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Cat 5 cable

SGI's code scrub not clean enough for SCO

Silicon Graphics says that after an internal review, it has removed 200 lines of source code in response to The SCO Group's threat to revoke its irrevocable UNIX™ license. SGI acquired the rights to UNIX™ System V from AT&T in 1985.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Oct 2003

The future of ENUM, VoIP, IM, mobile phones, the Internet? Click here

An extensive and wide-ranging report to the European Commission is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of ENUM, Internet phones, Instant Messaging, mobile phones and the Internet in general.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Oct 2003

Intel, AMD and Apple test on-chip water cooling tech

Intel, AMD and IBM could soon been shipping water-cooled processors to boost clock frequencies without putting extra strain on notebook, desktop and server heat management systems, courtesy of a new technique developed by Stanford University spin-off company Cooligy.
Tony Smith, 07 Oct 2003

End2End snaps up brodos messaging

European mobile managed services provider End2End today completed its acquisition of brodos messaging, a business unit of German wireless applications firm Brodos AG.
Robert Jaques, 07 Oct 2003

Toshiba demos cellphone fuel cell

Toshiba has engineered a portable fuel cell for mobile phones. The PDA-sized cell builds on work the company announced earlier this year.
Tony Smith, 07 Oct 2003

PSINet Europe changes ownership

PSINet Europe is now wholly owned by the Israel Corporation following the acquisition of the remaining shares from exiting chairman Andy Ruhan.
Tim Richardson, 07 Oct 2003

Mobile gameplay means big prizes?

The market for downloaded games has grown rapidly in recent years and a number of operators are already capitalising on the revenue to be made at the point of download, writes Rob Bamforth of Bloor Research. However this one off revenue could quickly become overshadowed if game users make ongoing use of the network during gameplay. One way to accomplish this is with multi-player games.
IT-Analysis, 07 Oct 2003

Fame, Infame, All the Same

OpinionA New York Times researcher -- that's what they're calling themselves these days -- contacted me a couple of weeks ago about a story the newspaper was considering, writes SecurityFocus columnist George Smith.
George Smith, 07 Oct 2003

‘Some interest’ in Invisible Networks rescue

There's still hope that wireless broadband outfit, Invisible Networks (IN), still might find a buyer.
Tim Richardson, 07 Oct 2003

Half Life 2 leak means no launch for Christmas

Vivendi Universal Entertainment has canned the Christmas launch of Half Life 2 in response to last week's leak of source code onto the Internet.
Drew Cullen, 07 Oct 2003

Asus unveils DiGiMatrix hi-fi styled home PC

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 07 Oct 2003

Text addiction ‘accident waiting to happen’

Text message addiction among young people is an "accident waiting to happen".
Tim Richardson, 07 Oct 2003

Transmeta turns to Fujitsu for 90nm Efficeons

Transmeta has chosen Fujitsu to fab the 90nm version of its as-yet-unshipped 130nm Efficeon processor.
Tony Smith, 07 Oct 2003

SurfControl sees surge in revenue

Internet content filtering company SurfControl plc has announced a 25 percent year-on-year increase in revenue for the first quarter ended 30 September 2003.
ElectricNews.net, 07 Oct 2003

TDK launches Mojo Flash MP3 player line

TDK has updated its Mojo family of CD/MP3 players with a set of four solid-state models - including one integrated into a pair of headphones.
Tony Smith, 07 Oct 2003

Prison for using KaZaA? Surely not in the UK…

Britain passed legislation on Friday to implement the controversial European Copyright Directive. As well as giving new protections to DRM and anti-copying technologies, it creates an offence that could, at least in theory, be committed by using a P2P service like KaZaA.
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Oct 2003

BT flogs Freeview TV boxes

BT has started flogging "Freeview" digital TV set top boxes (STBs), the company admitted today.
Tim Richardson, 07 Oct 2003

Spinning SiteFinder: FUD, brought to you by VeriSign

After significant public and regulatory opposition, and in danger of being found in breach of its government agreement to operate the Internet Shared Registry, VeriSign removed its controversial SiteFinder "service" this past weekend after receiving a direct request from its oversight body, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
Richard Forno, 07 Oct 2003

Expect terrorist attacks on Global Financial System

A successful terrorist attack on America's financial infrastructure could bring the US and global economies to a standstill, and the real surprise is that it hasn't been attempted yet.
George Butters, 07 Oct 2003

Anti-RIAA group calls for CD boycott

Music lovers are being asked to boycott the world's major recording labels in a bid to force them to encourage the Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) to end its legal campaign against file sharers.
Tony Smith, 07 Oct 2003

Quantum pulls back Q2 forecast on slow tape sales

Quantum has lowered its second quarter financial forecast to reflect losses from lower than expected tape sales and a number of accounting charges.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Oct 2003

SiS unveils 16GB quad-channel Rambus chipset

SiS has launched a Rambus-based chipset aimed at Pentium processors running over an 800MHz effective bit rate frontside bus.
Tony Smith, 07 Oct 2003

Veritas adds to Windows storage management code

Always one to keep pace with its partners, Veritas has rolled out a new version of StorageCentral that includes support for Microsoft's latest storage operating system along with new quota and file management tools.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Oct 2003

Microsoft will support Java a little longer

Calling any pact forged between Sun Microsystems and Microsoft an "agreement" is always a stretch, but that is how the two vendors are describing a decision to extend support for Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine through September of next year.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Oct 2003

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