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SCO set to take SGI's Unix licence away

SGI is set to join IBM on SCO's bad list of intellectual property miscreants.
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ATI pays Cirrus Logic $9m for graphics patents

ATI and Cirrus Logic have settled their legal dispute with a patent cross-licensing agreement - the standard outcome in such cases.
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ATI unveils Radeon XT

ATI has launched its latest Radeon graphics chips, the 9800 XT and 9600 XT - essentially higher clocked versions of the current Radeon 9600 Pro and 9800 Pro.
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Media Center Windows not AMD64 native

AMD announced earlier this week that Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 runs on its AMD64-based processors, such as the Athlon XP.
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Music industry blames Net for falling sales

The music industry is once again fingering piracy and illegal downloading for an 11 per cent slip in sales for the first half of the year.
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Official: crackers have broken into GPRS billing

Some time today, the GPRS world will reveal that it has a security vulnerability which has seen an undisclosed number of its customers ripped off. They've been trapped into connecting to malicious content servers, by hackers penetrating the billing system.

GPL will not pass the legal test -SCO

The SCO Group is extending its royalty campaign to encompass Silicon Graphics Inc. The company says it will revoke SGI's Irix license on October 14. It's no surprise, as SCO CEO Darl McBride has explicitly mentioned SGI over a month ago. SGI signed the license with AT&T in 1986.
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Psion revives Netbook but drops EPOC for WinCE

Reg Kit Watch Psion Teklogix has dropped the familiar EPOC operating system in favour of Windows CE.NET 4.2 for an updated version of our old mobile computing favourite, the Netbook, once also known as the Psion Series 7.
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Soccer rape allegations cause major Net headache

Those trying to keep the lid on the naming of eight Premiership footballers allegedly involved in the gang-rape of 17-year-old girl at a London hotel over the weekend are facing a new threat.
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Chip and PIN goes national

Plans for the national rollout of a more secure method of authorising credit and debit card payments were announced today.

Send BOFHs on public speaking courses

Never mind sending sysadmins off to firewall configuration courses, corporate security could be substantially improved by persuading BOFHs to joint debating clubs.
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Music biz slams Oz Net piracy plea bargain

The music industry this week accused Australia's legal system of "watering down" the first criminal Internet piracy case because it believes the three defendants will receive sentences far too lenient for the AUD60 million ($41 million) it is alleged their actions cost the industry.
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Doubts raised over MPs' anti-spam crusade

A bid by UK politicians to take their anti-spam message to the US later this month is likely to fall on deaf ears.
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Apple seeks Wi-Fi hotspot promoter

Apple UK is looking for a presentable, intelligent, pro-active and self-motivated lad or lass to make sure World+Dog doesn't come to believe Wi-Fi is an Intel invention.
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Napster 2.0 public beta to go live next week

Napster will be reborn next week, when Roxio releases a public beta test version of the online music service.
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Trading Standards ate my PC

A Scottish man is incensed with the poor condition of computer equipment returned to him after a criminal investigation against him collapsed.
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Credit Suisse mulls major outsourcing deal

Investment bank Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) could be about to shunt almost 400 IT jobs outside the company as part of a global outsourcing move.
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Google shafts blogger, adds gagging clause to Adsense

Google has added a gagging order to its Adsense Terms and Conditions in an attempt to quell a firestorm of controversy over payouts to participants.
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BenQ opts for Picsel's ‘mobile killer app’

Glasgow-based UI pioneer Picsel has scored a major win, with BenQ opting to put its kit and caboodle on its own P30 smartphone to be launched this year in the Far East.

Curse of Itanic doomed MigraTEC

Not even high profile partners such as AMD, Intel, HP and Microsoft were enough to keep software porting company MigraTEC alive, as the board of directors have ordered the company to close up shop by October 15.
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EU rejects Sony PS2-is-PC claim

Shock of the week - your games console is, in fact, a games console.
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SMEs slammed for unlicensed software use

Small and medium-sized firms are the worst offenders in Britain when it comes to using unlicensed software, according to the lBusiness Software Alliance.
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Dell invades Europe with services putsch

Dell is planning to launch a European IT services programme targeting small and medium-sized firms "within weeks". The offering, which represents the direct PC manufacturing giant's first foray into outsourced services in Europe, will see Dell offering its customers packages including IT maintenance and data centre support.
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OpenOffice signs off v1.1

The latest releases of the popular open source OpenOffice.org office suite were signed off today and posted for immediate download.