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Cat 5 cable

Telecoms Ombudsman handles ‘lots and lots’ of complaints

The Oftel-backed Telecoms Ombudsman has received a rubber stamp from the regulator to go-ahead and resolve industry disputes.
Tim Richardson, 04 Oct 2003

ICANN demand sees VeriSign pull SiteFinder

VeriSign has pulled its controversial SiteFinder application after ICANN demanded in a formal statement and letter that the company shut it down by Saturday or face the consequences.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Oct 2003

Why Handspring came home to Palm

Handspring's roadshow to promote the Treo 600 swung into town this week, and it was an event full of resonances for anyone in the Palm community. It marked Handspring's farewell as an independent company, and its first product launch for the company its founders created, Palm.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Oct 2003

‘Blogosphere’ to reach 10 million, almost all dead – report

The "blogosphere" will number ten million souls by the end of 2004, but almost all of them will be dead. That's the conclusion from one of the first comprehensive studies of weblogging conducted by research company Perseus, which has analyzed over three thousand weblogs.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Oct 2003

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