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We are all time wasters now

One in three small business owners and managers are setting a bad example to their workforce by wasting time on the internet and sending humorous emails rather than working.
Startups.co.uk, 01 Sep 2003

Hacking by subpoena ruled illegal

Issuing an egregiously overbroad subpoena for stored e-mail qualifies as a computer intrusion in violation of anti-hacking laws, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday, deciding a case in which a litigant in a civil matter subpoenaed every single piece of e-mail his courtroom adversary sent or received.
Kevin Poulsen, 01 Sep 2003

Motorola picks Linux for phone of the future

The fact that Motorola is selling its stake in Symbian (the corporation) doesn't mean that Motorola is stopping selling Symbian (the software) in its phones.
Guy Kewney, 01 Sep 2003

France Telecom mops up the Orange minorities

France Telecom today confirmed its intention to buy out minority shareholders in Orange. It is offering €7.1bn in new shares and treasury shares in France Telecom.
Drew Cullen, 01 Sep 2003

AOL and Dixons confirm ISP distie deal

It's been confirmed that Freeserve is to lose its favoured place in Dixons' stores trumped by rivals AOL UK.
Tim Richardson, 01 Sep 2003

Intel to base convergence efforts in Asia-Pacific

Intel chief Craig Barrett rounded off his trip to the Far East last week by promising that the company will set up an R&D centre in South Korea.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2003

Palm issues, sells shares for $19.1m

Palm sold $19.1 million worth of shares on Friday, just a week after offloading $18 million.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2003

US software sales start picking up

Encouraging signs for software sales Monday 1st September 2003
IT-Analysis, 01 Sep 2003

Panasonic intros credit card camcorder

Reg Kit WatchPanasonic announced three products based on SD Card technology, at the Consumer Electronics Show IFA in Berlin last week.
Jan Libbenga, 01 Sep 2003

Apple ‘will not participate’ in Boston Macworld

Macworld Expo organiser IDG World Expo has confirmed its decision to site next summer's show in Boston rather than New York, the event's home for the past few years.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2003

Bath church casts net, catches 500

Some 500 worshippers flocked to take part in what was billed as the UK's first Sunday Service Webcast yesterday.
Tim Richardson, 01 Sep 2003

Sobig beats Blaster in Top of the Viral Pops

Sobig eclipsed Blaster in the August viral charts.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2003

Freeserve in ‘no risk’ BB offer

Freeserve today announced a "no risk" offer for its broadband service - on the same day that news of its distribution deal with Dixons had finally collapsed.
Tim Richardson, 01 Sep 2003

Sex, lies and Data Protection Act leave SMEs in peril

Firms trying to protect themselves against claims for sex discrimination by completing equal pay questionnaires submitted by employees risk falling foul of the Data Protection Act, legal experts have warned.
Robert Jaques, 01 Sep 2003

Freeserve makes first (monthly) profit

Freeserve has made its first profit, the ISP revealed today.
Tim Richardson, 01 Sep 2003

Telstra plays host to world's largest party line

Thousands of subscribers to the Telstra mobile network in Australia become unwitting participants in other callers' conversations last week.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2003

Hardware sales carry on falling at Morse

It's been another tough year for Morse, with the mid-range reseller recording a 24 per cent drop in sales to £351.3m for the 12 months to June 30 (2002: £465.2m). The company also fell deeper into the red with net losses, after restructuring costs, of £14.1m (2002: -£140,000).
Drew Cullen, 01 Sep 2003

Mobile calls at landline prices

mQuery has developed a software tool that will let mobiles function as landlines.
ElectricNews.net, 01 Sep 2003

Freeserve mulls Wanadoo rebranding – again

In what appears to be a monster U-turn Freeserve is once again considering plans to ditch its brand and replace it with the livery of its French parent Wanadoo.
Tim Richardson, 01 Sep 2003

Parson not dumbest virus writer ever, shock!

Security experts are expressing caution about the FBI's confident prediction that it will catch all the culprits behind the two viral epidemics which ravaged the Internet last month.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2003

CD-Rs deliver degrading experience

Keeping data CDs in the dark for two years isn't a good idea. According to the Dutch magazine PC Active some CD-Rs degrade in months, even at room temperature without sunlight.
Jan Libbenga, 01 Sep 2003

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