28th October 2003 Archive

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  • Why Longhorn is going to be different

    Sneak peek

    Software 28 08:51

  • SCO says GPL unenforceable, unconstitutional and void

    Gloves off

    Software 28 08:54

  • Dell debuts iPod killer, music store

    Twice the battery life, $100 cheaper

    Mobile 28 08:55

  • FoTW: ‘You are a lier’

    MS ‘lost the PC battle before it even began’

    Letters 28 08:58

  • Security muddle better than FUDdle

    Meanwhile, in the real world...

    Security 28 09:18

  • No effect seen in US hack disclosure law

    'Nobody's telling anybody anything'

    Security 28 09:27

  • Voice and data – is this network big enough for both of us?

    IP convergence slowly emerges from shadow of own hype

    Data Networking 28 09:50

  • Gatelinx preps free P2P videocon messenger


    Data Networking 28 10:34

  • PeopleSoft: tough integration targets

    Covering all the bases

    Data Centre 28 10:41

  • Intel Prescott contains non-AMD 64-bit tech – report

    Quite possibly

    Channel 28 10:47

  • AMD slashes Opteron prices by up to 40%

    Anticpated Athlon XP cuts made too

    Channel 28 10:57

  • Sober email worm gives Windows users the DTs

    Back on the wagon

    Security 28 11:57

  • RIAA nemesis, Senator Coleman voices his thoughts online

    'Law and technology are not in sync'

    Media 28 12:08

  • MS ‘Windows for iPod’ delayed but still marks death of PDA

    And if Microsoft doesn't do it, Apple will

    Mobile 28 12:09

  • Creative MuVo NX MP3 player

    The Flash drive reborn

    Reviews 28 12:41

  • Nokia's 7700 ‘media device’ – first shot in the PDA wars?

    But it's not a Communicator. Well, not exactly, just nearly...

    Mobile 28 14:48

  • Get this RFID tag off my fatigues

    Surplus tracking

    Letters 28 15:20

  • Ohio claims AOL ignores the free in ‘free trial’

    Suing for relief

    Media 28 16:54

  • PlayLouder launches royalty paying music share service

    Share as much as you like - with other subscribers

    Media 28 17:10

  • Suspected paedophile cleared by computer forensics

    Trojans found on accused man's HDD

    Security 28 17:16

  • Microsoft settles six more suits

    Halfway to freedom

    Software 28 18:22

  • Shareholders approve Palm, Handspring merger

    PalmSource now on its own

    Mobile 28 19:37

  • NGSCB, aka Palladium, in next generation of CPU, says Gates

    And it'll be a hardware ID world, real soon now...

    Software 28 22:23