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Cisco under threat in VoIP stronghold

Cisco virtually created the voice over IP (VoIP) market and has identified the technology, and its wireless extension, voice over WLAN, as one of its six key areas for reveue and earnings growth, as its core backbone business starts to slow. But the company is facing intensifying competition from smaller players as VoIP increasingly overcomes its technological clunkiness and becomes a respectable enterprise option.
News IS, 19 Sep 2003

Grasso has the last laugh as he exits the NYSE

All told it took about four weeks for NYSE CEO Richard Grasso's insane pay package to become public and then lead to his exit from the Big Board.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Sep 2003

Net censorship hits ‘all time high’

Internet restrictions, government secrecy and communications surveillance have reached an unprecedented level across the world.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2003

Nasty worm poses as MS security update

UpdatedWindows users were yesterday warned of the appearance of a worm that poses as a security update from Microsoft but actually causes all manner of mischief on infected PCs.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2003

Peoplesoft support promises – good for customers

PeopleSoft continues to put nails in the coffin of the Oracle bid for the company, and this week has committed to extended support for both its own applications and for those acquired from JD Edwards, for an extra two years.
News IS, 19 Sep 2003

Verisign's SiteFinder finds privacy hullabaloo

Privacy advocates have joined the chorus of critics of Verisign's "SiteFinder," which on Monday began directing mistyped dot-com and dot-net e-mail and Web addresses to a pay-for-play search site operated by the company, writes SecurityFocus' Deborah Ratcliff.
SecurityFocus, 19 Sep 2003

PDA implicated in Gilligan WMD dossier probe

The Hutton inquiry into the death of UK MoD scientist David Kelly yesterday saw BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan in some difficulty with a PDA. The notes it contained of his fateful interview with Kelly consisted of not one copy, but two, one including the name "Campbell" and one without.
John Lettice, 19 Sep 2003

Software guru wants New Accounting

Alan Cooper, the "Father of Visual Basic, has some humane and eminently sensible thoughts about software usability. If more developers read and absorbed the advice in his book The Inmates Are Running The Asylum, computers would be far less annoying to the user. But Cooper on software economics is a different proposition.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Sep 2003

DSL growth outstrips demand for cable

Take-up of DSL is outstripping demand for cable broadband services, according to research from Point Topic.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2003

Fiorina quits Cisco board

HP chief exec Carly Fiorina is to ditch her directorship of Cisco later this year, according to a regulatory filing by the networking giant.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2003

Telewest Business to axe 120 jobs

Telewest Business is to axe 15 per cent of its workforce - around 120 jobs - over the next nine months.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2003

Verisign backlash gathers force

The backlash against Verisign's controversial decision to direct users who get lost on the Web to a search engine site run by the company is gaining momentum.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2003

eBay to Feds: come and get what you want

Israeli daily Haaretz has unearthed highly embarrassing, and disturbing comments by an eBay executive. To an audience of law enforcement officials, eBay's Joseph Sullivan boasts that his company's privacy policy is meaningless.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Sep 2003

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