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PalmSource to build smart phone OS

Even as initial development work on Palm OS 6 draws to a close, PalmSource has said it will continue to work on version 5, with a release geared toward smartphones already in the pipeline.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2003

Shift to voice over IP underway

Telcos will see up to 40 percent of their fixed-line traffic leak away to other networks in five to seven years, an IP communications expert has warned.
ElectricNews.net, 25 Sep 2003

The BOFH mobile comms quiz

Episode 22BOFH 2003: Episode 22
Simon Travaglia, 25 Sep 2003

Intel pays Micron to boost server RAM output

Intel will slip Micron $450 million to beef up its DDR 2 production, the companies said yesterday, even as the memory maker announced a massive fiscal year loss of $1.27 billion.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2003
Cat 5 cable

Philips and HP to share virtual data centre

Philips Semiconductors and Hewlett Packard will share a fully virtualised data centre that reduces IT costs and enables an infrastructure that responds in real time to market changes in a highly changeable semiconductor industry.
Jan Libbenga, 25 Sep 2003

Linux taking off – and being taken off

"More than two dozen nations are considering proposals to promote or require the use of Linux in government offices" according to Erwin Gillich, deputy head of the city of Vienna's information technology unit, which is likely to choose Linux over Windows on 15,000 desktops. So, who are these nations, asks Robin Bloor of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 25 Sep 2003
SGI logo hardware close-up

Vignette buys Intraspect

After iManage merged with Interwoven and Documentum with eRoom, it almost looked as if Intraspect was going to be the wallflower at the dance. The pace of consolidation in the Smart Enterprise Suite sector was making the position of pure-play vendors ever more shaky. Obviously the logic of consolidation was undeniable and now Vignette has entered into an agreement to acquire Intraspect for $20M.
IT-Analysis, 25 Sep 2003

$100m Grand Theft Auto lawsuit threatens to become class action

Publisher Take-Two Interactive may face a class action from purported victims of the Grand Theft Auto games, as the family of a man killed by boys allegedly influenced by the game prepare to file a $100 million lawsuit.
gamesindustry.biz, 25 Sep 2003

VeriSign: illiterate ramblings

VeriSign's [VRSN] controversial Site Finder service, launched last week, has helped VeriSign become one of the top ten websites in terms of user numbers. However, industry estimates of how much revenue it could generate from this service seem to be overly optimistic - unless VeriSign is planning to make some modifications.
Datamonitor, 25 Sep 2003

VeriSign slammed for domain renewal scam

VeriSign has been rapped over the knuckles by the FTC for its calculated attempt to steal domains from competitors - a practice called "slamming".
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Sep 2003

Pervert! You're using the Internet

OpinionGuy Kewney is probably the UK's best-known computer journalist. He has his own site, our news partner, the marvellous Newswireless.Net.
Guy Kewney, 25 Sep 2003

Intel ships 3.2GHz Mobile P4 with HT tech

Intel has rolled out four Mobile Pentium 4 processor that finally bring its HyperThreading technology to notebook computers, though the chips' frontside bus has yet to exceed an effective bit rate of 533MHz.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2003

Nvidia unveils nForce 3 for mobile, desktop Athlon 64

Nvidia this week expanded its AMD64-targeted nForce 3 chipset line from one part to three, adding mobile and desktop versions to the workstation chip announced in April.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2003

Bust PC builder lands ICM with huge piracy bill

ICM Computer Group has been landed with a huge bill for buying pirated software unwittingly from an unnamed distributor.
Drew Cullen, 25 Sep 2003
SGI logo hardware close-up

IT services at work are pants

Two in five workers are dissatisfied with IT services at work, according to a survey out yesterday.
John Leyden, 25 Sep 2003

Em@iler set to make a profit

Amserve - the business behind Amstrad's em@iler phone-cum-email device - should make a profit during the financial year, the company said in a statement today.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2003

Windows Longhorn to RTM in August 2005?

Longhorn, the next version of Windows, isn't due to ship until 2005; but according to Neowin.net, it's due on August 15 2005.
John Lettice, 25 Sep 2003

NEC boffins create ‘stable’ nanotube fab process

NEC scientists have figured out how to make the basic components of a carbon nanotube (CNT) transistor using a "stable fabrication technology".
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2003

Lloyds TSB phishing scam nipped in the bud

Net fraudsters have targeted Lloyds TSB customers in the latest fake email scam.
John Leyden, 25 Sep 2003

Bulldog gets new COO

Broadband operation Bulldog Communications has appointed a top bod from ISP Nildram as its new chief operating officer.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2003

Amazon.com drops Fossil Wrist PDA

UpdateWatch maker Fossil has delayed the release of its Palm OS-based Wrist PDA - maybe even indefinitely.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2003

Freeserve to offer ‘friendly’ advice service

Freeserve is banking on "friendly" advice to help boost numbers at the UK's giant ISP.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2003

India's Yahoo! Groups ban – update

India's blanket ban of Yahoo! Groups continues. It's not 100 per cent, but most of the largest ISPs have complied, removing access for over 80 per cent of users.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Sep 2003

eBay confirms user data giveaway

Unrepentant online auction site eBay has confirmed that it will give personal data to government officials without a subpoena. They only have to ask. eBay users have received the following explanation:
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Sep 2003

Watchdog to target text spammers

Premium-rate phone service watchdog ICSTIS is to clamp down on unscrupulous text spammers after seeing the number of complaints rocket over the last year.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2003

NetApp soups up low-end NAS kit

Network Appliance has stepped up to meet increasing pressure from EMC and Microsoft with the launch of some new kit and software.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Sep 2003

Seagate ships most rugged external hard drive

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2003

Samba offers NT 4.0 escape route

One small but significant breakthrough from the open source Samba project offers Windows NT shops a low-cost migration option out of the Microsoft world. The new release of the software, which provides file and print services on Windows networks, can serve as a Primary Domain Controller (PDC) on NT 4.0. Samba version 3.0.0 is available for download today.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Sep 2003

Palm OS: the right balance

The Palm OS outshines its rivals through its ability to combine application variety with compatibility. Content providers and consumers alike are seeking this level of flexibility in future mobile operating systems, something which Palm's rivals are currently struggling to match.
Datamonitor, 25 Sep 2003

Sobig linked to DDoS attacks on anti-spam sites

A senior anti-spam activist is calling on law enforcement authorities to track down the perpetrators behind a widespread and sustained attack on anti-spam sites. The call, from Steve Linford of Spamhaus, comes along with fresh evidence that the assaults have been enabled by the infamous Sobig worm.
John Leyden, 25 Sep 2003

Dell is ready to entertain you

Dell is charging into some unfamiliar territory, announcing a host of home entertainment products set for launch later this year.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Sep 2003

Car shoppers' credit details exposed in bulk

At least 1,000 automobile shoppers who submitted online credit applications to any of 150 different automotive dealerships around the U.S. had their personal and financial details exposed on a publicly-accessible website, according to a computer security consultant who stumbled across the privacy gaffe.
Kevin Poulsen, 25 Sep 2003

Intel pushes Centrino with One Unwired Day

Those of you in San Francisco, Chicago and New York may have noticed something peculiar today as Intel kicked off a Centrino celebration called One Unwired Day.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Sep 2003

Compaq FAQ explains the ‘Any Key’

For anyone out there that doubts the full integration of HP and Compaq's Web sites, we offer up FAQ2859 as evidence that the companies paid extreme attention to detail.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Sep 2003

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