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Sony throws a party

At the Dream World exhibition in Paris this weekend Sony showcased its newest products, including the prototype biped robot QRIO, mock-ups of high definition cameras, the long awaited Blu-ray Disc recorder and a Network Media Receiver that conveniently streams digital content from a Vaio PC to a TV or hifi system.
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Telewest raises remote dial-up charges

Telewest has increased the cost of connecting to its Blueyonder dial-up Internet service from non-Telewest lines, while falsely claiming that users will not incur extra charges from the change.
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Broadcom launches one-chip Wi-Fi adaptor

WLAN chip maker Broadcom today unveiled what it claims is the world's first product to combine on a single chip all the radio and networking components traditionally spread across multiple chips.
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Hitachi to use WLANs to pinpoint war drivers

Hitachi is to bring a WLAN-based positioning system to market in Japan next month. The rig uses Wi-Fi technology to triangulate the location of network clients to within one and three metres - accurate enough to detect whether a user is within the building the network serves.
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Payphone deal to take Cloud's hotspot tally to 10,000

Pub-based Wi-Fi network The Cloud is to expand its chain of 1800-odd hotspots to as many as 10,000, thanks to deal signed with payphone company NWP Spectrum.
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eBay to create 1000 jobs in Ireland?

Online auction giant eBay may be about to create as many as 1000 jobs in Dublin, according to a weekend report by the Sunday Business Post.
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E-shopping a ‘stress-filled chore’

Doing your food shop online is a waste of time and puts you under too much stress, those lifestyle gurus at Good Housekeeping have claimed.
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SiS licenses Pentium M

Chipset maker SiS today revealed that it has licensed Intel's Pentium M bus technology, allowing it to bring to market alternatives to Intel's own i855 chipset, the core of the chip giant's Centrino mobile platform.
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Scientologists loses copyright case

The Court of Appeal in The Hague last week rejected all of the Church of Scientology's claims its action against the Dutch ISP Xs4all, writer Karin Spaink and ten other internet providers for publishing copyrighted material on the web.
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Tiscali acquires npower phone business

Tiscali UK has bought the consumer telephony business of UK energy supplier, npower, for a price somewhere between £6 million and £7 million.
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Police smash UK's biggest credit card fraud ring

Three men are facing long jail sentences after pleading guilty, Friday (Sept. 5) to running the UK's biggest ever credit card fraud at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court.
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Phone4U brings ‘push to talk’ to UK

UK mobile phone retail chain Phones4U will begin offering a multimedia instant messaging service next month when it brings Fastmobile's Fastchat IM service to Europe.
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Voda anoints Sanyo, Samsung for 3G gig

Vodafone has selected Sanyo and Samsung to make exclusive, own brand handsets for its 3G launch.
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Surf ‘N’ Earn offers discount for loyalty

UK ISP V Two One has created a new pay-as-you-go package which offers loyalty points for the amount of time spent online.

Novell ‘puts entire ecosystem behind Linux’

Novell fleshed out its commitment to open platform computing - and played down the significance of SCO's Linux lawsuit - at BrainShare in Barcelona today.
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Apple updates iMac with 1.25GHz G4

Reg Kit Watch Apple updated its iMac consumer desktop line today, just ahead of next week's Apple Expo Paris. It also updated its iPod line.
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e-Envoy prepares to log off

The e-Envoy Andrew Pinder is to quit next April, it was confirmed today.
Ian Cuddy, 08 2003
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Wireless backup for mobiles

The trauma of losing a mobile phone is usually not the handset but the phone numbers and saved text messages it contains. And while these can be backed up via Bluetooth or a £20 SIM reader, this is too complex for most people so it doesn't happen.

Bank of Ireland ends IT dispute

Bank of Ireland today said that it has finally ended a long-running dispute with workers over the outsourcing of IT functions to Hewlett-Packard.
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Forgive me my trespasses

How a recent federal appeals court decision makes virtually everyone a computer criminal, writes SecurityFocus columnist Mark Rasch.
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EU rattles sabres over US use of airline passenger data

The wheels may be coming off the dubious deal cobbled together between the EU and the Department of Homeland Security to give US authorities access to airline data, in the shape of Passenger Name Records (PNRs). The US unilaterally announced that it would require this data on incoming flights earlier this year, and in response the European Commission agreed to supply it on a "transitional" basis. The transitional period would however now seem to be ending, and the two parties have begun singing from somewhat divergent hymnsheets.

PeopleSoft: speed is of the essence

At a conference last week, PeopleSoft said that the aim of acquiring JD Edwards is to expand its software license, service and maintenance revenue streams. PeopleSoft needs to make progress in its integration plans quickly or risk investors becoming more interested in Oracle's takeover bid.
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RIAA sues 261 evil-doers

The RIAA has kicked off its new revenue generating suing practice in style, filing lawsuits against 261 file traders.
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Tommy Lee Jones spoke to me in a dream and told me not to buy this CD

Letters re: Universal's CD price cut comedy gets five stars
DVD it in many colours

Riding injury doesn't stop Dell from bashing Vendorix

Michael Dell did not let a mere leg wound stop him from attacking competitors during a Monday keynote at the OracleWorld conference.