11th August 2003 Archive

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  • 802.11bofh

    The golden age of wireless

    BOFH 11 08:34

  • Security spending to hit $13.5bn by 2006

    Intrusion protection tools in demand

    Security 11 08:43

  • UMC to pay up to $130m for Infineon fab JV share

    Cost of switching to IBM

    Channel 11 09:26

  • Chip biz to see ‘lacklustre’ 2003 growth

    Researcher gives 2004 the thumbs-up, though

    Channel 11 09:30

  • IBM backs HyperTransport

    Other big names join Consortium too

    Channel 11 09:57

  • Confusion reigns ahead of 192 switch-off

    No it doesn't. Yes it does. No it doesn't, etc, etc

    Small Biz 11 10:04

  • NSA proposes backdoor detection centre

    Will mend holes in software applications

    Security 11 10:17

  • Habeas cans spammer

    Peotic justice

    Business 11 10:32

  • MS takes mouse wheel into second dimension

    Enables grenade-dodging side-stepping

    Personal 11 10:42

  • High Court bans alleged data protection profiteer

    Interim injunction ahead of trial judgement

    Small Biz 11 10:54

  • Pre-pay plans to boost i-mode in Europe

    KPN changes tactics

    Mobile 11 10:57

  • SAS gets tough with rivals

    Takes off gloves, cracks knuckles

    Data Centre 11 12:20

  • Rio reveals 20GB Ogg Vorbis network music player

    Plus: Creative launches MuVo NX Flash player in UK

    Personal 11 12:27

  • Industry mulls £5-a-minute phone calls

    Premium rate

    Business 11 12:32

  • GPL goes to court

    IBM's SCO counter suit breaks cover

    Software 11 12:38

  • Vodafone snaps up Singlepoint

    Wants to turn 1.1m network users into customers

    Mobile 11 12:58

  • Wired not wireless to dominate home LAN market

    Early adopters prefer security, speed of cables

    Broadband 11 15:16

  • 500,000 kids to get mobile phones

    'You'll have to speak up, I'm on my skateboard'

    Mobile 11 15:26

  • EU regulations to control web cookies

    But will e-businesses follow the rules?

    Media 11 15:33

  • Church group asks FCC to vet MCI

    Acquisition of WorldCom's comms licences should not be a given

    Media 11 16:13

  • Nominet in paperless revolution


    Media 11 16:15

  • Man charged in Acxiom cracking case

    Consumer database giant fingers FTP server in attack

    Security 11 16:21