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BOFH and the Auditor

Episode 21 BOFH 2003: Episode 21
DVD it in many colours

VegaStream goes it alone after £4m MBO

VegaStream was today relaunched as an independent company after completing its management buy-out from Pace Micro Technology.
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Windows Small Business Server 2003 released to manufacturing

Microsoft begins distributing final code for the its Windows Small Business Server 2003 to manufacturing this week.
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Orange: open to all

Orange and Handspring will launch the Palm OS-based Treo 600 smart phone in Europe this October.
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CPW joins new e-shopper safety scheme

A new scheme designed to give shoppers confidence to buy online has been unveiled today eight months after the collapse of a similar initiative run by the Consumers' Association.
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Kids charities demand ID parade for pre-paid punters

UK child protection charities yesterday called for the mandatory registration of pre-paid mobile phones amid concern that paedophiles could use untraceable mobiles to access the Web.
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Goodbye AOL, hello TWX

Time Warner will formally give AOL the branding boot today, as its board considers a plan to revert to plain old Time Warner. The stock ticker will revert to TWX, too.
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O2 set to offer N-Gage for £99

Mobile network provider O2 is to subsidise Nokia's N-Gage down to £99.99 as a limited offer, which will see users signing up to a monthly tariff of between £20 and £50.
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Blaster trial set for November 17

The Minnesota teenager accused of unleashing a variant of the Blaster worm pleaded not guilty yesterday to a federal charge that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment.

US IT jobs under fire

IT employment in the US is coming under increasing pressure due to greater offshore outsourcing of contracts and the continued practice of hiring IT staff from overseas.
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EU patent legislation will ‘destroy small business’

The European Parliament will devastate the continent's small and medium-sized businesses if it adopts legislation that will force firms to apply for patent protection on all software they develop.
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emails not 4U

Phones 4U has banned its 2,500 staff from emailing each other, Ananova says. John Caudwell, the owner of the mobile phone retailer, reckons the move will save his employees three hours a day (three hours?!) and his company at least a £1m a month in time saved.
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Oi! *Nix admin, get patching

It's become a busy week for *Nix sysadmins with the release of patches over the last few days to resolve vulnerabilities with popular applications including Sendmail, openSSH and DB2.
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UK to trial evoting – again

The Government is to press ahead with more evoting trials in 2004 despite mixed results during local elections earlier this year.
Cat 5 cable

IP-based monitoring cameras come out to play

Sony and Cisco Systems have teamed up to play Big Brother with the development of IP-based surveillance systems that target the increasingly security-conscious education sector.
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Extropian co-founder locks horns with Orlowski

Letter From Max More, Chairman, Extropy Institute
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Which school of journalism did you go to, Moron?

FoTW From Michael Bailey, UK
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Tiscali UK gets new boss

Mary Turner, the former MD of Lineone (remember LineOne?), has been appointed boss of Tiscali UK.
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RIAA 'encouraging stalkers, molesters' – telco

US telco giant SBC has hit back at the Recording Industry Association of America's legal blitz against music lovers.
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Europeans not taking the tablets

Tablet PCs are not selling in large quantities to Europeans, except in some vertical sectors. So far so unsurprising. However, sales are not continuing to ramp up, which maybe is a little surprising, for the form factor that many forecast will one day become the PC of choice for home users.
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H&R Block adopts Athlon XP for 15,000 PC refresh

AMD has scored a big win with a big US firm and quite rightly has issued a press release to trumpet its success.
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National ID cards – a privacy side-issue?

Last week's decision by the UK cabinet to delay legislation on the introduction of a national ID card was made largely on the grounds of cost and doubts about the technology, but in a useful roundup of who's for and who's against, and why, today's Guardian reports that some "principled opposition" also exists.
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Linux mobile phones get v7 suite boost from OpenWave

Openwave Systems today gave Linux-based mobile phones a shot in the arm with with the release of a Linux version of Openwave Phone Suite v7, its modular suite of mobile phone applications. Openwave positions itself as the 'third force' in mobile phone software, and the Linux implementation is intended to build on this.
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Sun shocks showgoers with layoffs

Putting a big damper on its user conference, Sun Microsystems has confirmed that it will layoff close to 1,000 workers.

Sun's Mad Hatter chosen for Telstra's Linux switch

Australian telco Telstra will be one of the first major customers to roll with Sun's Mad Hatter Linux desktop, according to a report in The Australian. Telstra has been trialling the product, released this week under the much more boring name of Sun Java Desktop, following its decision last year to investigate Linux systems as an alternative to Microsoft.
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UK Govt fouls up anti-spam plans, say experts

The UK Government's plans to tackle the spam nuisance have received a hostile initial response from industry experts.
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Palm's first phone – what's the Treo 600 like?

Orange gave pride of place to Palm's first genuine smartphone this week, as the long-awaited Treo 600 made its debut in London. The Treo was developed by Handspring, the company started by Palm founders Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky, who are returning home as Handspring merges with Palm. Palm's hardware division will eventually be renamed PalmOne, but for now, the Treo is being launched under the Handspring banner.
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Jobs threat at Telewest Business

There are fears of further job losses at Telewest's business division after call centre staff in Peterborough were told that the operation is due to be switched to Sheffield by December.

Sun releases low end kit – Opteron box on the way

Sun Microsystems has released several new low-end systems hoping to keep up pressure on rivals with low pricing on 64bit gear.
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Intel announces death of copper

IDF Intel CTO Pat Gelsinger today pledged to enhance WLAN standards and the technologies they encompass to such an extent that copper cabling can be eliminated as a network medium.
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Melissa author helped Feds track other virus writers

David Smith, author of the Melissa virus, assisted computer crime authorities in the investigation and prosecution of other virus writers.

Intel: putting feathers in Veritas' cap

Intel has launched the dual Xeon-based SBXL52, the first item in its Enterprise Blade Server family.
server room

Sun's Fowler puts Gwana-gwana on hold for Software Express

John Fowler, CTO of software at Sun Microsystems, has a unique quality among tech executives. When he enters a room, the Gwana-gwana level actually goes down.
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Red Hat boasts strong Q2

Red Hat continues to ride the growth of Linux on the server, as second quarter revenue for the company surged.