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Palm to rebrand as ‘PalmOne’

Palm will become PalmOne when its operating system division, PalmSource, finally becomes in independent company later this year.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2003

OSU Four PC hostage situation enters month three

Four PCs are rotting away in a Franklin County evidence room, and there is little their owners can do about it. The computers and the four Ohio Student University (OSU) students who once used them are victims of the War on file-trading sweeping across the US.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Aug 2003

IBM's Nvidia, Apple chip timetable hit by blackout

IBM's 300mm wafer fabrication plant in East Fishkill, New York was shut down for a two days last week in the wake of Thursday's massive blackout.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2003

AMD scores Chinese server design win

Chinese server maker Dawning plans to target the local market with a series of one- and two-way Opteron-based machines, AMD said today.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2003

Asia to drive mobile data biz in 2010

Do you know what 'mobile data' will mean in seven years' time? Here's someone who reckons they do; and it's all Asia, says research company, Telecompetition.
Guy Kewney, 18 Aug 2003

Pocket Wi-Fi sniffers end missing hotspot misery

Reg Kit WatchRoad warriors know the frustration: you're in a foreign city and want to find a Wi-Fi access point. Normally that means looking on the Internet for site directories that can tell you where the nearest hotspots are located, such as WiFinder or WiFiMaps. Most of the time, it's trial and error.
Jan Libbenga, 18 Aug 2003

Wi-Fi gets on the right track

AnalysisWhat sort of investment in public transport would make you swap from plane to long haul trains or from car to bus or commuter train? asks Rob Bamforth of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 18 Aug 2003

Invisible Networks confirms restructuring

Invisible Networks - the Cambridge-based wireless networks outfit that helps bring broadband to rural areas - claims it was forced to lay-off staff because of the "changing demands of projects" it was working on.
Tim Richardson, 18 Aug 2003

Microsoft preps PlaceWare conferencing strategy

PlaceWare became a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft on 30 April, and last week Bruno Giverns of PlaceWare discussed with me the role that PlaceWare will have in the newly formed Information Worker Division of Microsoft, writes Martin Langham of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 18 Aug 2003

Windows Update still standing despite Blaster

The Blaster worm failed to knock Microsoft's Web site over this weekend, with an attack programmed to swamp Windows Update with useless traffic missing the mark.
John Leyden, 18 Aug 2003

Airgo to double Wi-Fi bandwidth to 108Mbps

US-based Airgo Networks today began sampling a WLAN chipset it claims can improve the speed, range and reliability of 802.11-based wireless networks.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2003

Europe and China fuel DSL growth

Worldwide demand for DSL equipment is growing, strongly buoyed by take-up in Europe and China.
Tim Richardson, 18 Aug 2003

The sad tale of a security whistleblower

OpinonPrevious articles in this space have discussed whether security professionals can go to jail for doing things like demonstrating the insecurity of a wireless network, or conducting a throughput test on a system without permission. Now, a new and unwarranted extension of the US computer crime law shows that you can go to jail for simply telling potential victims that their data is vulnerable.
Mark Rasch, 18 Aug 2003

Chip biz recovery shuffling forward

Having had a chance to ponder the numbers, market researchers are cautiously forecasting continued recovery for the chip industry.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2003

NGSSoftware unleashes Typhon III

UK-based security company Next Generation Security Software (NGSSoftware), which is best known for discovering the underlying flaw exploited by the Slammer worm, today released the latest version of its vulnerability scanner, Typhon III.
John Leyden, 18 Aug 2003

Palm, RIM strong despite Q2 PDA global sales dip

World PDA shipments fell 7.3 per cent year on year during Q2 - a traditionally slow period - but the quarter brought impressive gains for Palm and Research in Motion, market watcher Gartner said today.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2003

Tories mull broadband tax breaks

BT could be forced to ensure that broadband is available to everyone in the UK as part of a beefed-up universal service obligation (USO).
Tim Richardson, 18 Aug 2003

Apple ships first Power Mac G5s

Apple has begun shipping Power Mac G5s to pre-ordering punters, the Mac maker said today.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2003

Online gripe forum tackles mobile spam

Site of the DayIf you've being ticked off by poor service or peeved by annoying mobile spam messages, help is at hand.
John Leyden, 18 Aug 2003

Rural wireless BB service delays launch

Lincolnshire-based ISP WRBB has delayed the launch of its rural wireless broadband service because it is still waiting for equipment to be officially certified.
Tim Richardson, 18 Aug 2003

Sun to blast off Gemini in 2004

Sun isn't getting radical just yet, but it is prepping the first of its multicore low-end processors for delivery in 2004.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Aug 2003

IBM tells 600 workers to cash in their chips

Six hundred heads will roll right out of IBM's gimpy semiconductor business over the next 60 days.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Aug 2003

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