15th October 2003 Archive

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  • Prosecutors admit error in whistleblower conviction

    A bit late, perhaps?

    Security 15 00:00

  • Monoculture or Mass Hysteria?

    A metaphor too far

    Software 15 07:24

  • Bull: government subsidies undermine EU dream


    Servers 15 07:24

  • Microsoft and Vodafone: mobile web service standardisation

    Revolving door

    Data Centre 15 07:29

  • Bill Gates: ‘Longhorn is going to be late’

    Driven by progress, not release date

    Software 15 07:36

  • Transmeta plots Efficeon roadmap to 2GHz

    Launches CPU with Nvidia chipset

    Channel 15 08:57

  • Nvidia extends nForce 3 Go family to ultra portables

    Efficeon Inside

    Channel 15 09:13

  • Intel to shrink Celeron to 90nm

    'Most of the value line' in that timeframe

    Channel 15 09:40

  • Intel admits it ‘changed’ Prescott thermal target

    Still won't put a figure to it

    Channel 15 09:58

  • Internet Exchange shuts dozen stores

    Financial restructuring

    Small Biz 15 10:19

  • Dismal first week for N-Gage, say games retailers

    Tomb Raider tops handheld's software chart

    Personal 15 11:23

  • NTL turns back on Linux users

    'Sorry, but we've no option'

    Media 15 11:27

  • Swisscom, TeliaSonera ink roaming deal

    All roads lead to roam

    Broadband 15 11:43

  • Net paedo jail sentence increased

    Consecutive terms

    Media 15 13:00

  • Microsoft UK kicks off IT financing

    Living on the never never

    Small Biz 15 14:08

  • Dell launches Axim X3 PDA trio

    One wireless, two not

    Mobile 15 14:09

  • HP and Alcatel seek telcos for SMB services plan

    Suite spot

    Small Biz 15 14:10

  • UK to crackdown on Net scams

    Teams up with ANZ, Canada

    Media 15 14:17

  • Raritan takes on CCC Network's KVM baggage

    IP buy

    Data Networking 15 16:34

  • Microsoft gets 64-bit OS beta happy

    AMD and Intel supported

    Servers 15 19:26

  • Jury mulls verdict in UK teen hacking case

    Trojan claim

    Security 15 20:20

  • Sun greases Java roll-outs for telcos

    One umbrella

    Mobile 15 20:26

  • Sony Ericsson records first profit

    Christmas comes early

    Mobile 15 20:37

  • UK ‘snoopers charter’ claimed to break EU law

    Commission's retention of data framework itself is unlawful, says legal opinion

    Media 15 22:02

  • Apple stores are in the black

    G5s, PowerBooks boost slim profit

    Mac Channel 15 22:30

  • IBM up and optimistic in Q3

    Hardware cuts mean services, software gains

    Servers 15 22:50