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Longhorn RTM – what it means to you

Competition WinnerAfter Microsoft's surreal decision to celebrate the 'release' of its next version of Windows internally with a party, two years early, we invited you to offer better suggestions for the acronym RTM. Historically it's stood for Release To Manufacturing, but a more appropriate definition was clearly needed.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Oct 2003

Schlumberger Sema: UK eHealth market poised for substantial growth

SchlumbergerSema has been awarded a five-year contract estimated to be worth over £64 million, by the UK Department of Health. The project will boost the eHealth market in the UK by ensuring that physicians use the Internet in their daily work.
Datamonitor, 09 Oct 2003

Nokia phone explodes – again

A Dutch teenager suffered burns to his leg when his Nokia mobile phone exploded in his trouser pocket on Monday.
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2003

Invisible Networks saved – maybe

Titsup wireless broadband operator Invisible Networks could be on the verge of being rescued.
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2003

BB take-up in Germany to rocket

The take-up of broadband services in Germany is expected to grow 300 per cent-plus over the next five years to more than 12.5 million lines, according to research out today.
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2003

Mac OS X 10.3 to ship in 15 days' time

Apple has chosen 24 October as the release date for Mac OS X 10.3, aka 'Panther', with copies being handed over to buyers from 7pm UK, 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific time on that day.
Tony Smith, 09 Oct 2003

Nokia ships 3650 phone with improved display

Nokia today launched a pair of handsets based on its 3650 phone, the tri-band 3660 and the 3620, the former aimed at the European and Far Eastern markets, the latter at North America. Both are GSM/GPRS handsets.
Tony Smith, 09 Oct 2003

O2 to axe 200 jobs

mmO2 is to axe up to 200 jobs in a bid to give its businesses in the UK, Ireland and Germany more autonomy.
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2003

GameCube outsells PS2 in US after price cut

Nintendo has shot to the top of the class in America, with the GameCube outselling Sony's PlayStation 2 by 20 per cent to become the best selling home console in the US last week following a price reduction in late September.
gamesindustry.biz, 09 Oct 2003

Another Nokia phone explodes

Another Nokia phone has exploded - this time in Vietnam.
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2003

Elpida punches out 1Gb 533MHz DDR II at 100nm

Elpida will next month begun sampling what it claims it's the world's fastest, most dense 100nm DDR II SDRAM chip. The 1Gb device is designed to operate at an effective bit rate of 533MHz.
Tony Smith, 09 Oct 2003
DVD it in many colours

UK gov aims for ‘level playing field’ with open source pilots

The UK Government is kicking off nine 'proof of concept' trials of the use of open source software in the public sector with the intention of creating "a level playing field" between open source and proprietary software. The trials are being jointly co-ordinated by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and the Office of the eEnvoy (OeE) and, according to OGC chief executive Peter Gershon, "will operate in a controlled environment and will enable us to identify when and how best to use the technology to the benefit of departments and the taxpayer alike."
John Lettice, 09 Oct 2003

EMusic buyer to kill off unlimited download offer

Online alternative music service EMusic will next month scrap its unlimited download service and replace it with a rather more limited offering, the company told its 70,000-odd subscribers this week.
Tony Smith, 09 Oct 2003

Egenera's blades are blooming

Egenera has overhauled its blade server line with a new chassis and faster kit, continuing a rare push as a successful hardware start-up.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Oct 2003

BOFH makes a hardware call

Episode 23BOFH 2003: Episode 23
Simon Travaglia, 09 Oct 2003

Ballmer's new MS security fix – same patches, but ‘nicer’

A few weeks ago Microsoft appeared to be tacitly conceding that, in the face of repeated and damaging attacks, the 'patch and patch again' approach to security was a busted flush, and that 'securing the perimeter' was the way to go. But how do you get there from here? It's hard, so it's not exactly surprising that the most immediate meat of the company's "new security inititatives" put forward today is, er, patch management.
John Lettice, 09 Oct 2003

Teen charged in cyber stock scam

Federal officials filed securities fraud and computer crime complaints Thursday against a Pennsylvania teenager who allegedly used a Trojan horse and someone else's online brokerage account to sell thousands of worthless stock options to an unwilling buyer.
Kevin Poulsen, 09 Oct 2003

Yahoo! flies high in Q3

Yahoo! has posted strong Q3 results, with net income more than doubling to $65.3 million, thanks largely to the health of its marketing services sector.
ElectricNews.net, 09 Oct 2003

SunnComm to sue ‘Shift key’ student for $10m

SunnComm has threatened Princeton PhD student Alex Halderman with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for exposing a key weakness in the company's latest CD copy protection technology, MediaMax CD3.
Tony Smith, 09 Oct 2003

Sun cluster guru joins MS in brain drain

ExclusiveA few bombs have dropped within Sun Microsystems' software division, as employees have departed to potentially greener pastures.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Oct 2003

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