine Cup.
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Wi-Fi turns us into busy worker bees

Companies that take the plunge with widespread Wireless LAN deployments can expect to enjoy "significant productivity gains and increasing financial returns".
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Things to do on the Net when you're dead

A new service designed to send emails out to your loved (or loathed) ones after you die went live this week.
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Microsoft releases Virtual PC 2004 to manufacturing

Microsoft has released its Virtual PC operating system virtualization software to manufacturing.
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Iomega revs removable HDD challenge to tape

Iomega announced its Removable Rigid Disk (RRD) system last August. Three months on, it has finally unveiled a product that will feature the system - which won't ship for another four months.

Wal-Mart turns customers into RFID lab rats

Have you ever wondered what it's like to buy lipstick while in a petri dish?
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MS to ship substandard Windows if EU axe falls

Well, here's a puzzle. At the close of today's European antitrust hearing Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith popped up and told reporters: "It is a confidential proceeding as you know, so I really can't talk about what we or others are saying inside the room, and as result, I'm sorry but I am really not in a position to answer any of your questions."
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Sun's Linux desktop off to flying start

Exclusive Some say Sun Microsystems should give up on its Linux desktop ambitions, but there are serious signs of life that indicate the company may be on to a good thing, The Register has learned.