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HP to take care of Unix, Linux and Windows with Nimbus

ExclusiveWhen HP World starts in a few days, users can expect to hear about some new server management software that covers Unix, Linux and Windows in one go, and it's called Nimbus.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Aug 2003

Vodafone: acquisitions in the face of heavy competition

Vodafone continues to expand its presence in the UK mobile phone market with the acquisition of mobile services provider Project Telecom. Like other independent resellers, Project Telecom has already suffered due to intense price competition in the market - competition that is set to get even worse in the run up to Christmas.
Datamonitor, 07 Aug 2003

IBM to partner with Infineon on 65, 45nm tech

IBM has signed a deal with Infineon and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing to jointly develop 65nm fabrication techniques.
Tony Smith, 07 Aug 2003

Nintendo to announce ‘new game product’ in spring

Nintendo will reveal details of a "new game product" in spring next year, president Satoru Iwata has told a Japanese news conference while discussing the Kyoto-based firm's ongoing business strategy.
gamesindustry.biz, 07 Aug 2003

Motorola ships first camera phone

Motorola has finally followed its cellular handset rivals and begun shipping a cameraphone, the E365.
Tony Smith, 07 Aug 2003

Intel faces $600m bill for unpaid tax

Intel may have to cough up $600 million in unpaid taxes if the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gets its way, the company has admitted.
Tony Smith, 07 Aug 2003

Sun-Apple rumors set markets jangling

A few spontaneous remarks by Sun Microsystems' pony-tailed software marketing whizz-kid Jonathan Schwartz have set analysts a-flutter.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Aug 2003

Sysadmins in the dark about network problems

Most IT managers are in the dark about what applications are running on their corporate networks.
John Leyden, 07 Aug 2003
An eraser

Let's hear it for the designers

Logo LetterRe: Innovation Blue is the colour and Innovation Blue: What new logo?
Drew Cullen, 07 Aug 2003

Ex-Intel staffer admits trying to aid Taliban

Ex-Intel engineer Maher 'Mike' Mofeid Hawash has pleaded guilty to one of three charges that he conspired to aid and abet the Taliban.
Tony Smith, 07 Aug 2003

The strange case of eBay, zippymilk and the missing DVDs

Hundreds of eBay UK users are up in arms after handing over money for DVDs to the same Norfolk-based seller who banked their cheques, but failed to deliver the goods.
John Leyden, 07 Aug 2003

‘Smart’ glues to drive unleaded chips

'Smart' glues developed by British boffins could soon rid silicon chips of the lead-based solder that is currently used to attach each die to the pins that ultimately connect the chip to the host system.
Tony Smith, 07 Aug 2003

70% of Brits don't know what a WiFi hotspot is

Let this be a warning to all would-be and actual inflators of the Wi-Fi Bubble: nearly three-quarters of British consumers don't know what a Wi-Fi hot-spot is, according to a poll conducted by well-known pollster Mori.
Tony Smith, 07 Aug 2003

Computer virus cramps Pan-Am Games

The 2003 Pan American Games this week have been disrupted by a computer virus.
John Leyden, 07 Aug 2003

Notebooks drive UK PC sales revival

The UK PC market grew 15.7 per cent year on year during the second quarter, IDC's latest market stats show.
Tony Smith, 07 Aug 2003

Vodafone to double overseas text charges

Vodafone is to double the its charges for texting from UK to international phones next month.
John Leyden, 07 Aug 2003

IBM sues SCO for selling Linux

IBM has thrown itself right into the middle of the legal trainwreck that is SCO with a countersuit seeking to protect its own IP.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Aug 2003

RIAA ignores court battles, picks Verizon to host site

In its endless quest to keep the RIAA's Web site up, hosting company TST manages to set new records not in uptime but in third-party service blunders. The latest gaffe has TST moving the RIAA's servers onto Verizon's network - an ISP the music labels have fought in court.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Aug 2003

IBM's Power5+ to hit 3GHz

The road ahead for IBM's Power chip line is full of speed boosts with the Power5+ chip hitting 3.0GHz and its successor going well beyond that, The Reg can reveal.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Aug 2003

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