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Intel picks Dell over HP for free PCs

It's as easy as Dell for Intel employees.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Aug 2003

BOFH and the Boss' PA

Episode 17BOFH 2003: Episode 17
Simon Travaglia, 20 Aug 2003

VIA unveils fastest embedded chip

VIA yesterday began shipping its fastest embedded x86 processor, the Eden ESP7000.
Tony Smith, 20 Aug 2003

Nokia to acquire Sega.com

Mobile phone giant Nokia is to acquire the assets of Sega's online and wireless gaming operation to boost its own N-Gage online games device.
Tim Richardson, 20 Aug 2003

DRAM upturn threatened by vendor ‘greed’

Market watcher Gartner yesterday echoed Hynix and others, and announced that the global memory business is "on the verge of recovery".
Tony Smith, 20 Aug 2003

ATI RV360 reference board specs leak

ATI's RV360 graphics chip - the successor to the Radeon 9600's RV350 chip - will go into volume production next month and will appear in cards clocked at 450MHz or higher soon after.
Tony Smith, 20 Aug 2003

RIAA, MPAA appeal against ‘Grokster is legal’ ruling

The Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) has launched its appeal against an April US District Court ruling that the Grokster P2P media-sharing network does not infringe copyrights juts because its software may allow users to do so.
Tony Smith, 20 Aug 2003

RIAA pledges not to target casual file sharers

The Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) this week said it will not target small-scale copyright infringers, only the big boys.
Tony Smith, 20 Aug 2003

AMD confirms Applebred launch

AMD has confirmed the existence of the Applebred processor, and said that the Duron-branded core has already begun shipping.
Tony Smith, 20 Aug 2003

Elpida, Nanya demand Hynix DRAM probes

Elpida has asked the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to investigate Hynix. So have four Taiwanese memory makers, including Nanya, who this week asked their government to probe the troubled South Korean memory maker.
Tony Smith, 20 Aug 2003

Nintendo GameCube follow-up not due until 2006?

gamesindustry.biz, 20 Aug 2003

Slammer worm crashed Ohio nuke plant net

The Slammer worm penetrated a private computer network at Ohio's Davis-Besse nuclear power plant in January and disabled a safety monitoring system for nearly five hours, despite a belief by plant personnel that the network was protected by a firewall, SecurityFocus has learned.
Kevin Poulsen, 20 Aug 2003

Check Point targets MEs with firewall/ VPN combo

Internet security firm Check Point is targeting medium-sized companies with a firewall/VPN package designed for organisations with up to 500 employees.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2003

Small firms shun IT security

Despite large numbers of computer systems being struck down with deadly viruses over the past weeks, almost one-third of small firms do not think anti-virus or firewall protections is important to their business.
Startups.co.uk, 20 Aug 2003

Nvidia confirms PCI Express support

Nvidia has confirmed that it will support the PCI Express next-generation expansion bus at some point in the future.
Tony Smith, 20 Aug 2003

VeriSign misses Sex.com trial deadline

Domain registration giant VeriSign has missed a deadline to ask a federal appeals court to reconsider a landmark decision in the Sex.com case, which established that Internet domain names are subject to state property law.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2003

Fluency buys Vocalis for £1

Cambridge-based speech recognition outfit Vocalis has been sold to Netdecisions Holdings Ltd for just £1 after calling in the administrators.
Tim Richardson, 20 Aug 2003

Windows XP SP2 knocked back to 2004

Microsoft has delayed Service Pack 2 for Windows XP for anything up to a year, sweetly claiming as it does so that there's been no official schedule announced, so it's not delayed at all. News of the notadelay was unearthed by BetaNews, which says Windows client team members have confirmed that SP2 will be delivered in 2004; the company's product lifecycle web site however indicates that it is scheduled for Q3 2004.
John Lettice, 20 Aug 2003

Power cable broadband trial goes live today

The future of broadband in rural areas via electrical cables hinges on the success of a commercial trial that got underway in Winchester today.
Tim Richardson, 20 Aug 2003

Outlook Express: dead, not dead, or just deadly?

Outlook Express has been reprieved, ZDNet Australia announced last week, having two days earlier announced shock news of the product's demise. But if you do the sums, you'll likely conclude that ZDnet was right in the first place - if Outlook Express has any future, it's not likely to be a happy one.
John Lettice, 20 Aug 2003

Dell's support button dream turns into user nightmare

Dell has received a patent for its once highly touted E-support button - a tool which appears to have caused more support problems that in it solved.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Aug 2003

Auto-responders magnify Sobig problem

Bounced messages from auto-responders in receipt of the prolific Sobig-F worm are feeding a flood of useless and malicious messages that threatens to swamp legitimate emails for many users.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2003

Dell celebrates HP's poor Q3 with price cuts

Dell put on a Texas-sized boot on Wednesday and kicked HP where it hurts with a series of consumer and enterprise product price cuts.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Aug 2003

Long wait for Mac OS X OpenOffice

A version of OpenOffice that takes full advantage of Mac OS X won't be ready until 2006, according to a note posted on the OO website. A Quartz version of version 2.0 of the suite - which takes advantage of the OS X display model, rather than the Unix standard X11 - is slated for Q1 of 2006. The reason cited is major API changes in OpenOffice itself.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Aug 2003

Tampa cops send face recognition code packing

Tampa's Police Department has abandoned a two-year face recognition trial which failed to provide a single identification or arrest, let alone a conviction.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Aug 2003

Investors squeeze 10% out of HP shares

HP's shares were hammered during Wednesday trading as investors reacted to a poor showing in the company's third quarter.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Aug 2003

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