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IP convergence eat away at voice services cash cow

IP convergence is forcing European telecoms operators to re-evaluate market strategies and move away from their traditional cash cow voice services and circuit-switched networks to packet-based infrastructures.

EDS and Opsware: bringing XML to the data centre

Outsourcing specialist EDS and systems management software partner Opsware are spearheading DCML.
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Apple UK confirms iPod add-ons launch

Apple UK has confirmed rumours that the Mac maker will introduce a set of iPod accessories, almost certainly later today when the company unveils the Windows version of iTunes and opens its iTunes Music Store to Wintel users.
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Micron samples DDR 2 mobile DIMMs

Micron has begun sampling mobile-oriented DDR 2 memory modules, and has shipped them to Intel for testing.
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Intel's Grove blames unitease on TWHRUPBS

Analysis A transcript of Intel co-founder Andy Grove's important speech warning of an apocalypse facing the US software and services reaches us. A detailed analysis - and last week, we could only skim the surface - suggests things are far worse than we feared.
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Transmeta Q3 sales slump

Transmeta yesterday admitted its sales had fallen by almost half between the second and third quarters of its current fiscal year and almost 60 per cent down on Q3 2002.
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Sony to work with Intel on mobile music tech

Sony's Music division has selected Intel's next generation of PDA processor, codenamed 'Bulverde', as its mobile processor of choice, the company effectively said yesterday.
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Gates: MS has 20m mobile market share, heads for 60%

Microsoft, previously thought to be finding the achievement of a million shipped phones somewhat challenging, already has 20 million and will shortly achieve 60 per cent of the market. Or at least, that's what Bill says.
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MS shores up five critical security holes

Microsoft last night issued five security fixes and two patches to defend against less serious security vulnerabilities, in the debut of its recently announced policy of releasing security patches in a monthly batch.
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Health, Safety and… BOFH

Episode 24 BOFH 2003: Episode 24
SGI logo hardware close-up

AMD re-iterates plan to offer multi-core Opterons

AMD has confirmed it will ship multi-core processors - almost a month after admitting it was "inevitable" that the company will make such a move.
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VeriSign's Site Finder is undead

VeriSign is to relaunch Site Finder, its highly controversial domain typo redirection service.
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Spammers struggle with words

With spam blocking companies trying to ward off the latest advances, spammers are making strenuous attempts to get around e-mail filters. Their latest ploy: Spam with subject lines that read ^G.et^ a BUL"KY 'PO;L`E or ‘Extend y:ou^r r;od` ^easy’. Say again?
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Beefed-up firewall, new version of Update for XP SP2

The nature of the mysterious components of the 'security update' to ship with Windows XP Service Pack 2 is becoming clearer, and SP2 itself could be becoming nearer. Steve Ballmer told us approximately what the update was supposed to do, but not how, in his security manifesto last week, but Paul Thurrott has some specifics, the most important being that the update to the built-in firewall will include features from Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server, including outbound scanning capabilities.
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Lime Wire launches legal content portal

Peer-to-peer software provider Lime Wire has launched a 'legal download' portal, in a bid to make it easier for its users to find content they are authorised to download.
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Prescott set for 90-100W power draw – Intel

'Prescott' will never exceed 100W of power dissipation, Intel said today, in a bid to keep the heated debate over the as-yet-unlaunched Pentium processor's thermal characteristics from bubbling over.
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SunnComm CEO demands to be called a ‘laughing stock’

Letter re: SunnComm shrinks from DMCA threat

Sun gives glimpse of revised Solaris TCP/IP stack

Sun Microsystems' new Software Express program is alive and kicking with the company delivering a rewritten TCP/IP stack for Solaris that is meant to prepare customers for faster networking technology.
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VeriSign sells off NetSol

VeriSign today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to sell off the registrar and hosting business of its Network Solutions subsidiary to Pivotal Private Equity for approximately $100 million.
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Why Unpatched got unplugged

PivX Solutions has explained the rationale behind its decision to pull a Web page that documented unresolved vulnerabilities with IE.

Sun struggles in Q1

As warned, Sun Microsystems posted underwhelming results for its first quarter, but the company's gripping conference call with financial analysts more than made up for the sub-par numbers.