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World+dog parades iPod wannabes

Reg Kit WatchSales of digital audio players are surging. According to market researcher Gfk, the market for MP3 players in Europe has grown 200 per cent in the last six months.
Jan Libbenga, 04 Sep 2003

Blaster-F suspect arrested in Romania

Romanian police yesterday arrested a man on suspicion of releasing a variant of the prolific Blaster worm. It's the second arrest of a copycat author of the worm in the last week.
John Leyden, 04 Sep 2003

Samsung touts dual-die 1Gb DDR chip

Samsung yesterday unveiled a 1Gb DDR SDRAM chip that beats the size problems common in parts of that capacity by combining two 512Mb dies in a single package.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2003
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Resumé writing – BOFH style

Episode 19BOFH 2003: Episode 19
Simon Travaglia, 04 Sep 2003

Intel to launch HT Mobile P4s on 21 Sept.

Intel will bring Hyper Threading technology to its Mobile Pentium 4 processor family during Q4 before replacing the part - at the high end, at least - with mobile versions of Prescott during the first three months of 2004.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2003

Israeli boffins crack GSM code

A team of Israeli scientists have uncovered a possible means of cracking the GSM mobile phone network encryption code, opening the door to attacks that could enable eavesdroppers to listen into calls.
John Leyden, 04 Sep 2003

2000 jobs safe as PowerHouse sold

More than 2000 jobs at electricals retailer, PowerHouse, have been saved after the company was sold to New Zealand-based Pacific Retail Group (PRG).
Tim Richardson, 04 Sep 2003

Mobo makers to bundle CPUs with Athlon 64 boards

Motherboards manufacturers plan to bundle Athlon 64 chips with their motherboards in order to ensure that their retail customers can get their hands on the processor as soon as possible.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2003

Universal to slash US CD prices

'Top five' music label Universal Music Group (UMG) is to slash CD prices by up to 31.5 per cent in the US in a bid to persuade punters to start buying them again, the company said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2003

99c iTunes song auction bids top $100,000

UpdateDoes the owner of a legitimately bought and downloaded music track have the right to sell his or her copy? That's a question one George Hotelling wants answered and has put a track bought off Apple's iTunes Music Store up for auction on eBay to find out.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2003

Easynet ups revenues, narrows loss

Pan-European broadband outfit Easynet has seen its revenues increase and its loss narrow as it continues to target businesses with its high-speed Net services.
Tim Richardson, 04 Sep 2003

MS launches Office security blitz

Microsoft issued five security alerts yesterday. Thankfully, only one, involving a buffer overflow vulnerability with the software giant's applications development suite, is serious enough to merit the dreaded "critical" designation.
John Leyden, 04 Sep 2003

Creative unveils MuVo 2 MP3 players

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2003

New worm tries to bring down Downing Street website

AV firms are warning of the appearance of a new Internet worm which attempts to launch a distributed denial of service attack on the Downing Street website.
John Leyden, 04 Sep 2003

Over 500m handsets to ship next year

More than half a billion mobile phones will be sold next year, market watcher IDC has calculated, thanks to an eight per cent increase in sales over 2003 driven by demand for GPRS and 3G handsets.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2003

IBM pulls built-in Ethernet from Unix workstation

IBM has stopped shipping a built-in Ethernet controller with one of its workstations but won't say why.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Sep 2003

HP sends services team into the grid

HP stepped up its grid computing attack on Thursday with a new set of consulting services for customers looking to manage large groups of servers and storage systems.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Sep 2003

World's most notorious cybersquatter arrested

The world's most notorious cybersquatter, John Zuccarini, has been arrested in Florida and will be prosecuted under new legislation aimed at protecting children online.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Sep 2003

BT cuts wholesale BB charges again

BT has avoided a showdown with the telecoms regulator by agreeing to further cost cuts on a key wholesale ADSL product that enables rival telcos to compete with the dominant telco.
Tim Richardson, 04 Sep 2003

Freedom2Surf in 1Mb ADSL promo

St Albans-based ISP Freedom2Surf has begun taking orders for a new consumer-based 1 Mb ADSL service.
Tim Richardson, 04 Sep 2003

Intel stays positive on Q3

Intel tightened the range of its third quarter revenue forecast on Thursday, pushing toward the high side of previous predictions.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Sep 2003

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