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Number plate recognition poised for national UK rollout

Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems are set to be deployed by police forces throughout the UK as a major plank of a campaign of "denying criminals the use of the roads." The system will link up to the DVLA, Police National Computer and a National Insurance Database, with these links alone giving it the capability of identifying untaxed, unroadworthy and uninsured vehicles, but they'll also facilitate police surveillance operations, the swapping of data on "prolific offenders" between forces and, well, other stuff... Take this, for instance:
John Lettice, 21 Sep 2003

3G phones on their way as GPRS is exposed

"It's all political," said wireless analyst Ira Brodsky. "GSM operators are behind on data delivery, although WCDMA is a step in the right direction. They should have focused on this earlier, instead of taking the incremental step with GPRS, which is stop-gap measure. Now they have to continue working out the bugs in WCDMA concerning dropped calls and handsets that have not yet lived up to expectations."
Guy Kewney, 21 Sep 2003

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