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Transmeta, Nvidia confirm ‘nForce for Efficeon’ tale

Nvidia will offer a chipset for Transmeta's upcoming Efficeon processor, both companies said yesterday. The announcement confirms rumours that first appeared on the web back in July.
Tony Smith, 17 Sep 2003

Mobile phones disrupt teenagers' sleep

Mobile phones are having a major impact on the quality of sleep of a growing number of adolescents.
Jan Libbenga, 17 Sep 2003

Germany preps ‘second basket’ of copyright laws

MunichThe right to make private copies from digital sources and the introduction of Digital Rights Management are the hot topics in Germany's reform of its copyright law.
Monika Ermert, 17 Sep 2003

Easynet in new drive for public sector BB aggregation

The Government's bid to bring broadband to areas of the UK currently not served by affordable high-speed Net access took a step forward today after Easynet announced its plans to tap into public sector demand for broadband by offering services through unbundled local exchanges.
Tim Richardson, 17 Sep 2003

Data Protection: come fly with me (but only if…)

Oh dear, the necessity to combat terrorism is leading to renewed hostilities between the European Commission and the US Government (the office of the Homeland Security Secretary), over data on airline passengers, writes John MacGowan of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 17 Sep 2003

Global BB subscribers hit 62m

One in ten Net users in the world has a broadband connection, according to the latest report from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
Tim Richardson, 17 Sep 2003

Verisign DNS change broke my HP printer

LettersReg readers have plenty of say about Verisign's controversial move to direct surfers who get lost on the Web to a search site run by the company. Our coverage provoked a large number of letters, almost all hostile, about Versign's audacious typo-squatting land grab.
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2003

Intel i855GME to pave way for ‘Centrino 2’ next year

IDFIntel today added a second chipset to its Centrino mobile platform even as it offered more details of the next-generation of Centrino, codenamed 'Sonoma', at Intel Developer Forum.
Tony Smith, 17 Sep 2003

Intel preps ‘Xbox in a phone’ XScale chip

IDFIntel unveiled the next generation of XScale processor at its Developer Forum today, claiming the chip will enable 'Xbox in a phone' devices next year.
Tony Smith, 17 Sep 2003

‘Cutting edge’ UK councils to get £14m

The Government is to chuck £14 million over the next three years at local authorities to support "cutting edge" e-schemes - even though a third of councils admit they won't hit existing e-Gov target to get their services online by 2005.
Tim Richardson, 17 Sep 2003

Directory enquiries calls in free fall post 118 – BT

The number of calls made to directory enquiries (DQ) services plummeted by almost half in the two weeks after the switchover to new 118 services, according to dominant telco BT.
Tim Richardson, 17 Sep 2003

New exploit heralds Blaster 2 attack

Security experts warned yesterday that crackers have succeeded in creating an exploit for the latest critical flaw with Microsoft?s RPC subsystem.
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2003

BIND developer blocks Verisign Net grab move

The developer of the technology used to direct surfers on the Web has announced it is developing a workaround designed to stop users who mistype URLs ending up at VeriSign's new search site.
John Leyden, 17 Sep 2003

Jayhawk flies in as next-but-one Xeon DP

IDFIntel will follow the release of 'Nocona', its upcoming 90nm Xeon DP chip, with 'Jayhawk', the company admitted today.
Tony Smith, 17 Sep 2003

Sun ashamed of Solaris x86 past

Sun NC03Sun Microsystems is struggling to correct a big mistake - its lack of support for Solaris x86.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Sep 2003

Intel presses the ‘instant-on’ PC switch, again

One of the salient differences between computer electronics devices and computers is that when you press theon-button on the former, they (usually) switch on and work, whereas the computer's on-button generally functions as some kind of Pavlovian signal for you to go and get your morning coffee. This however is set to change (hoorah!) "in the next few years" (booh!), Intel VP Louis Burns told the Intel Developer Forum yesterday.
John Lettice, 17 Sep 2003

PowerBook updates confirm Panther model code leak

Developer documentation detailing Apple's new 15in and 17in PowerBook G4s confirms that the new models' introduction was indeed revealed deep within a pre-release version of Mac OS X 'Panther'.
Tony Smith, 17 Sep 2003
server room

The Loon rides again with attack on Sun's comic value

A Sun Microsystems conference would not be complete without the witty musings of Merrill Lynch analyst Steve Milunovich.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Sep 2003

Intel blasts proprietary Wi-Fi tweaks

IDFIntel Communications Group CTO Eric Mentzer today criticised so-called 'standards-plus' extensions to 802.11 specifications for hindering end users' adoption of WLAN technology.
Tony Smith, 17 Sep 2003

Intel Developer Forum

Our complete coverage from this autumn's Forum in San Jose.
Tony Smith, 17 Sep 2003

We’re stuck with ICANN: Official

Pessimists of the world unite! The US government has granted ICANN another three years to run the Internet in its own idiosyncratic manner.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Sep 2003

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