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Napster's back – what did Silicon Valley learn?

ReviewDoerr predicts, the Segway Co. will be the fastest outfit in history to reach $1 billion in sales - 'Reinventing the Wheel' - Time.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2003

IBM's T-REX mainframe just got bigger

IBM's dinosaur just got bigger with the addition of two new mainframe models to the z990 line.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Oct 2003

MPEG founder rallies DRM players

After a few hours of viewing the new digital forum that MPEG committee founder Leonardo Chiariglione has set up this week, Faultline reached the same conclusion that the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reached about Earth. Mostly Harmless.
Faultline, 08 Oct 2003

How does Skype get through Firewalls and NAT Routers?

If, like some of our readers, you are either confused about how the new Skype Voice over IP system gets past firewalls and NAT routers, or you are skeptical about it, it's worth noting the answer that Niklas Zennstrom, one of the key architects of both Kazaa and Skype gave us on the subject.
Faultline, 08 Oct 2003

LookSmart: looking downhill

The worst seems to have happened at LookSmart, with Microsoft terminating the longstanding relationship that brought in at least 65 per cent of the sponsored search and web directory provider's revenue. LookSmart may now be heading towards a takeover.
Datamonitor, 08 Oct 2003

Microsoft tweaks IE

Microsoft today responded to its recent $521m legal defeat in the Eolas patent lawsuit with "modest" changes to Windows and Internet Explorer. Additionally the Redmond giant promised to come up with measures that web developers who use IE can take "to ameliorate or eliminate the impact of the ruling".
Robert Jaques, 08 Oct 2003

Tories ditch plans for guaranteed ADSL

The Tories have ruled out enforcing telcos - well, BT actually - to wire up every household in the UK with ADSL.
Tim Richardson, 08 Oct 2003

Dothan notebooks to ship Jan/Feb 2004

Taiwanese notebook manufacturers are ready to ship machines based on Intel's upcoming next-generation Pentium M chip, codenamed 'Dothan', just as soon as the chip giant can ship the thing.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2003

MCom sniffs around Invisible Networks

Mapesbury Communications Ltd (MCom) - which describes itself as a "neutral host broadband wireless internet access hotspots" - has tossed its hat into the ring as a potential buyer for Invisible Networks (IN).
Tim Richardson, 08 Oct 2003

No techno fix for crime or terrorism cops

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada The Tamil Tigers were early adopters of the Web, and use their deep knowledge of search engines to help drown out their critics. al-Qaeda sleeper cells set up online chat rooms to keep in touch. Drug dealers were among the first and most exuberant users of cell phones and pagers.
George Butters, 08 Oct 2003

Graeme Watt leaves Tech Data

Graeme Watt, head of Tech Data Europe, has resigned to "pursue other interests".
Drew Cullen, 08 Oct 2003

Orange, Smart launch Bluetooth car

Mobile network Orange and motor maker Daimler Chrysler today pledged to help establish Bluetooth as the "standard for safer driving" with the launch of a car that integrates the wireless technology.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2003

Micron samples 288Mb RLDRAM II chips

Micron has begun sampling 400MHz 288Mb Reduced Latency DRAM (RLDRAM) II chips, the company said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2003

Cuckold bombards Royal Mail with revenge email

A jealous husband faces legal action after setting up a website accusing his wife of conducting an affair with a senior employee of the Royal Mail.
Drew Cullen, 08 Oct 2003

Bio-terror kit going cheap – from the Pentagon

The Pentagon has halted sales of redundant low-end laboratory equipment following accusations that they could be used to develop instruments of biological warfare.
Drew Cullen, 08 Oct 2003

BlueYonder frags gaming service

BlueYonder, the ISP wing of Telewest, is shutting down its multiplayer games service.
Drew Cullen, 08 Oct 2003

Tiscali to unveil 150k ‘broadband’ service

Tiscali UK is to announce a cut-price DSL product tomorrow in a move that will "force competition into the broadband market".
Tim Richardson, 08 Oct 2003

Windows, Linux gain in server sales, but what about 'free'?

Microsoft is moving into a "dominant role" in the server market, says IDC, "even as Linux grows." Which is an intriguing headline to the research outfit's take on the 2002 operating system market, but who's winning?
John Lettice, 08 Oct 2003

Northern Ireland offers broadband funds

The government of Northern Ireland has re-iterated its pledge to bring 100 per cent broadband availability to the region and announced new funding for broadband.
ElectricNews.net, 08 Oct 2003

US parents sue over WLAN school fears

Parents in Oak Park, Illinois, have launched a class action lawsuit against their local school board for allegedly threatening the health of children by installing wireless local area network technology in classrooms.
Tim Richardson, 08 Oct 2003

EMC dips into HP's storage exec pool – again

Like a number of former HP storage executives before him Howard Elias has joined EMC.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Oct 2003

CNET removes anti spam software 'made by spammers’

CNET's popular Download.com service has removed a copy of Spam Remedy v2.3 Pro yesterday following complaints about its makers (Update: this assertion is wrong as our follow-up article Why 'Download.com' isn't what it appears to be explains.)
Jan Libbenga, 08 Oct 2003

Warning: virus terrorism stories may contain nuts

"Virus writers probed for terror ties," says Reuters firmly, the ensuing story making it clear - should this have been necessary - that we are here talking about virus-toting terrorist groups, rather than a predilection among virus authors for unfortunate neckwear. But on the other hand, that's something the UK's National High-Tech Crime Unit could equally well throw our money away on, if that's what it's doing.
John Lettice, 08 Oct 2003

Shift key breaks latest CD anti-rip tech – grad student

A Princeton PhD student has published a paper detailing the music industry's latest CD copy protection scheme - and how the technique can be bypassed by simply holding down the host computer's Shift key when a 'protected' CD is inserted.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2003
server room

Oracle offers up database to the little guys

Best known for its stranglehold on enterprise accounts, Oracle has decided to go after small and medium-sized companies with a new version of its database.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Oct 2003

MS plucks Sierra Wireless for smartphone

A Canadian modem company, Sierra Wireless is to introduce a smartphone based on Microsoft's Smartphone 2003 platform next year. The 'Voq' looks like a candybar phone, but its keypad opens to form a fold-out QWERTY keyboard. Flextronics will manufacture the device, which runs on GSM/GPRS networks. Sierra is targeting business users in North America and Europe where it does most of its business.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2003

Do-Not-Call site has AT&T web bug

The FTC's popular Do Not Call page has been a runaway hit with US consumers, with over five million signing up to avoid spam calls from telemarketers. But the web site hides a little secret: a web bug.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2003

Intel spammer comes up short in California governor bid

The great Intel spammer Ken Hamidi has come up short in a bid for the California governor's seat with just a few friends and strangers backing his anti-offshore worker platform.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Oct 2003

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