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BT ‘clarifies’ broadband definition

BT has taken a swipe at ISPs who market sub-500k services as "broadband".
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Israel slams the door on Microsoft

Exclusive In a bold assertion of independence, Israel has thrown the full weight of its antitrust legislation at Microsoft.
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E-skills upbeat about tech sector

There's further evidence that the worst of the downturn experienced by the tech sector in the UK may be over.
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Real talks to itself about Rhapsody billing

It's not every day that you get to watch a company talk to itself firsthand, but Real Networks has a special on this month in which it treats customers to this experience.
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Motorola chip biz narrows loss

Motorola's soon to be spun off Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS) saw sales dip four per cent year on year during the group's third quarter.
Broken CD with wrench

Sun's UltraSparc IV approacheth

Sun Microsystems continues to plod away with the UltraSparc line of processors, disclosing some fresh details this week at the Microprocessor Forum on its fourth generation chip.
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Intel joins 45nm process research team

Intel has joined IMEC, a collaborative research group developing a 45nm chip fabrication process techniques using 300mm wafers, in a bid to minimise its own costs and to help limit the problems it may face in transitioning from its own 65nm process.
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Blog noise achieves Google KO

"All weblogs have their useful side it's the men who write the weblog software I can't abide." - Bertolt Brecht [*]
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Jordan does CDMA?

In newly conquered Iraq, the cellular licenses have fallen into the hands of three local GSM bidders, against the wishes of some corporate lobbyists in the United States. But is the rest of the Middle East being reshaped to Washington's lines?
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VIA to unveil world's smallest x86 chip

VIA will today take the wraps off a more compact version of its Eden embedded processor, the Eden-N, which it claims is the world's smallest x86 chip. Built into a "nanoBGA" package, the processor measures just 1.5 x 1.5cm.
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Opera moves into phone content integration business

Opera is moving further into the mobile phone arena with the announcement of the Opera Platform for network operators and handset manufacturers. The Platform uses the Opera browser to integrate local applications, the browser itself and online content and services from the network operator, which in summary means that the company is pitching for the 'tailored user experience' market being pursued by the likes of OpenWave.
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SiS ships dual-channel Pentium 4 chipset

SiS has begun shipping its SiS655FX dual-channel DDR SDRAM chipset for Pentium processors running over an 800MHz effective bit rate frontside bus.
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Demon punters suffer email outage

Hacked-off Demon punters are fuming after enduring yet more delayed email over the weekend.
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Komplett brands punters ‘criminals’ after pricing cock-up

Computer components etailer Komplett.co.uk has sparked a customer revolt after hurling insults at its punters.
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CCIA Report is Bad Medicine

Opinion The proposed cure for the Internet's security woes might help Microsoft competitors, but it would only make our security problems worse, writes SecurityFocus columnist Tim Mullen.
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France to roll out Wi-Fi on high-speed train lines

French national rail company SNCF will from Friday offer passengers Wi-Fi access on two major 300kmph services in a year-long trial of the technology.
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Think tank recommends satellite road charging for UK

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) today released a report recommending the introduction of a national road-charging system for the UK, most likely using satellite technology. Ministers have in the past indicated that they view GPS road charging as a likely way forward for transport policy, but as the IPPR is closely aligned to Labour, its report provides indications of how and why such a charge would be implemented, and possibly also brings implementation closer.

AMD brings white box servers to Europe

AMD has extended its Validated Server Programme to Europe, expanding contract manufacturer Celestica's contract to build white-box Opteron-based servers that European system builders, VARs and system integrators can rebadge and sell.
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AOL Europe preps music download service

AOL plans to be the second music download service backbone launched in Europe, with an online radio station launching now and a downloading service with per track pricing akin to Apple iTunes, to be launched in the second quarter of 2004.
Faultline, 14 2003
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FCC must treat cable firms the same as telcos

Why is it that all the Telco DSL providers in the US work hand in glove with ISP’s, but so few of the cable TV companies deliver their services through ISPs?
Faultline, 14 2003
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nthellworld.com disappears

There's fevered speculation that NTL could be about to pull the plug on its nthellworld.com whinge site after it disappeared either sometime last night or earlier this morning.
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Sharp ships notebook with 3D screen

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch PDA Palm OS licensee AlphaSmart has released a UK version of its lightweight Dana wireless Internet terminal. Dana Wireless weighs just 0.9kg (2lbs) and measures 31.4 x 23.5 x 4.8cm (12.6 x 9.4 x 1.9in) yet packs in a full-size keyboard, 802.11b Wi-Fi adaptor and a 560 x 160 backlit LCD. Memory is limited to …
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Infonet picks Boingo to host corporate Wi-Fi services

US Wi-Fi hotspot aggregator Boingo today followed up its tie-in with UK-based WLAN provider The Cloud with two further partnerships.
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eDonkey rides like the wind in P2P protocol races

FastTrack-based file sharing applications such as KaZaA rule in America but Europeans are increasingly turning to alternatives.
DVD it in many colours

MCI/Worldcom gets ‘ethics’ chief

MCI/WorldCom, the company behind the biggest fraud in US corporate history - has appointed someone in charge of - get this -"ethics".

EMC plunks down $1.7bn for Documentum

EMC has snatched up yet another software company, bidding $1.7 billion for Documentum.
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UK teen in ‘elite’ hacking group

The British teenager accused of an electronic attack on a major US port was a member of a "hacker's alliance", a court heard yesterday.

Quantum shows heart-pounding tape drive

Looking to bolster tape sales, Quantum has rolled out one of its highest performing drives to date - the SDLT 600.
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Man denies RIAA charges of Latin music love

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has come to the aid of one Ross Plank - a man the recording industry accuses of having an unhealthy love for Latin music.
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Intel's income leaps in Q3

Driven by strong processor sales, Intel delivered an impressive set of third quarter results, prompting executives to say the global economy appears on the mend.
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Brokerage hack teen charged

The Securities and Exchange Commission last week began civil and criminal proceedings against a teenager who allegedly broke into someone else's brokerage account to dump his falling stock options.