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HP sees double with Itanium

HP delivered a double dose of Itanium good cheer on Wednesday with a supercomputer success story and another high benchmark score.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Aug 2003

Webcasters slap RIAA with antitrust suit

The Webcaster Alliance has filed a suit against the Recording Industry Association of America and five major record labels for anti-competive behavior. The case arises from a deal last year, details of which were first reported by The Register, between a handful of small webcasters and the RIAA to set performance royalty rates.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Aug 2003

Dell readies slimline Axim x3 PDA

Dell is preparing a slimmed down version of its Axim PDA, dubbed the x3, and has been scheduled for a 15 October release date.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2003

AMD pares Athlon XP prices

AMD quietly trimmed the prices of a handful of bottom-of-the-line Athlon XP processors this week, presumably in a bid to match the cuts Intel made to Celeron desktop prices at the weekend.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2003
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A Bastard of a late night call-out

Episode 18BOFH 2003: Episode 18
Simon Travaglia, 28 Aug 2003

EarthLink targets 100 spammers

US ISP EarthLink is on the hunt for around 100 spammers it claims are guilty of sending more than 250 million junk emails.
Tim Richardson, 28 Aug 2003

Apple G5 shipments slow in Europe, Asia-Pacific

Apple's eagerly awaited Power Mac G5 is slowly spreading out into the channel and to buyers, but not without some teething troubles, it seems.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2003

Packard Bell iXtreme takes pop at iMac

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2003

Online consumer confidence drops – analyst

Consumer confidence in online credit card security has declined over the last five years, according to research from Forrester.
Tim Richardson, 28 Aug 2003

Cellphone jamming scam exposed

A Scottish wide-boy selling mobile phone jamming equipment to hotels has been exposed by local newspaper the Daily Record.
John Leyden, 28 Aug 2003

Net anonymity service un-backdoored

The Java Anonymous Proxy (JAP) service, a collaborative effort of Dresden University of Technology, Free University Berlin and the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (ICPP), has been allowed to suspend its monitoring of users' IP traffic pending a decision on the legality of back-dooring it.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Aug 2003

Samsung launches photo phones

Samsung this week announced three new mobile phones, two of them with built-in camers. One of the models, the SGH-X600, has a 640 x 480 camera with a tilting range of 180 degrees forward and back, and is mounted on top of the phone, with an LED mini-flash located around the lens.
Jan Libbenga, 28 Aug 2003

SGI to let 600 more workers go

SGI will eliminate 600 positions from its workforce in a bid to cut costs, the company said yesterday. The announcement provides details of the restructuring, which SGI admitted earlier this week it was going to have to implement.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2003

Philips partners with telcos to tout home WLANs

Royal Philips and T-Com, Deutsche Telekom's fixed network division, today announced in Berlin that they will jointly develop the market for home broadband, wireless networks, connected devices and related services in Germany.
Jan Libbenga, 28 Aug 2003

New PS2 set for UK launch next month?

gamesindustry.biz, 28 Aug 2003

Nokia looks to Russia, India for growth

Nokia has pegged Russia, India and Latin America as potential up-and-coming markets for mobile devices and services.
Tim Richardson, 28 Aug 2003

Apple sued over use of Rendezvous trademark

Business software company Tibco has filed a complaint with the US District Court for Northern California claiming that Apple's Rendezvous technology infringes upon one of its own trademarks, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2003

AV bigwigs weigh in on Sobig debate

Reg LettersWe've had plenty of feedback to our op ed piece yesterday on the wider implications of the Sobig worm. It wasn't easy but we managed to extract your insightful gems from the torrent of junk descending into my mail box. But it was worth it.
John Leyden, 28 Aug 2003

Online ticket to ride

Since the buzzphrase electronic commerce was invented in the mid-1990s, there have been some spectacular failures of the promise of the Internet to transform business, writes Fran Howarth of Bloor Research. The dotcom boom has come and gone and the majority of online marketplaces - hyped as the future of business - have closed up shop.
IT-Analysis, 28 Aug 2003
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Super fast Linux supercomputer goes online

The Department of Energy (DoE) powered up the US's fastest unclassified supercomputer this week, a 11.8 teraflops behemoth to be used in scientific research.
John Leyden, 28 Aug 2003

BBC news site facing extinction?

The Conservative Party's culture spokesman John Whittingdale made the BBC's annus horribilis even worse this week when he said he was "not persuaded" that a public service website was a necessary thing.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Aug 2003

Open Source begünstigt Ende des EU Patentrechts

Open source prepares to kiss EU patent ass goodbye
Team Register, 28 Aug 2003

Sun gives Solaris x86 a nudge with new test suite

Not too long ago, Sun Microsystems had a confused relationship with its version of Solaris for Intel and AMD chips, but these days company staffers plug the OS every chance they get.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Aug 2003

Intel to talk up Itanium present, future at IDF

The Fall Intel Developer Forum is approaching, and a couple of speculative Itanium tidbits have fluttered into our inbox just in the nick of time.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Aug 2003

Segway riders get high on Mount Washington

Segway owners can now proudly say that one of their own has climbed a mountain, after a circus clown dressed as a butler pulled off the feat earlier today.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Aug 2003

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