22nd August 2003 Archive

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  • IBM dismisses OpenOffice as child's play

    Peace, love and Microsoft

    Software 22 02:31

  • TSMC foundry market share dips

    But IBM et al still have a very long way to go to catch it

    Channel 22 09:03

  • Novell decimates workers, goes into the red

    One job in ten axed

    Data Networking 22 09:14

  • Nvidia signs UMC as chip producer

    Well, sort of...

    Channel 22 09:20

  • Woman burned by exploding cellphone

    Cheap replacement battery blamed

    Mobile 22 09:24

  • Hi-tech crime a ‘significant’ threat, warn police

    New tools, old crimes

    Security 22 09:31

  • AMD to ship Athlon 64s as Athlon XPs

    Limited to 32-bit 'legacy' mode

    Channel 22 10:18

  • IT jobs under threat from WTO deal

    'Don't panic,' says contactors group

    Business 22 10:22

  • Motorola launches first Linux smartphone

    First to two 'secret weapons', too

    Mobile 22 10:54

  • Toshiba debuts smallest HDD MP3 player

    Cooler than iPod shock

    Personal 22 11:53

  • 192 switch-off not cheaper for punters

    Oh well

    Small Biz 22 12:56

  • Judge dismisses Palm patent case win

    Plaintiff to 'evaluate' other vendors' products for violation

    Mobile 22 13:43

  • Nvidia class action suit dismissed

    Over and done with

    Channel 22 15:42

  • Intel ups Q3 revenue forecast

    Chips on the rise, Flash flat

    Channel 22 15:44

  • Vodafone flogs off Japan Telecom for £1.4bn

    Focusing on mobile

    Mobile 22 16:03

  • Sobig-F timed for Trojan download tonight?

    Twist in the tail

    Security 22 16:17

  • AMD's Opteron party squashed by AMD

    Sanders left on his own

    Channel 22 20:11

  • Anna K sends Amazon CEO into shock

    Bras in stock

    Bootnotes 22 21:04