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HP and Hitachi to stay friends through 2008

HP and Hitachi will continue scratching each others' backs through 2008 in the high end storage market.
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Intel chipset roadmap emerges

The integrated version of Intel's Grantsdale chipset will tape out during the week commencing 29 September, if a development schedule posted on the web today is accurate.
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Blaster worm variants make mischief

Anti-virus firms are warning of the appearance of fresh variants of the Blaster worm, the first version of which created chaos by crashing numerous vulnerable Windows machines earlier this week.
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Blaster rewrites Windows worm rules

Analysis The Blaster worm, which continues to create chaos by crashing numerous vulnerable Windows machines across the Net, has changed the rules on malicious code attacks.
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Asustek, MSI unveil single- channel DDR Intel boards

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Motherboards MSI and Asustek have followed up Intel's quiet launch of its mainstream i848P chipset with announcements that they will ship boards based on the part. MSI's board is the 848P Neo is aimed at overclockers, and has been designed to run the new chipset's 200MHz frontside bus - yield an 800MHz effective …
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802.11g drives Wi-Fi sales

The Wi-Fi market continues to grow, but price pressures are driving revenue and sales growth apart, market researcher the Dell'Oro Group said yesterday.
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Tony Blair to get official email address

It has been confirmed that Prime Minister Tony Blair is to get an email address later this month enabling people to contact him directly without having to put pen to paper.
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Firm touts coin-op phone recharge kiosk

Singapore-based firm InfiniTec is trying to get retail outlets interested in installing its low-cost coin-operated mobile phone charger.
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Microsoft beats Apple iTunes Music Store to Europe

Microsoft has beaten Apple to launch an subscription-free online music service in Europe. The software giant said today it is partnering with European digital music distributor OD2 to offer an iTunes Music Store-style service for Windows users.
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Invisible Networks confirms job losses

Invisible Networks - the Cambridge-based wireless networks outfit that helps bring broadband to rural areas - has confirmed it has made a number of staff redundant.
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Evesham tempts students with free condoms

Anybody know a way of working this aphorism into a respectable news story?

SSL VPN market heats up

In the past, IT organisations choosing secure remote access solutions either trade off ease-of-use or higher levels of security, writes John McIntosh of Bloor Research.
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M-Systems, Palm tie-in redefines PDA

Analysis What's mobile? People, device or the data? Taking data mobile can be achieved with fast networks. But the more rich the data content, the faster the network must be. So we go from infrared to GSM mobile phones to 3G and wireless LAN. But in the final analysis someone must pay for each megabyte transmitted, writes Rob Bamforth of Bloor Research.
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ATI confirms Xbox 2 win

ATI has confirmed that it has won the contract to develop graphics chips for the next generation of Microsoft's Xbox console.
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Blaster threat extends to Cisco kit

The Blaster worm, which has caused untold misery for Windows PC users this week, is also capable of affecting the operation of networking equipment.
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SBC claims MCI not paying dues

Another day, another allegation against troubled MCI.
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HP recovers $1.8m in grey market fraud case

HP today announced it has recovered more than $1.8 million as part of its civil lawsuit against S-Systems and its owner, Leroy Anthony Sallee, over an alleged grey market fraud.
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Palm to offer entry-level enterprise PDA

One of the three devices Palm is expected to launch next October has been revealed as the Tungsten E, a new PDA designed to extend the reach of the pro-oriented Tungsten line down into the low-end of the market.
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BT forces closure of non-BT ADSL checker

A software developer from Suffolk has been forced to shut down his ADSL availability checker following legal threats from BT that making the information available breached the Data Protection Act.

SCO keeps chugging along in Q3

The distractions of a sweeping attack on the Linux community did not prevent licensing company The SCO Group from upping its profits in the third quarter.
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AMD strikes two cluster deal with Los Alamos

AMD has secured another high performance computing win for the Opteron processor with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) signing up for a pair of Beowulf clusters.
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Dell's profit machine keeps cranking in Q2

Dell continued to outpace rivals with another strong showing in its second quarter.
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You are a Web Service – and you have an STD

Noticed a bit of green in your nether regions and can't quite recall where it might have come from? Had a one-night stand that's left you itchy and confused? STD-ster can help.