27th August 2003 Archive

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  • McData: buying its way into SAN niches

    Roll-up, roll-up

    Storage 27 06:29

  • Standalone PDA days ‘are numbered’

    The way of the Comptometer?

    Mobile 27 07:38

  • NEC cedes Hiroshima fab control to Elpida

    Retains ownership

    Channel 27 08:56

  • Intel adds $375m to Asia-Pacific investment tally

    This time for an assembly plant in China

    Channel 27 09:02

  • Amazon.com cracks down on spoofers

    Files multi-million dollar lawsuits

    Media 27 09:09

  • China to form anti-spam task force

    No more blocklisting?

    Media 27 09:11

  • Intel ‘may be guilty’ of over hyping Wi-Fi

    Company president confesses

    Broadband 27 09:26

  • Cellphones will sport Wi-Fi, say industry execs

    Carriers want to drive mobile data business

    Mobile 27 10:08

  • Silicon Valley to get US' first Wi-Fi train

    Commuter computing

    Broadband 27 10:51

  • HP beefs up low-end iPaq

    Faster CPU, SDIO support

    Personal 27 11:36

  • UK corporates unconvinced by Wi-Fi

    More than half have no plans to roll out WLANs

    Broadband 27 11:40

  • Symantec takes the Hilgraeve hit

    Doing the Right Thing

    Security 27 12:24

  • Zippo extinguishes flaming trick Web site

    Got burnt

    Media 27 12:26

  • Why Sobig is bad for privacy and AV vendors

    The drugs don't work

    Security 27 12:40

  • Blades cut wireless and mobile enterprise costs

    Mix and match

    Broadband 27 12:43

  • Small.biz gets flogging online

    Toe dipping

    Small Biz 27 12:59

  • Softline agrees Sage bid

    Sage Brush

    Channel 27 13:35

  • Passport biometric trials point way for ID cards

    Shadow pilot

    Security 27 15:32

  • The incredible shrinking IT industry

    Out of Business proposition

    Channel 27 15:36

  • Apple to refund disappointed OS X buyers

    But only if you tried to run it on old G3 kit

    Mac Channel 27 15:46

  • US forces to target enemy mobiles with P2P WLANs

    CDMA vs GSM debate goes ballistic?

    Mobile 27 15:47

  • GNU servers ‘owned’ by crackers for months

    Source code believed safe

    Security 27 15:48

  • WindowsUpdate on Linux – an urban legend is born

    Unexpected effects of the Big Red Switch...

    Software 27 15:50

  • Want to visit Britain? Join the fingerprint queue

    Biometric visas stamped

    Security 27 15:58

  • Deutsche Telekom: increased mobility in Poland

    Buying out partners

    Mobile 27 16:38

  • TI dribbles out UltraSPARC IV details

    Sun's other big bet

    Channel 27 16:51

  • Oklahoma AG takes aim at WorldCom, Ebbers

    Southern justice

    Business 27 18:32

  • Intel wants to tune your cluster

    Buys Pallas for grid and HPC know-how

    Software 27 21:02