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Episode 25BOFH 2003: Episode 25
Simon Travaglia, 26 Oct 2003

Windows Longhorn build leak starts hype two years early

Microsoft is due to release Windows Longhorn build 4051 to attendees of its Professional Developer Conference (PDC), which kicks off today, and immediately before this, build 4051 leaked. So did it jump or was it pushed?
John Lettice, 26 Oct 2003
Cat 5 cable

Is grid computing finally a reality?

For decades, there has been talk of technology that can optimize processes and even heal itself, but 'artificial intelligence' and 'artificial life' never quite managed to live up to their hype. Now, eyes are turning to 'grid computing' to meet these goals - but can the latest technology finally turn fiction into reality?
Datamonitor, 26 Oct 2003

Sun and Fujitsu: a relationship with Sparc

Sun and Sparc licensee Fujitsu, which with partner Siemens sells its own Sparc-based Solaris servers, are reportedly talking about converging their two Sparc server lines. This would allow them to cut costs and better compete against rivals IBM and Hewlett Packard in the lucrative but fiercely competitive Unix server market.
Datamonitor, 26 Oct 2003

HP raises wireless profile

Hewlett-Packard has not been one of the big noises in the wireless market so far. In its enterprise business, it has seen IBM leaping ahead in terms of mobile enterprise services; it has added wireless connectivity to its PCs and iPaq PDAs, but no more rapidly than anyone else; in networking it has been an also-ran. It now seeks to change all that by taking a leading position in multimode wireless devices, by boosting its enterprise WLAN business and by moving aggressively into digital home products.
Wireless Watch, 26 Oct 2003

Moto peddles world’s most integrated handset chip

Just weeks after it announced plans to spin off its semiconductor unit, Motorola has made its most radical chip announcement in years, throwing down the gauntlet to Texas Instruments and Intel in the mobile device arena with a single-chip smartphone platform.
Wireless Watch, 26 Oct 2003

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