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Tool lets blind people ‘touch’ graphics

A new type of computer interface is to enable blind people to feel and hear 3D graphic environments.
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Sophos sales soar

Sophos, the UK anti-virus firm, had a good year on the back of the virus plague, producing pre-tax profits up 24 per cent to £12.1m (2002: £9.8m) on sales up 30 per cent o £41m (2002:£31.6m) for the year to March 31 2003.
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MSN email spoofer pleads guilty to wire fraud

An email spoofer who set up a simple scam to defraud MSN customers pleaded guilty last week to wire fraud.
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High-Tech Heroin

Opinion Dostoevsky once wrote that "in the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, 'Make us your slaves, but feed us.'" His prophecy is relevant when examining the modern Information Age -- a dark, corporate-controlled society predicted by such artistic legends as Bruce Sterling, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, and William Gibson ­ and is the focus of this article.
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Rural UK must do more to get broadband

People in rural areas must take the initiative and do more to help themselves if they want high speed Internet access.

Transmeta powers brace of HP thin clients

Transmeta has picked up an OEM contract to power some more HP thin clients with Crusoe processors.
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EA throws weight behind PS2 Online

Electronic Arts is to provide a major boost for Sony's PS2 online service, with four of its biggest EA Games label titles set to support online play over the network adapter kit. The publisher, which has notably refused to provide any serious degree of support for the Xbox Live service following disputes with Microsoft over the …
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You don't have to be paranoid to work here. But we do

Letter "Clients are becoming more litigious, with technology playing such a critical part in the day to day running of businesses they are no longer willing to let mistakes go and bear the cost themselves."
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BT payphones get Wi-Fi

BT has begun installing Wi-Fi gear in its network of 108,000 public phone boxes.
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Telewest gets debt holders onside

Telewest has secured the approval - in principle - of its main debtholders which will see the indebted cable company swap 98.5 per cent of its debt for new equity. That leaves existing shareholders with 1.5 per cent of the equity.
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Atheros triples Wi-Fi range to 1km

WLAN chipset maker Atheros today promised to eliminate zero-connection zones from homes and offices - and to provide radically extended range on public Wi-Fi hotspots - courtesy of its fourth-generation dual-band 802.11a/g product.
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A brand at last! Motorola rolla Microsoft smartphone

Motorola is to become the first major handset manufacturer to ship a Microsoft smartphone, with the rollout of the clamshell MPx200 starting in Europe with Orange next month, and AT&T Wireless commencing sales in the US in the 'fourth quarter.' M finally doing something will come as a welcome relief to Microsoft, but nice as the beast looks it's unlikely to overthrow Symbian all on its own.
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Freeserve hails ADSL cuts

Freeserve has welcomed recent cuts in wholesale ADSL fees insisting that these should feed through to greater competition and more choice for the consumer.
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PGP makes email encryption easier

PGP Corporation today introduced simpler email encryption in which the burden of securing email messages is shifted from the client to the network.

Sun baits Dell as OracleWorld focuses on grid

Sun chief Scott McNealy indulged in his favorite pastime of Dell-baiting during his keynote at last week’s Oracle World conference in San Francisco. He claimed Dell took a non-integrated “systems” approach that contrasted with Sun’s own promise of integrated R&D and engineering between its N1 on-demand platform and Oracle’s new 10g grid-enabled database.
News IS, 15 2003
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UK.gov to impose data retention dragnet on ISPs

The Government is to impose a controversial Net surveillance regime on service providers, despite widespread industry criticism that its dragnet data retention approach is costly and unworkable.
Cat 5 cable

IBM launches iSeries backup and high uptime options

IBM has launched two new types of iSeries, both cut down versions of their Enterprise counterparts, one for backup and another for high availability and both have the "capacity on demand" concept that drives so many IBM offerings these days. To avoid confusion they are called iSeries for Capacity BackUp and the iSeries for High Availability.
News IS, 15 2003
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Borland goes multi-platform with revamped C++ toolkits

Borland, after two years of coding, has lifted the lid on its latest C++ development toolkits. It says the offerings represent the industry's first multi-platform and multi-compiler development environments to ship for the language.
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Mike Chatha re: xbox.ws

Letter re: Microsoft in reasonable Net action shocker!
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Microsoft? Ha! Trademark law? Phooey!

He may be weighed against the might of Microsoft and trademark law but brave domain owner Mike Chatha has refused to back down and has instead come out fighting.

Motor giant Ford to move to Linux

Motor giant Ford is switching to Linux for its sales systems, human resources, customer relations and infrastructure, according to a report in yesterday's Scotland on Sunday. But although the company is undoubtedly a megawin for Linux, Register sources suggest that the real battle was between the Linux vendors, with maybe just a soupcon of Sun.
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Google – the only archive we'll ever need?

N5M Net Time list moderator Ted Byfield had an almost impossible task summing up a panel discussion on the politics of the archive here on Saturday. The panel, at the Next Five Minutes festival featured Danielle Riou, who curates the Milosevic on Trial video archive and artists Julia Meltzger and David Thome, who create haunting works of art based on reconstructed state documents at Speculative Archive for Historical Clarification. And I'd been invited to talk about Google, or more specifically - as Google itself isn't really the problem - the consequences of Googlephilia. Google is remarkable for many reasons, not least among them being its ability to compel its most fervent admirers to lose their minds.
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64-bit desktop computing unnecessary, says Intel CTO

IDF AMD and Apple are touting 64-bit computing on the desktop far too quickly, Intel CTO Pat Gelsinger said today.
SGI logo hardware close-up

Exec shuffle continues at HP as Elias departs

The executive churn in HP's hardware ranks continues with former storage top dog Howard Elias confirming his departure from the company.
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Gelsinger: 100W power dissipation ‘OK’ for desktops

IDF Intel CTO Pat Gelsinger came as close as he's likely to get before the chip's launch to admitting that 'Prescott', the next generation of the Pentium desktop processor, dissipates more than 100W of power.