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Mac OS X 10.3 Panther hits Gold Master status

UpdateMac OS X 10.3, aka 'Panther', is ready for primetime, Apple has declared, according to a variety of sources cited by a range of Mac-oriented web sites.
Tony Smith, 03 Oct 2003

Trojan hijacks web browsers

A Trojan that exploits an Internet Explorer vulnerability is capable of allowing attackers to hijack browser behaviour, anti-virus firms warn.
John Leyden, 03 Oct 2003

South Korea launches Hynix probe

Having faced European Union and US Department of Commerce probes, Hynix is now under investigation by the South Korean government.
Tony Smith, 03 Oct 2003

Albatron, Chaintech prep NV36 boards

Nvidia's upcoming NV36 chip - likely to be released as the GeForce FX 5700 - will feature DDR 2 SDRAM support across a 128-bit memory bus, and will be offered running at a variety of core and memory clock speeds.
Tony Smith, 03 Oct 2003

WiMAX trials give new hope for broadband wireless specialists

Trials of WiMAX-ready equipment for broadband wireless access (BWA) are coming thick and fast as operators test the real world capabilities of the standard in preparation for 2004 roll-outs.
Wireless Watch, 03 Oct 2003

GSM rebrands 3G service but claims victory over CDMA prematurely

The GSM Association has rebranded its 3G technology as 3GSM to avoid confusion with CDMA, and is claiming resounding victory over the Qualcomm-controlled rival. This is somewhat premature.
Wireless Watch, 03 Oct 2003

Siebel teams with IBM in software climbdown

Siebel has formed a partnership with IBM to sell its CRM software over the internet as a low cost monthly subscription service.
News IS, 03 Oct 2003

IBM adds Windows, AIX, AS400 to hosting line-up

IBM has taken its hosting business to the next level. It has been offering Linux application hosting for a year, and is now adding it on Windows, AIX and AS400 architectures, as its iSeries, pSeries and xSeries.
News IS, 03 Oct 2003

GX Networks to buy Pipex for £55m

GX Networks plc - the telco and business broadband outfit - is to buy Pipex for £55 million in shares and cash, it was announced this morning.
Tim Richardson, 03 Oct 2003

US intros tougher sentences for computer crimes

US authorities are to introduce harsher sentences for convicted computer criminals starting next month.
John Leyden, 03 Oct 2003

118 118 ticked off by regulators

The opening up of directory enquires (DQ) services in the UK is going "pretty well overall", according to telecoms regulator Oftel despite an outcry over the quality of some of the services on offer.
Tim Richardson, 03 Oct 2003

Consumer lawsuit claims damages for MS security failures

A lawsuit filed against Microsoft in Los Angeles this week is attempting to hold the company responsible for the damage wrought by the systemic failures of security in its sofware, and for its conspicuous failure to fix them adequately. The suit follows hard on the heels of the publication of a paper on Microsoft security which, among other things, suggested that the company should be held legally responsible for such damages.
John Lettice, 03 Oct 2003

Nintendo halves UK, European GameCube prices

Nintendo today said it will cut the price of the GameCube console in Europe, slashing the cost of the console by up to 50 per cent to £80 ($132) in the UK and €99 ($115) on the Continent.
Tony Smith, 03 Oct 2003

ATI Q4 sees revenue jump 71%

ATI saw sales rise 70.8 per cent year-on-year to $380.7 million during the three months to 31 August, the company's fourth quarter of fiscal 2003.
Tony Smith, 03 Oct 2003

Sharp brings Aquos LCD TV tech to PDA displays

Sharp has developed an LCD panel for PDAs and cellphones that it claims provides a "clear, bright display visible from virtually any angle and under any ambient lighting condition".
Tony Smith, 03 Oct 2003

Why 3G won't fry your brain just yet

A study for the Dutch government which linked UMTS or G3 base stations to complaints about nausea and headaches in people close to them, has caused quite a stir this week, but only in the media.
Jan Libbenga, 03 Oct 2003

Senator calls for end to excessive fines against file-traders

US Senator Norm Coleman has called for new legislation to reduce fines faced by file-traders that have been sued by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).
Ashlee Vance, 03 Oct 2003

Sony claims victory in PS2-is-a-PC battle

Sony today reiterated its view that it has prevailed in its attempt to force the European Commission (EC) to treat the PlayStation 2 as a computer and not a games console for the purpose of calculating import duty on the machine.
Tony Smith, 03 Oct 2003

MPs' spam report due out Monday

A report into spam by the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group (APIG) is due to be released on Monday.
Tim Richardson, 03 Oct 2003

Finger, faceprints get green light for Europe's ID standard

The European Union has taken the first step towards standardised ID with biometrics on-board, in the shape of two proposals from the Commission covering a uniform format for visas and residence permits for third country nationals. But this is only the first stage; the Commission's announcement notes that The Thessaloniki European Council earlier this year "confirmed that 'a coherent approach is needed in the EU on biometric identifiers or biometric data which would result in harmonised solutions for documents for third country nationals, EU citizens' passports and information systems (VIS and SIS II)', and invited the Commission 'to prepare the appropriate proposals, starting with the visa.'"
John Lettice, 03 Oct 2003

HP has one free port for Sun customers

Looking to kick a competitor while it's down, HP has started a new campaign in which it will provide various software porting services to Sun Microsystems customers at no charge if they agree to abandon Sparc/Solaris systems.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Oct 2003

Dell and UT team for Texas-sized cluster

In a showing of Texas pride and unity, Dell announced a deal with the University of Texas to create a 300-server cluster to be used by the school's scientists and engineers.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Oct 2003

VeriSign bows to ICANN, suspends Net Grab

VeriSign has responded to a deadline from Internet quango ICANN and today suspended its SiteFinder service. SiteFinder redirected DNS wildcards, such as misspelled URLs, to Verisign's own website, a practice which breaches time-honored Internet behavior. The move broke many spam filters and in its brief life - it was launched on September 15 - had generated three lawsuits.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Oct 2003

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