19th August 2003 Archive

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  • The GPL will win, claims law prof.

    Why SCO's latest tactic would fail a Law School exam

    Software 19 08:17

  • Kingston invests $50m in Elpida

    To boost DDR, DDR II output

    Channel 19 08:30

  • SiS graphics spin-off to drop Xabre brand

    Wants something stronger to help it battle ATI, Nvidia

    Channel 19 08:55

  • AMD preps Appalbred as Duron heir

    Not ignoring Celeron market

    Channel 19 09:22

  • Ireland to trial broadband over power cables

    Socket to 'em

    Broadband 19 09:28

  • Intel pencils Pentium M price cuts for October

    Mobile P4 prices to be reduced too

    Channel 19 09:38

  • Blaster variant offers ‘fix’ for pox-ridden PCs

    Do-gooder bug poses its own problems

    Security 19 10:03

  • Missing eBay DVD claims ‘exaggerated’, says trader

    Zippymilk speaks out

    Media 19 11:12

  • Sony Ericsson P800 successor appears on web

    Official launch any day now?

    Mobile 19 11:55

  • VCs prefer healthcare to IT

    Software sector still attractive though

    Channel 19 11:57

  • Symantec pays $62.5m to settle patent lawsuit

    In-transit scanning

    Security 19 12:07

  • Insiders, channel point to PowerBook updates

    Sometime this week, apparently

    Mac Channel 19 13:19

  • Palm Wi-Fi PDA gets Aegis security

    Cisco LEAP support for corporate mobile workers

    Security 19 15:02

  • Post Blaster, MS floats default auto updates for Windows

    It's an ill Win... d'oh

    Software 19 15:07

  • Borland picks 1990s PC game star for CTO

    Blake Stone swaps killing for code management

    Bootnotes 19 15:41

  • Nokia to sell over 200m units in 2004

    Set to surpass 40% market share mark

    Mobile 19 15:46

  • Smartphones will kill off PDAs – IDC

    Punters want email on the move

    Mobile 19 15:48

  • Email worm joins Blaster attack on Windows

    Shot by both sides

    Security 19 16:36

  • Police grab Wang in covert Segway opp

    Felony scooter pushing

    Bootnotes 19 19:48

  • HP stays humble in Q3

    PCs, servers at a loss

    Business 19 22:46