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Saudi firm accuses Lucent of bribery

A Saudi Arabian telecommunications group last week filed a lawsuit accusing Lucent of bribing a high-ranking government official to gain business in the Middle Eastern kingdom.
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Gateway shelves own-brand PDA release

Gateway has withdrawn from the PDA business - for now, at least. The PC vendor yesterday said it had delayed the release of its 100X Pocket PC indefinitely and at the very least not until 2004.
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Thieves snatch £1m phone, Xbox stash

More than a million pounds' worth of mobile phones and games consoles were nicked from a lorry parked outside a Carphone Warehouse store near Birmingham early on Monday morning.
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Iomega to re-enter removable hard drive biz

Iomega is getting back into the removable hard drive market, years after relegating its Jaz drive to its legacy product file.
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Intel launches mainstream 800MHz FSB chipset

Intel this week released its single-channel DDR, 800MHz effective bit rate frontside bus chipset, as anticipated.
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BT wilts in the heat

BT has admitted that some of its leased-line customers may have suffered problems recently due to the UK's record-breaking heatwave.
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Nortel faces $30-40m restructuring charge

Nortel Networks plans to take a hit of between $30 million and $40 million in restructuring charges this year, according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission this week.

Sun touts network identity systems

When Stephen Pelletier, Sun Microsystems' VP of SunONE Network Identity, Communications and Portal products said recently that "a secure identity management infrastructure is a core foundation component to building the next generation of federated commercial Web services and is essential to managing the lifecycle of an identity - whether it be a person, community, device or service", he wasn't saying much different from anyone else who get excited about the potential of Web services, writes John McIntosh of Bloor Research.
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300mm wafers set to rise 10% in Q4

Here's a further sign that the chip business is moving into recovery: prices are going up.
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PC World to flog D-Link Wi-Fi, home LAN kit

Networking firm D-Link today announced a retail partnership with the Dixons Group to sell a range of the manufacturer's broadband and wireless networking kit throughout the PC World chain.
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FutureMark seeks accord on driver ‘optimisations’

FutureMark will soon say just how far graphics chip companies can go to optimise their drivers to improve their 3DMark scores.
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Broadband take-up to spike

Increased dissatisfaction with sluggish dial-up Net access is likely to increase demand for broadband services.
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Webloggers deal Harvard blog-bores a black eye

"Who is Dave Winer?" asks weblogger Atrios, echoing the concerns of dozens of mystified progressive and pro-Democrat bloggers this week.
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Bhutan plans first unattended phone booths

Bhutan has belatedly joined the 20th Century telecoms revolution with plans to install the remote Himalayan kingdom's first unattended public phone booths.
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Intel preps 2.8GHz, 3GHz Prescotts for
Q1 2004

Intel's plans to drive its 90nm 'Prescott' processor - the successor to the Pentium 4 - quickly down-market into the PC mainstream as well as establish it at the top-end of its desktop CPU line-up.
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FBI snoops around MCI

The FBI has called on anyone with the right information to come forward to help it with its ongoing investigation into alleged shenanigans at telecoms giant MCI.
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Today is Left-handers' Day

Site of the Day Things have taken a 'sinister' turn today as left-handers mark the 11th annual Left-Handers' Day celebrations by declaring their homes and offices "Lefty Zones" where right-hand dominance, for once, will be banned.
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Intel unveils ‘Wi-Fi Chair’

A Wi-Fi chair, since you ask, is not a Professorship in mobile IT. It is a chair made out of the cables which people are throwing away because wireless LANs are making them obsolete. It symbolises the British wireless resurgence. Apparently...
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Hynix Q2 loss narrowed on growing DRAM demand

Hynix today said its losing streak continued into the second quarter of its current fiscal year, with the company seeing a net loss of KRW530 billion ($448.96 million) - rather better than the previous quarter's KRW1.047 trillion ($886.91 million).
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Nvidia drivers reveal GeForce FX SE parts

Nvidia's Detonator 45.23 drivers reveal something the company might not have wanted us to know yet: the names of three new graphics chips it has yet to launch.