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Why Longhorn is going to be different

PDC 2003Microsoft Monday gave a sneak preview of their next-generation operating system Windows Longhorn. At a sold-out Professionals Developers Conference (PDC), the software giant's premier developer event in Los Angeles, Bill Gates called Longhorn 'the most important Windows release since Windows 95'.
Jan Libbenga, 28 Oct 2003

SCO says GPL unenforceable, unconstitutional and void

The SCO Group has described the General Public License, the cornerstone of much free software, as "unenforceable, void or voidable" in its latest court filing.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2003

Dell debuts iPod killer, music store

Ironies abounded when Microsoft recently criticized Apple's digital music strategy. Redmond said Apple’s end-to-end strategy, locking DRM to the iPod, restricted customers choice. Today we'll get a chance to see how much that choice is really worth, as Dell introduces its own online music store and iPod clone.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2003

FoTW: ‘You are a lier’

Flame of the Week From: Jacob Steinberg To: Subject: Your Mac Article
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2003

Security muddle better than FUDdle

Whether it's a student slipping contraband past airport metal detectors, or a researcher modeling an unstoppable computer virus - demonstrations just don't do justice to the real state of security, writes SecurityFocus columnist George Smith.
George Smith, 28 Oct 2003

No effect seen in US hack disclosure law

Consultants are using it in pitches, lawyers are lecturing on it, and in Washington, it's been used as a model for proposed federal legislation. But nearly four months after it took effect, California's unique security breach disclosure law has yet to see any enforcement action.
Kevin Poulsen, 28 Oct 2003

Voice and data – is this network big enough for both of us?

Robert Jaques, 28 Oct 2003

Gatelinx preps free P2P videocon messenger

Details are slowing emerging from the ambitious projects behind PerfecTV and its videoconferencing sister company Gatelinx, with Gatelinx looking far more ambitious than we originally realized, likely to operate like the free VoIP Skype service, but with videoconferencing in from the get go. The Gatelinx products won’t be free, but they should provide free videoconferencing calls across the Internet.
Faultline, 28 Oct 2003

PeopleSoft: tough integration targets

PeopleSoft insists that it will continue to retain and support JD Edwards' product lines along with its own, although questions have been raised concerning the length of time that this will hold true. For now, at least, PeopleSoft has much to gain from maintaining the current portfolio.
Datamonitor, 28 Oct 2003

Intel Prescott contains non-AMD 64-bit tech – report

UpdateIntel's upcoming (it hopes) 'Prescott' processor already has 64-bit extensions to the 32-bit x86 instruction set, but they're (a) not enabled and (b) not based on AMD64.
Tony Smith, 28 Oct 2003

AMD slashes Opteron prices by up to 40%

AMD yesterday trimmed its prices, following on from the cuts Intel made to its Pentium 4 and Celeron prices on Sunday.
Tony Smith, 28 Oct 2003

Sober email worm gives Windows users the DTs

A virus which poses as a security fix from an AV firm is the latest menace to assault Windows users.
John Leyden, 28 Oct 2003

RIAA nemesis, Senator Coleman voices his thoughts online

Senator Norm Coleman is the leading figure in the US government who is showing concern about the Recording Industry Association of America’s legal suits against music lovers. The Washington Post this week posted a transcript on its web site of a chat session where questions were put to Senator Coleman.
Faultline, 28 Oct 2003

MS ‘Windows for iPod’ delayed but still marks death of PDA

Microsoft's 'Windows for iPods' operating system appears to be taking longer to ship than the company previously forecast.
Tony Smith, 28 Oct 2003

Creative MuVo NX MP3 player

Reg ReviewCreative's Nomad MuVo is a hybrid device. Noting the growing demand for Flash-based ultra-portable storage systems, Creative realised that the keychain drive and the solid-state MP3 player have rather a lot in common. Both are about providing an easy, cheap and convenient way of carrying around data that normally lives on a PC. That data can be anything - pictures, text files, spreadsheets - but if it happens to be music, which not allow the user to listen to it?
Tony Smith, 28 Oct 2003

Nokia's 7700 ‘media device’ – first shot in the PDA wars?

Nokia today unveiled what looks suspiciously like the first phases of its get PocketPC strategy. The tip of the iceberg is the 7700, which you could categorise as kind of the successor to the 9000 series, kind of a Sony-Ericsson P800 me-too and kind of a PDA, and which Nokia categorises as a "media device", but there's enough of the rest of the iceberg showing to be going on with.
John Lettice, 28 Oct 2003

Get this RFID tag off my fatigues

Lettersre: Defense Department wants RFID tags on everything but sand
Ashlee Vance, 28 Oct 2003

Ohio claims AOL ignores the free in ‘free trial’

A deluge of complaints from Ohio consumers has prompted the state's Attorney General to file suit against AOL and its CompuServe subsidiary, charging the ISPs with illegally ignoring users' cancellation of service requests.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Oct 2003

PlayLouder launches royalty paying music share service

UpdatedDigital music firm PlayLouder and broadband outfit Bulldog have combined forces to launch what is billed as the "world’s first royalty paying ISP".
John Leyden, 28 Oct 2003

Suspected paedophile cleared by computer forensics

IT forensics firm Vogon has explained how its work helped clear a man accused of storing child pornography on his computer by proving his PC was contaminated by Trojan horse infection capable of downloading illicit images onto his machine.
John Leyden, 28 Oct 2003

Microsoft settles six more suits

Microsoft has reached the "halfway point" in its legal marathon after announcing settlements Tuesday with five more states and the District of Columbia.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Oct 2003

Shareholders approve Palm, Handspring merger

Palm shareholders today voted to approve the company's acquisition of Handspring, the firm created by the PDA pioneer's founders after leaving Palm in 1998.
Tony Smith, 28 Oct 2003

NGSCB, aka Palladium, in next generation of CPU, says Gates

Microsoft's Next Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB, aka Palladium) will be built into the next generation of CPUs, Bill Gates claimed yesterday, effectively making security via hardware ID an integral part of the Windows PC platform. And Microsoft is talking to the chip and PC companies about the introduction of hardware ID, so we will likely be seeing some decidedly NGSCB-like features well ahead of Longhorn.
John Lettice, 28 Oct 2003

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