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Terminator Carly joins Team Schwarzenegger

Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is to advise the new Governor-elect of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. She's one of four Silicon Valley appointees on a bi-partisan Transition Team, which includes the Mayor of San Francisco Willie M Brown.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Oct 2003

Google bug blocks thousands of sites

Google, like the rest of us, seems to be fighting a losing battle to make sense of a rising tide of Internet garbage. But a programming error by the search engine has compounded the problem: by inadvertently blocking thousands of sites from Google users.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Oct 2003

SCO: irrevocable doesn't mean forever

Star LetterIBM, and now SGI claim that their UNIX™ licenses are irrevocable. Not on your nelly, says SCO - and is there anyone left on the planet who isn't aware of SCO's litigation against Linux and open source?
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Oct 2003

Why 'Download.com' isn't what it appears to be

Earlier this week we reported that CNET's Download.com had booted an anti-spam product after complaints about its makers. They appeared to be spammers themselves and were lying about their product.
Jan Libbenga, 10 Oct 2003

Microcomm Systems buys Invisible Networks

Invisible Networks, the Cambridge-based wireless broadband operator that went titsup last week, has been bought by London-based Microcomm Systems, the outfit behind Mesh Broadband.
Tim Richardson, 10 Oct 2003

Siebel OnDemand CRM: has Siebel shot itself in the foot?

Across the board, large enterprise business application vendors have seen licence sales under pressure, with deals taking longer to close and average transaction size having slipped for many vendors to half of the level seen two or three years ago, writes Fran Howarth of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 10 Oct 2003

The Netherlands: DSL Heaven or Hell?

In a matter of weeks the Netherlands have turned into DSL heaven, with prices dropping as low as €14.95 a month. DSL users were used to €40 and €50 plans just two months ago. Now providers and, more surprising, customers, are complaining.
Jan Libbenga, 10 Oct 2003

Students to get own ISP

A new ISP aimed specifically at UK students is due to go live later this month.
Tim Richardson, 10 Oct 2003

Intel preps 1MB cache 130nm Pentium 4s

Intel intends to charge a whopping $925 for its Pentium 4 Extreme Edition - the recently announced 3.2GHz part with 2MB of on-die L3 cache.
Tony Smith, 10 Oct 2003

Toshiba to demo simplified 100Mbps WLAN

Toshiba's European R&D division will next week demonstrate a "low complexity" WLAN capable of achieving raw data rates of up to 100Mbps - almost double what today's 802.11g standard can offer.
Tony Smith, 10 Oct 2003

European notebook prices fell 25% during Q3

European notebook prices are shrinking fast. A new mobile system will today set you back around three-quarters of what it would have cost you a year ago, market watcher IDC reported today.
Tony Smith, 10 Oct 2003

Sculley explains how he missed the chance to trash Apple

Earlier this week former Apple CEO John Sculley claimed that one of the "biggest mistakes I've ever made" was turning down Andy Grove's suggestion, in the late 80s, that Apple switch from the Motorola 68000 processor line to Intel's x86. Not doing this, he said, meant that Apple wasn't able to benefit from the commoditisation that drove prices down in the PC market, and couldn't compete against the likes of Dell.
John Lettice, 10 Oct 2003

World's worst Internet groomer jailed

A 64 year-old paedophile described by police as the "most prolific Internet groomer ever caught" has been jailed for five years.
Tim Richardson, 10 Oct 2003

Lycos UK cans POP3

Lycos UK is canning its POP3 email service later this month.
Tim Richardson, 10 Oct 2003

Sun's Solaris x86 customers see the light of day

After a couple of months of being nudged, prodded and begged, Sun Microsystems has forked over some Solaris x86 customer wins to prove the OS has plenty of backing.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Oct 2003

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