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SunnComm shrinks from DMCA threat

Realizing it had little to gain through legal action, SunnComm has backed down from threatening to sue a Princeton student who broke the company's CD copy protection technology simply by holding down the Shift key.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Oct 2003

Horizon pays cash for sake of Clarity

Horizon Technology is to pay cash for an additional stake in its Clarity Technology subsidiary, instead of issuing new shares.
ElectricNews.net, 13 Oct 2003

Intel upgrades Xeon

Intel upgraded its Xeon processor to speed up access to on-chip cache memory, in order to improve performance for intensive applications such as streaming media, modelling and search engines.
News IS, 13 Oct 2003

Dell backs away from smartphone plans

Dell has backed away from its smartphone plans, outlined last summer, and ruled out any attack on the handset market, despite its overall ambition of becoming a consumer electronics major.
Wireless Watch, 13 Oct 2003

This is how Dell will become a $60bn company

Dell CFO Kevin Rollins gave a strategy overview Wednesday night (October 8) saying that the company was on track to become a $60bn company by the end of 2006 and telling the world just where it would get its growth from.
News IS, 13 Oct 2003

VoiP lobby wins first US legal victory

As wireless and wired voice over IP become increasingly important in corporate communications strategies, the issue of whether IP telephony operators should be regulated in the same way as conventional carries becomes more critical.
Wireless Watch, 13 Oct 2003

Microsoft, Voda tout Web Standards for mobiles

Microsoft and Vodafone are to frame and promote mobile web service standards based around XML. The companies are prepping a technical roadmap and are seeking "industry engagement" for their PC to mobile web convergence play.
Drew Cullen, 13 Oct 2003

Egg to pull out of France – report

Speculation that Egg is about to pull out of France has been described as "old news", according to a spokesman at the UK online bank.
Tim Richardson, 13 Oct 2003

UK ID card scheme likely to be ‘debacle’, says Jack Straw

UK home secretary David Blunkett's on-off ID card scheme may now be off for the foreseeable future, following the leak of highly critical letters from foreign secretary Jack Straw and the Treasury over the weekend. Straw, Blunkett's predecessor at the Home Office, warns of a "large-scale debacle," while the Treasury letter argues that the £40 fee for Blunkett's compulsory card would have to be categorised as a tax hike.
John Lettice, 13 Oct 2003

Sun hits back at HP's migration offers

Sun has hit back at Hewlett-Packard's 'Linux Lifeline' migration offer for Sun customers. Sun said the plan, which offers $25,000 worth of free porting services to users moving off Solaris to HP Linux, was a "PR campaign with little substance, no real money and no value proposition".
News IS, 13 Oct 2003

Intel Tejas delayed until 2005

Intel's 'Tejas' processor, the successor to the as-yet-unreleased 'Prescott', will now not be released until 2005 rather than late next year. However, the 130nm Northwood core Pentium 4 won't last as long as previously planned.
Tony Smith, 13 Oct 2003

Now MS trails 2006 for Windows Longhorn

Microsoft has put back the release of Longhorn until 2006, says Mary-Jo Foley of Microsoftwatch, basing her reasoning on presentations at last week's Microsoft worldwide partner conference, where company execs "casually slipped into their presentations that Longhorn is three years away from debut."
John Lettice, 13 Oct 2003

The $30bn broadband economy – OECD

Governments need to do more if countries are to benefit from the broadband revolution.
Tim Richardson, 13 Oct 2003

Acer revs Ferrari branded notebook

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 13 Oct 2003

Argos re-stocks GameCube after price cut

gamesindustry.biz, 13 Oct 2003

3 has too few handsets to meet million user target

Their phone calls now are the cheapest you can get; people are queueing up to buy video handsets - and yet Hutchison 3G is going to miss its year-end target of a million subscribers by miles.
Guy Kewney, 13 Oct 2003

Report slams London Mayor's car charge zone contract

Capita, the contractor responsible for the congestion-charging system that has previously been categorised by Mayor Ken Livingstone as an outstanding success, has been fined £1 million by Transport for London for poor customer services. Mayor Ken has subsequently rowed back a little, describing Capita's performance as "completely unacceptable," but still faces a caning when the London Assembly's Budget committee considers a report on TfL's contract with Capita at its meeting this Thursday.
John Lettice, 13 Oct 2003

Telstra unveils Aussie online music store

Australian telco Telstra is to open the continent's first online music service sometime before Christmas.
Tony Smith, 13 Oct 2003

The Cloud drifts into Europe with Wi-Fi deals

Pub-based Wi-Fi provider The Cloud today said it has inked a number of roaming deals to allow the seamless movement of its users onto other providers' networks, and vice versa.
Tony Smith, 13 Oct 2003

IBM's Storage Tank arrives missing half its ammunition

There are certain moments in the IT industry that require reflection in order to gauge their true significance, and IBM's delivery of Storage Tank is one such moment.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Oct 2003

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