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Goodbye, PC; hello, PS (Personal Server)

IDFIntel's vision of the future of mobile computing is a hard drive with built in wireless. That, at least, is the concept the company chose to present to journalists at its Developer Forum, this week.
Tony Smith, 16 Sep 2003

Sun shows its hand with enterprise software and Linux desktop

Sun NC03Sun Microsystems' two big software bets go into play Tuesday, as it reveals new pricing models for the Sun ONE enterprise software stack and a Linux desktop.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Sep 2003

Mobile email pegged for big growth

Mobile email usage is to grow by 35 per cent over the next 18 months among European businesses already using mobile phones, according to Nokia.
ElectricNews.net, 16 Sep 2003

Kids online – parents in the dark

More than half of the UK's parent's haven't the foggiest idea what their kids are up to online, according to a study commissioned by cableco Telewest.
Tim Richardson, 16 Sep 2003

Motorola: Microsoft Smartphone evolution

Motorola is to launch its first Windows based mobile phone.
Datamonitor, 16 Sep 2003

Barclays: Internet scam victim

Consumers are repeatedly warned to keep their bank security details secret. Yet these warnings have failed to stop a number of Barclays customers from falling foul of an Internet scam. Security breaches like this damage consumer faith in Internet banking services.
Datamonitor, 16 Sep 2003

Home entertainment for the broadband masses

The UK experiment with delay TV, set up by British Telecom in the mid 1990s is about to come back to haunt it, with the company formed from that experiment about to challenge BT’s control of broadband in the UK, by joining other unbundled local loop suppliers.
Faultline, 16 Sep 2003

Microsoft launches new Xbox Live Dashboard

gamesindustry.biz, 16 Sep 2003

Tombola.com scratches ‘large number’ of winners

Online scratch-card outfit - tombola.com - has apologised after a software glitch at the weekend led to a "large number" of punters winning the jackpot.
Tim Richardson, 16 Sep 2003

Bowie fronts experiment on new digital concert format

Rock legend David Bowie last week beamed a live concert into 22 digital theaters around Europe last week, effectively creating a new concert format that is likely to become more and more common going forwards. The idea came from his record label, Sony Music, which used a satellite to effectively allow 22 times the number of people to see the concert and saved Bowie going on a long extended tour to promote his new album.
Faultline, 16 Sep 2003

All your Web typos are belong to us

UpdatedNetwork administrators are fuming about changes made by domain registrar Verisign to the DNS system yesterday that they say violate longstanding Internet standards.
John Leyden, 16 Sep 2003

Apple revamps 15in PowerBook, adds Bluetooth

Apple has given the mainstay of its portable line, the 15in PowerBook, an overhaul at Apple Expo in Paris. Rather more than just a speed bump, the PowerBook gets its first serious redesign since the introduction of the Titanium three years ago.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Sep 2003

Kingston approves Elpida 512Mb DDR 2

Kingston Technology's plan to sample DDR 2 DIMMs by the end of the year has moved a step closer to completion after the company gave the thumbs up to Elpida's 110nm 512Mb DDR 2 chips.
Tony Smith, 16 Sep 2003

Campaigners quiz UK.gov on BB aggregation plans

As the Government prepares to spend £1 billion of public sector cash over the next three years to help roll-out broadband, lobby group Broadband4Britain is raising concerns that the investment might not deliver long term benefits to end users.
Tim Richardson, 16 Sep 2003

Get overcharged by MS, win a free PC, says Lindows.com

Lindows.com has offered to help Californian software buyers take $1.1 billion out of Microsoft's hide. Or alternatively (or perhaps additionally), Lindows.com is mounting a blatant and shameless publicity stunt for itself on the back of Microsoft's antitrust settlement with California. 'File a claim against Microsoft and win a PC' is certainly a snappier come-on than the official claiming site though, so maybe we should let them off.
John Lettice, 16 Sep 2003

Ebay creates 800 Irish jobs

Online auction outfit eBay is to create 800 jobs in Ireland, it was confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 16 Sep 2003

Ballmer to crackers: this PC ain't big enough for the both of us

The recent deluge of Internet worms and security vulnerabilities affecting Windows will not affect Microsoft's ability to "innovate", CEO Steve Ballmer pledged yesterday.
John Leyden, 16 Sep 2003

Intel commits to multi-core Pentiums, Xeons, Itanics

IDFIntel today confirmed what we revealed some time ago: that the next-but-one generation of Itanium processor, codenamed 'Tanglewood', will be a multi-core chip.
Tony Smith, 16 Sep 2003

Intel to bring server-style virtualisation to desktop chips

IDFIntel will bring server-style operating system partitioning to its mainstream processors, company COO Paul Otellini told Intel Developer Forum attendees today.
Tony Smith, 16 Sep 2003

AMD to pitch Opteron at blades

AMD will ship less power-hungry incarnations of its high wattage 64-bit Opteron server and workstation processor next year, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 16 Sep 2003

Micron ships DDR 2 to ‘Lindenhurst’ server vendors

Micron today became the latest memory manufacturer to win Intel approval for the use of its DDR 2 SDRAM in the chip giant's upcoming server chipsets. It also said that it had begun shipping DIMMs to "major OEM customers".
Tony Smith, 16 Sep 2003
server room

Scott McNealy shows his serious side to users

Sun NC03Scott McNealy has a dog named Network, and we think someone has beaten it.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Sep 2003

Intel ships Xeon MP in Pentium 4 clothing

IDFIntel today introduced a version of its Pentium 4 chip aimed directly at game PCs - called the P4 Extreme Edition.
Tony Smith, 16 Sep 2003

DRAM makers mass to support Lindenhurst

Hynix, Samsung, Elpida and Infineon have all begun touting their DDR 2 memory for Intel's upcoming Xeon DP chipset, codenamed 'Lindenhurst', just as Micron did, earlier today.
Tony Smith, 16 Sep 2003

Orange launches Handspring Treo 600

Orange today launched Handspring's Treo 600 smartphone in the UK, France and Switzerland, as we last week predicted it would.
Tony Smith, 16 Sep 2003

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