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Anti-scam site beats domain attack

Anti-scam website StopECG.org has been vindicated in a domain dispute judgement brought by the subject of its attention - European City Guide.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Oct 2003

Nvidia GeForce FX 5950, 5700 to launch Wednesday?

Nvidia's NV38 and NV36 chips will debut this week if claims made by the Taiwanese tech press are to be believed.
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2003

Microsoft monopoly says Apple monopoly is too restrictive

Microsoft would be negligent if it didn't see Apple's music ambitions as a competitive threat. On the eve of Apple's splashy launch last week, Microsoft offered a Q&A which warned users not to be seduced by iTunes, Apple's integrated MP3 player/ripper/burner/radio/music store, which is now available on Windows.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Oct 2003

RIAA to issue warnings first, lawsuits second

The Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) has selected its further batch of lawsuit targets, but this time has given the file swappers the chance to pack it in before being served with writs.
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2003

BT loses 2m punters

Two million people have deserted BT and opted for an alternative telco to provide their phone services.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2003

Creative unveils 60GB iPod alternative

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2003

Windows server buyers buy it… because it's there?

Why do you use Windows? Um, because it's there? That appears to be one of the bottom lines of a recent InformationWeek survey of 400 IT business professionals, where companies using Windows for servers explain themselves in what seem to us to be distinctly unethusiastic terms.
John Lettice, 20 Oct 2003

Kingston Comms rejects buy-out talk

Kingston Communications has dismissed press reports that it is to be split up as nothing but "rumour and speculation".
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2003

NetScreen firms firewalls against app attacks

NetScreen Technologies is to integrate intrusion protection technology into its range of hardware firewalls this winter as part of its plans to provide more robust defences against application-level attacks.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2003

Motorists face £1000 fine for cellphone use

Motorists are unaware that they could face fines up to £1000 once new mobile phone legislation comes into force in the UK in little over a month's time.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2003

Spam inspires musos to song

Proving artists can take inspiration from the most unlikely of sources, a group of musicians has produced a compilation of songs inspired by and titled after the subject lines of spam messages.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2003

Comtralis unwires Newmarket

There's a touch of shock showing on the faces of many in the wireless 'rural broadband' business in the UK since the collapse of Invisible Networks. Comtralis Networks reckons it is now top of the heap - having just unwired the town of Newmarket, Suffolk. It's been 'meshed' too.
Guy Kewney, 20 Oct 2003

US corporate security disclosure plan won't help

AnalysisIn an effort to shore up the security of the US' critical infrastructures, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security recently proposed that all publicly-traded companies disclose in their filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission precisely what they are doing to protect the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of their electronic information and databases.
Mark Rasch, 20 Oct 2003

'We have your water supply, and printers' – Brumcon report

Brumcon this year was held at the Brittania hotel in Birmingham, the agenda was as varied as one can expect when h4xors, Phreeks, geeks and assorted wannabes get together to discuss the interweb thing and how abusing computers is more phun than abusing yourself, writes Arthur Barnes.
Our correspondent, 20 Oct 2003
Cat 5 cable

HP unveils the last, big Alpha box

The time has come for friends of DEC and Compaq to give a final tip of the cap to the AlphaServer.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Oct 2003

Tiscali's 150K service goes through roof

Take-up of Tiscali UK's new 150K ADSL service has rocketed, according to newly appointed chief exec Mary Turner.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2003

Boffins discover true power of water

Canadian scientists have discovered how to generate electricity - by nothing more than pushing water through a fine glass tube.
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2003

Apple adds iTunes DRM to one million Windows PCs

Apple has coaxed more than one million downloads of its iTunes DRM store out of Windows users in four days.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Oct 2003

Design patterns for a Black Box Brain?

Guest OpinionBill Softky is a scientist at the Redwood Neuroscience Institute, founded by Jeff Hawkins. He has worked as a software architect, visualization designer, and educator. Part One can be found here.
Bill Softky, 20 Oct 2003

Boeing boosts Dell services

The unheralded services arm at Dell has secured a major win by inking a five-year-deal with Boeing to manage the company's PCs.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Oct 2003

Victory declared in the open source war that never was

The Initiative for Software Choice (ISC) has declared victory in the open source war that never was - Massachusetts' "Open Source Mandate", which would have outlawed the purchase of practically all non-open source software by state agencies, if it had ever existed. Which it never, ever did.
John Lettice, 20 Oct 2003

SCO licenses Microsoft protocols

The SCO Group is one of four new licensees for Microsoft's interoperability protocols, we learn from the latest antitrust compliance bulletin. Regular reports are issued to monitor compliance with the Antitrust settlement, specifically "to ensure that rival middleware can interoperate" with Microsoft servers.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Oct 2003

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