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29th September 2003 Archive

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  • GorillaPark goes titsup

    'Not dramatic'

    Business 29 07:05

  • Palm UK web site lets Tungsten details slip

    Not yet launched

    Mobile 29 08:45

  • Fossil blames Flextronics for Wrist PDA delay

    Even as the device's manufacturer successfully sued for $1bn

    Mobile 29 09:12

  • Vodafone to offer Wi-Fi via third-party providers

    Will not create its own hotspots

    Mobile 29 09:24

  • Juvenile arrested in Blaster worm probe

    No names, no pack drill

    Security 29 09:29

  • World's biggest Luddite to retire

    Farewell Senator Alston

    Media 29 10:40

  • Sharp to plot worldwide Linux PDA plan

    Hot clamshell Zaurus may yet ship outside Japan

    Mobile 29 11:39

  • Ukraine hosts computer destruction championship

    Appetite for destruction

    Personal 29 12:56

  • Musicmatch iTunes-style service goes live

    Downloads from 99c a pop

    Media 29 13:33

  • mm02 warns of revenue queeze

    Growth expected 'to slow significantly'

    Mobile 29 13:35

  • Buggy software on the rise

    Enough bug fixes - more pre-release testing, please

    Software 29 13:43

  • Register Events goes live

    Calling all Organisers

    Site News 29 14:06

  • HP shells out for SCO road show

    Indemnify today, sponsor tomorrow

    Servers 29 14:15

  • eMachines unwraps Xmas line-up

    Four desktops, two LCD panels and a laptop in a pear tree

    Personal 29 14:15

  • Orange and Vodafone tap BT for Wi-Fi access

    Going wholesale

    Mobile 29 14:26

  • Thus to hit targets

    Racing Demons

    Business 29 14:47

  • P2P software suppliers team to fight RIAA and piracy


    Media 29 16:29

  • Yahoo! blocks! third-party! IM!

    License, or else

    Software 29 16:37

  • FBI bypasses First Amendment to nail a hacker

    The Subpoenas are Coming!

    Security 29 16:40

  • Quantum bulks up tape kit with Mako

    Free gas with your library

    Storage 29 16:52

  • Sun erases fourth quarter profit with $1 billion charge

    First quarter looking grim

    Servers 29 21:54

  • Send a strongly worded legal letter, censor a Web page

    Bank of Ireland in Net bullying fracas

    Media 29 23:01

  • BT and 118 888 clash in ‘half price’ slogan row

    C'mon then, if you think you're hard enough

    Business 29 23:08